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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday to all you BB fans across the land! Today I'm definitely having a case of the Monday's..slow moving. Totally just not feelin' it. lol We all have those from time to time, though. Hopefully my coffee will do it's job soon and I'll be a little more awake. lol :P

Okay, so today is the day: it's Veto Ceremony day!! This is the day that us BB fans have been waiting for, and that Dani's be dreading because she's most likely going up on the block today after Jeff takes Porsche off..unless something major happened last night (which we'll find out via The Overnighter).

Let's get this day started & I'll go get the Overnighter for y'all!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

10:36pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia, who is scared that she's Jeff's target this week, went up to the HOH room to talk to Jeff. Kalia said that obviously one of them three (K/P/D) is his target this week, and she hopes she's not it. She told him (again) that when he was on the block during her reign as HOH, he was never her target and so she hopes she's not his this week.

Jeff told Kalia that it was his decision alone, and not Jordan's, to put Kalia/Porsche up on the block. Kalia said that if she stays, she's not coming after J/J.

Kailia: "It bothers me that i could leave before someone whose done literally nothing."

Kalia also said that if she stays this week, she'd love to work with Jeff/Jordan. Jeff said that he doesn't wanna "say too much right now" because he doesn't want people knowing what he's doing this week, but that if she stayed, they could talk & take things from there.

1:06am BBT:

Dani & Jeff finally have their talk.
They meet up in the bathroom..

Dani: "I'll be straight up with you..we're good, right?"
Jeff: "I'm a little..I've been thinking a lot. People have been talking."
Dani: "Talking about what?"
Jeff: "Well I dunno, I just hear a lot of different options."

Adam comes through, so they move to the lounge room.

Jeff: "I'm nervous about where we're at..what would I be safe till? What would I be offered?"
Dani: "My whole thing is, I feel that I've showed you that you're not my target..twice, unlike Rachel who threw you under the bus for 3 weeks, but I showed you my word. That's all I have to give you. It's coming to the point where it's gonna be hard for you and Jordan to stay in the game together, and if you want, I can back you. It would super suck to get backdoored. If I go up, I'm gonna fight to stay, but I feel like I kept my word in this house."

Dani goes on to throw Rachel under the bus, again.

Jeff: "If we go from here, how far does it go..1 week, 2 weeks, double eviction?"
Dani: "Where do you wanna go from here? I'm open to talk about it."

Dani throws out options such as keeping Dani/Kalia, then him & Jordan making a Final 4 deal with them.

They talk about double eviction and how big of a bump in the game that is to get past.

Jeff said he's not saying what he's doing this week, he wants everyone to be surprised. Dani goes into the same "I kept my word, twice" speech and that Jeff told Dani that her that he wouldn't backdoor her.

Dani goes on to talk about how her and Kalia team up week 1 in the house & that they had each others backs. Jeff said that he wants to keep Jordan in the house, so he's fighting for the both of them.

Dani: "At the end of the day, if Kalia goes home, I have..nobody."
Jeff: "Right."
Dani: "There's nothing more I can really say except that I've given you my word twice and you were never ever even an option for me, even when Kalia put you up, your name never came out of my mouth. I never tried (to get you out) except for week 3."
Jeff: "I just want to make sure that if you stick around, we can move forward together." (**Jeff's just blowing smoke up know what.)
Dani: "I swear, you have my word. You have my word." (**Now Dani's blowing smoke up know what. lol)

Jeff: "I hear ya loud and clear."

At 1:17am BBT, they leave the lounge room. On their way out, Jeff looks at the fortune teller.

Jeff: "Is that thing ever gonna talk?"
Dani: "I don't think so.."

Dani immediately goes into the Have Not's room where Kalia is & tells her that she just talked to Jeff.

Dani: "I'm not an idiot. I'm going home."

Dani: "If he puts me up, there's gonna be hell to pay. I'm never even kidding you. If I go up, I'm going home. If I don't go up, you're going home. Either way, he's gonna be sorry. It's not Porsche. I'm not stupid. I've been here before and this guy acts like he knows everything, but..whatever. It is what it is."

1:50am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff told Jordan he talked to Dani. Jordan said that Shelly told her that getting rid of Dani is Jeff's best move.

Jeff starts to tell Jordan about his talk with Daniele.

Jeff: "I was like, what are you offering me? 1 week, 2 weeks, double eviction? What? And she's like well, whatever. She wants me to keep the noms the same and keep Kalia around. (Makes a 'yeah right!' noise) So I go, if I keep you around, what are you offering? She said if I got rid of Kalia, then she'd be open (to ideas)."

Jeff tells Jordan how Dani said her/Kalia made a deal week 1.
Jeff: "Week 1, we had Kalia!"
Jordan: "I'm the one who brought Kalia into the group!"
Jeff: "So already, she was lying. Then she said it'd suck if she got backdoored. She said she gave me her word twice and.."
Jordan: "That's because Brendon (was still around & her target).."
Jeff: "I know, but I didn't wanna say that.."

Jordan's still dumbfounded about Dani saying that Dani/Kalia got together week 1.

Jordan: "1st week, Dani and Kalia never talked!!"
Jeff: "I know."

Jeff: "I told her that we'd see each other at the veto meeting before I left (the lounge room). She thinks everything's good. She said it'd really suck if she got backdoored and said that she'd do everything she possibly can to stay."
Jordan: "Well we already prepared everybody."
Jeff: "Yea. So..that's all."
Jordan: "Dani doesn't have anything on us, so.."
Jeff: "She'll just be like 'Their word sucks' or something.

This convo is on-going, but the conclusion of it is that Dani's going up at the veto ceremony and out the door on Thursday. They talk about Adam being "fishy", Rachel staying in the game is good because she's a bigger target, that Jeff thinks he's making the right decision to get rid of Dani, and how awkward it's gonna be in the house after the veto ceremony is over.

By 2:30am BBT, Jeff/Jordan do some studying for future comps.

Jordan: "Umm..and then Daniele won, then she put up Adam and Shelly, backdoored Brendon, and ummm..what veto was that?..what was our veto?"
Jeff: "Adam won..cornhole."

3:23am BBT:
Kitchen Area

Jeff: "So what are you offering me ultimately?"
Porsche: "Assuming I win HOH?"
Jeff: "Do you wanna make a 1 week (deal)?"
Porsche: "Okay!"
Jeff: "You never talk game to me..ever."
Porsche: "Well I didn't think I had to before because I thought we were..Brendon would always say 'we're on the same page'.."
Jeff: "But I never know what you think, ever."
Porsche: "I just assumed we were all on the same page..that we were putting each other up, like that kind of stuff. I thought we were cool, we all get along, no fighting.."

Porsche said that 'the 5 of them' shook hands up in the HOH room the week Rachel won HOH.

Jeff: "What? sure that was me? I don't remember that..are you positive it was me??"
Porsche: "100%! 199%!"
Jeff: "I don't remember that."
Porsche: "You're so funny."
Jeff: "I..I don't remember that..where's your alliance now, if you wanna go after Rachel?"

Porsche goes on to say that she's good friends with Dani, about how she voted in the game, etc etc. Never gave a clear answer on where her alliance is now.

Jeff: "Well, don't assume..don't take what other people to me, especially now."
Porsche: "Yea. I know. Everybody told me that it doesn't matter to talk to you because you already made up your mind. Hopefully the handshake will be on the show so you can remember. (laughs) My relationship with Rachel was the strongest part of the alliance.."

Jeff: "You'll see tomorrow what happens and then uh..definitely talk to me, ya know?"
Porsche: "Mmm hmm. Sure!"
Jeff: " to me about stuff & we'll go from there."
Porsche: "Okay, sounds good."
Jeff: "Don't be scared."
Porsche: "You're a little intimidating, I'm not gonna lie." (laughs)

Porsche says he can be funny & witty, but then says stuff that she doesn't know if he's kidding or not.

Porsche: "I can tell by Jordan that you're not that scary but.."
Jeff: (laughs) "I'm not, at all!"
Porsche: "Alright well I will talk to ya later!"
Jeff: "Alright. Goodnight."

Jeff goes into the HOH room.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D So as it stands, Dani's still slated to go up & out this week, with Porsche coming off the block to have it be Dani/Kalia on the block together. The HG's got their wakeup call around 9am BBT, so once they're up & talkative, I'll start the morning post! Here's a current look at the feeds:

Dani/Shelly/Kalia/Rachel/Porsche are up and moving around the house.

Stay tuned...
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