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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans!! Wow! What a show & what a week it's gonna be on the live feeds!! Okay, so Brendon's gone and Kalia is the new HOH. This week is gonna be an interesting one & here's why: (for example)...Rachel will obviously be targeted this week, but even if she's evicted, she'll get to compete against whoever America votes to go head-to-head with the evicted houseguest, and with Rachel being the HOH queen, she'd probably come right back in..guns blazing. This could easily be the case for Jeff and Jordan as well. Things are about to get a lot more interesting, guys!

Jordan and Rachel think that Kalia will put up Rachel/Jeff this week, but we'll see!!

Currently on the live feeds...

7:21pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jeff said he doesn't think Shelly tried to win HOH. Rachel agreed & said that Shelly probably didn't wanna win HOH because she doesn't wanna be the one to get her hands dirty by getting Dani out this week.

Jordan/Jeff/Rachel think that the house things that Dani/Kalia hid in the house this morning (they still don't know it was K/D) will be part of the POV Comp.

Jeff told Rachel that "what's done is done" and to focus on the game now.
They then talked about the twist: how Julie said the evicted HG "has a chance".

Jordan: "We don't want (HOH) this week because if Dani went home, she'd 100% coming back and we'd just piss her off in the process."
Jeff: "If you (Rachel) get evicted, YOU'RE 100% coming back!"
Jordan: (to Rach) "Don't act worried at all! Play it down! I know i don't care..because we wouldn't wanna win anyways this week!"

Jeff leaves to cook dinner for the girls.

Jordan said she was pissed at first that Kalia won, but then after she thought about it, she's happy.

They're then start plotting to get Dani out asap.

Jordan said that Kalia will do whatever Dani wants her to do this week (as far as noms go).

They then start talking about the possibility of Pandora's Box coming back and how it could release a former HG from this season back into the game.

Jordan thinks that Kalia will put up Jeff/Rachel this week.

7:51pm BBT:
Talk continues.
Jordan said she feels "good" about "the three of them" (Rach/Jeff/Jordo) and that usually she's nervous before HOH comps but she was really calm today. She just feels like everything is gonna work out for them.

7:55pm BBT:
Wood/Steel Bedroom

Dani is whisper-talking to Kalia (Lawon is there as well) about how Jordan was "Pissed! PISSED!" when Kalia won. Kalia said maybe she's worried that she's gonna put up Jeff.

Dani then told Kalia to get Adam/Porsche on 'their' side.

8:08pm BBT:

Porsche is now in the bedroom. She said that Rachel gave her a "dirty look" after the HOH comp and that she (P) even voted Jordan out over Brendon for her (R). She then said that Jordan/Rachel were coming out of the Have Not's room and when Rachel saw Porsche talking to Lawon/Dani, Rachel closed the door.

Porsche mentioned how Jeff was mad at her for putting Jeff/Shelly up against each other in the HOH comp, and that he (Jeff) thinks she has a deal with Kalia/Dani/Lawon because they're always hanging out together now.

Kalia is now in the bedroom as well.

Lawon: "The faces were priceless when you won (HOH)!"
Kalia: "It was like awkward central after (I won). Everyone was just standing around..."

Lawon tells Kalia that she has a hole in the crotch of her pants.

Kalia goes to change.

Dani: "Why do all your pants have holes in the crotch?" (*Kalia has had a few pair of pants with a hole in the crotch.)

Dani whispers to Kalia about Julie asking her if she could ever mend fences with Rachel and how she told Julie that she would, but Rachel never will and that she'll probably kill her outside the game.

They talk about the twist: Dani said she thinks someone is coming back to play, while Kalia suspects a former HG could come back to be an extra vote or something. Dani said that one thing she learned from BB8 was that HG's have a tendency to over think thing in the game.

BB: "Kalia, please go to the Diary Room."

**What will Kalia & Dani plot tonight after Kalia gets her HOH room? Who will she target? Will she try to backdoor someone? The HG's will be up for a lot longer tonight so turn on the live feeds & watch the action inside the BB13 house tonight!!

Stay tuned...
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