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Friday, August 26, 2011

Evening in the BB House + Nominations

Good afternoon, BB fans & welcome to the evening in the BB house post!! :D The house is waiting on the Nomination Ceremony begin (as so am I). Okay, let's dive right into the Evening post!

Currently on the live feeds...

4:48pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

Sounds like a TWIST happened!! Possibly that they have to be in duos again!

It was Panorda's Box!!

Porsche said she's gonna put up the duo of Rachel/Jordan.
They think the veto comp will be a punishment/rewards comp. Kalia/Adam/Porsche all agree to take all the punishments possible to get the veto.

Rachel/Jordan are VERY happy because if Rachel or Jordan win Veto, they're both safe now!

Jordan: "We can't walk around the house smiling.."
Rachel: "I am SO excited!"

Porsche opened up Pandora's Box and won $5,000 & now the HG's have to play in duos again!

Rachel: "That's so cool that you won $5,000!"

5:00pm BBT:
Kalia just confirmed that Nominations did not take place yet.


Jordan: "I told Rachel that if we lose the veto comp, then we deserve to go..but we're gonna win it."
Adam: "I..would hope so. We're all here to fight to play."

5:05pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Jordan told Rachel to not appear so many around the other side of the house because it's just gonna tick them off.

Rachel: "We gotta win veto!"
Jordan: "If we don't, then I dont know what's wrong with us!"

Jordan: "Thank you, Big Brother!"
Rachel: "Thank you for the twist!"

The duos:
Porsche/Kalia, Jordan/Rachel, Adam/Shelly.

Kalia is safe this week because Porsche is HOH.
So if Rachel/Jordan win Veto, they're both safe.

Kalia also won $5,000!

5:19pm BBT:

Adam is excited and loves the twists in Big Brother. Porsche on the other hand, well..

Porsche: "I feel like I could sh*t a brick."
Adam: "Don't stress."

5:30pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Shelly's crying. (She knows that Rach/Jordo win POV, then Shelly/Adam's going up and Shelly will go home.) She's also hurt because she overheard Jordan/Rachel call her (Shelly) a bitch.

Shelly: "I made a big move in the game, and now I'm gonna have to pay the price for it. But that's the game. And I'll walk out of here classy."

Shelly: "And I don't care if Jeff and Jordan are God's gift.." (feeds cut)

Shelly: "I'm so disappointed in the way Jordan's acting & I don't think her mom would proud right now!" (She's still crying.)

Shelly: "They haven't seen ruthless yet! I will play & make sure they don't win that veto! Rachel can take her pregnant ass and play with Jordan in the game, I don't care." (**Whoa.)

Shelly: "My little girl has to watch people call her mom out."

Adam's trying to calm her down.
Porsche comes out.

She said she regrets taking the money.
Adam tells her not to.

Porsche: "I'm sharing a $1,000 to whoever wins the veto. Rachel's still leaving this week, no matter what."

Shelly, Adam & Porsche guessing what the comp. might be.

Adam: "Maybe a medicine ball thrown at your stomach."
Porsche: "That will just save Rachel $400." (**Unbelievable.)

6:14pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia said that Adam is with them for sure. Porsche doesn't think so. Kalia said she's gonna win HOH next week "for sure".

Kalia is telling Porsche that they need to keep their Final 2 alliance (Porsche/Kalia) safe & to gun for Rachel this week but if J/R win POV, then to take out Shelly this week and then Adam out the next week, and go to Final 4 with Rachel/Jordan. Porsche said she really regrets opening up Pandoras Box now. Kalia tells her to move past's already been done.

Porsche's upset that Jordan/Rachel haven't campaigned to her to stay safe. Kalia said because they know they're going up, so it's pointless. Kalia's trying to get Porsche to make a Final 4 deal with Jordan/Rachel in case they win veto. Kalia said that Jordan trusted her (K) in the game before and she thinks she'll be able to trust her again (with a Final 4 deal).

BB: "Porsche, please go to the Diary Room." (**Time for the Nomination Ceremony soon!)

Kalia: "We HAVE TO win Veto this week!"

Kalia: "I think we both still beat Jordan in the end."
Porsche: "Me too."

6:28pm BBT:

Kalia told Shelly to not be upset and that they have to win the veto. Shelly said she's gonna win it. Shelly then comments on how Jordan/Rach called her (S) a b*tch and that she (S) could call them names, but she won't. She said it bothers her that her daughter has to hear her mother being called a b*tch on the feeds.

6:30pm BBT:

Kalia complained to Adam about Porsche taking the Pandora's Box & how she warned Porsche to not take it if it was ever offered because it could mean that a former HG could be coming back into the game. Kalia told Adam that he better do whatever it takes to win the veto, even if that means he has to physically carry Shelly in the comp.

6:35pm BBT:
Live Feeds just went to trivia!! Time for the Nomination Ceremony to begin!! :D As soon as the feeds come back on (in about 30 mins), I'll post the spoiler below! (..though it'll be Rach/Jordo for sure.)

7:54pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Nominated for Eviction are:

Rachel & Jordan

Porsche's talking about how they (Kalia/Porsche/Shelly/Adam) have to win veto.

Porsche: "They haven't won SH*T without their boyfriends!"
Shelly: "Yep, and we go hard everytime."

Meanwhile, in the Candy Bedroom...

(I came in mid-convo.)

Rachel: "...has nominated us for eviction."
Jordan: "That's okay. We can win the veto & then take ourselves off and.." (feeds cut)

8:06pm BBT:
All HG's are roaming around the kitchen area, getting something to eat.

Shelly is up in the HOH room listening to Porsche's HOH CD (Rihanna). Kalia is in the HOH room as well, making sure Shelly's okay.

**Okie dokie guys & gals, it's after 10pm where I am, and I'm clockin' out for the night! See all you BB addicts back here in the morning for The Overnighter!! Until then, enjoy watching the live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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