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Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans & Happy Saturday to y'all!! Last night before I logged off, the HG's picked veto players for today's POV Comp (it wasn't a midnight POV like everybody thought it'd be). The HG's are currently up & at'em so if you have the live feeds, turn'em on! BB woke them up super early today for the POV Comp. Because the HG's are already up, this is gonna be a quick Overnighter so that I can start the Morning post.

The POV Comp Players are:

Okay, let me go get the's gonna be quick & to the point since I have to start the morning post as quickly as possible today.

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

8:34pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia/Rachel spent a long time alone in the HOH room, seemingly mending fences. They went over comps, competing, floaters in the house, the game in general, and everything in between.

Kalia told Rachel that production asked her why she'd nominate 2 strong players, when one of them could come back and target her. (*lol)

Sidenote: Later on, Kalia as in the HOH room with Lawon/Porsche, and Kalia told Lawon that her nominations were really Dani's noms. (Around 11:06pm BBT)

8:35pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shelly told Jordan that Porsche would go up as the renom if Jeff or Rachel took themselves off the block by winning POV.

Jeff: "That'd be awesome."
Jordan: "You're with us..solid, right?"
Shelly: "You're kidding me.." (seems irritated)
Jeff: "There's been a lot of he said/she said."
Shelly: "Then tell me! Say it straight.."
Jeff: "What happened today in the f**king (Have Not's) competition? I told you the answer, were you scared to say it because of Daniele?"
Shelly: (voice raised) "I did not hear you say Candy Yams! I head Canned Apples" (**I think she meant to say Candy Apples, Canned Yams.) I was lookin'..I didn't know you were trying to give me an answer!"
Jeff: "Alright I'm just making sure.."
Shelly: "OH MY GOD! That's YOUR assumption!"
Jeff: "It's not an assumption, we're putting it together & really can't trust anybody."
Shelly: "Whatever..."

Shelly goes to leave.
Jeff lightly grabs her arm.
Jeff: "Come here!"
Shelly: "I've been the 1 person up there (HOH room) working on you guys' behalf."
Jeff: "See but Shel, I don't..I don't even think that's neccessary because you came down here yesterday and told us we're 100% safe when I KNOW that's not the case!"
Shelly: "Well if you don't wanna believe me, then..I gotta go finish my pancakes..I don't want them to burn."

Shelly tries to leave again, Jeff grabs her shoulder and brings her back in.
Jeff: "Whatever..make new ones."

Jeff said he just wanted to make sure they were on the same page. Shelly said she's been on the same page and if they're not, to let her know.

Shelly leaves.

Jeff: "She's playing both sides.
Jordan: "Oh yea!"

8:36pm BBT:
Dani comes into the Have Not's room.

Dani: "I just wanna literally let you know that I NEVER said you name (for noms), on my life, I never said your name. Kalia said your name. And she's not gonna put you (Jordan) up! Like, literally! I said Rachel's name. "

Jeff: "Then maybe she's doing it to please you."
Dani: "I know she's after Rachel, anything else, she's not telling me. She (Kalia) literally said she has no idea who she'd put up (as a renom)." (**But Shelly just said 2 minutes ago that Kalia said she'd put up Porsche. Hmm. lol)

Moving on.

Around midnight, Shelly gave Jordan a hug as Jordan cried, saying she's sorry she ever thought she (Shelly) wasn't loyal to her and Jeff.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! The rest of the night was calm, and nothing game changing happened. Starting the morning post! :D

Stay tuned...
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