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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House + POV Comp Results

At 8:16am BBT, the live feeds switched to trivia, which means it's time for the POV Comp!!

The POV Comp Players are:

The POV Comp is gonna be a physical comp. BB has been setting it up all night and into the early hours of the morning. As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the winner of the POV! :D

Winner of the POV is:


10:07am BBT:
Feeds are back!

Rachel's crying, she didn't win the veto.

Kalia & Dani do NOT look happy.

Dani/Kalia are in the HOH room talking about who should be the renom.
Dani said that Rachel is "garbage" without Brendon.
Kalia wishes she could've won POV so she could've took Jeff off the block to prove that he wasn't her target.

Dani's scared for next week: she thinks she'll go home.

Kalia: "I'm gonna do anything I can to keep you, every single week!" (to Dani)

Dani told Kalia to watch what she says & to not make deals with anyone, specifically Jeff/Jordan.

Dani wants to tell Rachel "And oh my god! You're the first to jury again??"

Dani said she will support Kalia in anything she does..but she wouldn't put up Adam.
Dani said "there's something about Adam" that she trusts about him, but she didn't weeks ago.

10:21am BBT:
Kalia said she's gonna think about the best scenario of who to put up as the renom.
Dani asked if she wants her to talk to Adam, and she said no..she wants to talk to him first.

Dani leaves.

10:25am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jordan: "If it is me (as the renom), rally up the votes to get me out, because I'd rather you (Rach) and Jeff stay and get them (Kalia/Dani) back.

10:27am BBT:
Kitchen Area

The boys are in the kitchen, cooking and talking non-game.

10:28am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Porsche is telling Dani about how she just asked production if they did it, and they said no. Porsche wonders if it was Brendon. Dani, who is the one who hid stuff with Kalia, is playing it off.

Dani: "It's stupid. Like, really stupid." (re: "someone" hiding BB stuff.)

Dani then tells Porsche she's gonna be "fine", regarding being a renom or not.
Dani: "You're good. Don't worry about it. You're fine."

Porsche brings up Jordan's name for a renom possibility.

Dani: "I don't think it's definite that whoever gets evicted, is coming back. I think there's a chance, but...if Rachel comes back, she's gonna be like last season.."I'm back!" and everyone is gonna be disgusted & just want her out again."

Rachel bashing starts up. I'm leaving this convo.
Let's see where the POV winner is...

Found him!

10:37am BBT:
Dining Room Table

Jeff is eating slop.

Kalia comes down from HOH.
Kalia: "Man it's quiet down here! Where is everyone?"
Jeff: "I dunno."

Kalia goes and makes something to eat in the kitchen.

10:41am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

They're all talking about the POV Comp.
Kalia joins them.
Talk about the POV Comp continues.

Jeff enters the Candy Bedroom for a minute. Adam told him "good job".
Jeff said thanks & that he's gonna go lay down in the Have Not's room where Jordan and Rachel are.

10:58am BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia is talking about how there was no way she could "run back and forth for 2 hours" during the POV Comp. She said she was super tired and just took her time, waiting for one of them to "drop it". (Not sure what "it" is.)

Kalia said that she needs 3 votes for whatever pawn she puts up. She said she doesn't think Jeff will ever forgive her for putting him up. She said Jeff is "very stubborn", so she thinks worse case scenario, Jeff is gunning for her in the game. Best case scenario, she has 5 people on her side playing HOH & that'll help protect her.

Kalia: "You guys better win HOH!"

Kalia said that "they" think Dani is still the mastermind behind everything. Lawon said that "they" are gunning for Dani.

Kalia: "And Dani knows I will break my neck to keep her safe in this game!"

11:05am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jordan said that if she's nominated as the renom, she's gonna tell Kalia to "go "f" yourself" and she doesn't wanna do that, so she's avoiding talking to Kalia. Jeff said that he'll talk to her. He tells Jordan how he told Kalia that he's winning veto, pulling himself off the block, and then gunning after Kalia.

Talk turns to the POV Comp, then back to renom possibilites.

Jordan: "If she does put up Porsche, that'd be so funny!"
Jeff: "Kalia's nervous already. She's trying to my friend. She was like "Good luck, good luck!" out there (during the POV Comp). I don't think she's gonna put you up, she knows I'm already pissed at her. If she puts you up, then she's a huge f**king idiot. If Rachel goes, she's coming back, and then she'll have us 3 coming after her and her HOH meant sh*t."

Jordan: "Who wouldn't wanna see Rachel and Dani battle it out?"

11:14am BBT:
Jeff said if Brendon was there, he would've dominated that POV comp for sure.

Feeds auto-switch back to the HOH room with Kalia/Lawon.

11:15am BBT:
Lawon told Kalia even if she doesn't put Jordan up, they (J/J) still aren't gonna trust her. (He's insinuating to put her up as the renom because it doesn't matter at this point.)

Feeds auto-switch back to Jeff/Jordan in the Have Not's room.
Jordan said to not be mad at her (Jordo) for her not going up to the HOH room to talk to Kalia. She doesn't wanna deal with her today.

Jordan is being cute/funny, she's telling Jeff that when he's mad, he makes a funny face like "What the f**k?", and then says the "f" word a lot. They're both laughing.

11:26am BBT:
Rachel joins Jeff/Jordo in the Have Not's room. She said she had a motivational talk in the Diary Room.
Rachel: "I gotta get my fight back! I don't know where it went."

Rachel seems to be in good spirits.

Jeff is telling Rachel that she was rattled by Brendon leaving, but if she (Rach) gets evicted, she gets a break away from the BB world to clear her head, and then will come back into the game refreshed & ready to fight.

Jordan: "But if she puts up Porsche, you're good!"
Rachel: "Dani won't let her. Kalia is so dumb. She thinks she's the best competitor in the world, so I keep pumping that into her head to make her think she is, but there's no way she could beat any of us."

Jordan tells Rachel that she's not gonna talk to Kalia because she'll go off on her. Jeff tells Rachel about his convo/fight with Kalia yesterday prior to the nomination ceremony.

Jeff leaves to get something to drink.
Shelly's alone at the dining room table.

Rachel/Jordan continue talking in the Have Not's room.

Rachel said that the way she feels/acting in the game is "f**king ridiculous", this is not who she is. (**Her best friend Ragan from BB12 has said this..BB Rachel is different from the real Rachel.)

Rachel said her only goal in the game, is to get Daniele out.
Jordan: "I would PAY to watch y'all battle it out!!"

BB: "Jordan, please go to the Diary Room."

11:58am BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area

Hg's are just kinda roaming around. Rachel's cooking with the assistance of Jeff here & there. Non-game random chit-chat all around. Rachel asked Adam if he ever found out that they put bacon in his pillow case when he was on slop to make him think he was going crazy by smelling bacon. He said yea, and he thought his pillow was just smelly. lol

12:02pm BBT:
Wood/Steel Bedroom
Kalia is roaming the house, seeing what other HG's are up to. Shelly walks by and they have a brief whisper-fest.

Most of it was hard to hear. From what I could hear, Kalia was wondering who to put up as a pawn to make sure Rachel would go home. She said Lawon would be safe.

12:08pm BBT:

Rachel is alone in the kitchen. She just finished cooking. She seems to be crying a little bit, as sniffles can be heard coming from her. She sits down at the dining room table and eats..still sniffling.

Camera zooms in on Brendon's black & white memory wall pic, then back to a sniffling Rachel.

12:29pm BBT:
Kitchen/Dining Room Area

Shelly gave Rachel a pep talk, and a reality check.

Shelly told Rachel that Brendon's not "superman" and she can't expect him to be perfect. She also told Rachel that she has to be comofortable with herself, and to not fully rely on Brendon..a spouse is supposed to enhance you, not complete you. (**Great advice! I agree.)

Rachel leaves.
Jordan joins Shelly in the kitchen area. She just got done with her Diary Room session.

Shelly said she's tired of giving pep talks to Rachel, Jordan said she is too but as long as Rachel's in the house, she'll be the biggest target. Jordan said she hopes Porsche is the renom because she doesn't do anything in the game and is a waste of space.

Adam joins. He's waiting for the inside lockdown to be over so he can go smoke.
Shelly is cleaning up glasses and plates that HG's just left everywhere. She called them "nimrods".

12:59pm BBT:
Jordan ate slop & is now back in the Have Not's room sleeping next to Jeff.

Adam/Shelly are still in the kitchen.
All other HG's are sleeping.

Stay tuned...
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