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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House (Updated!)

Good afternoon, BB fans! :D It's been a pretty chill day so far in the BB13 house, but the day is still young and already, deals are being made...

At 12:19pm BBT, Shelly & Porsche had a game talk convo, where the end result was that they won't put each other up.

Shelly: "Where's your head at?"
Porsche said she doesn't wanna pick sides..she's friends with Rachel, and that she'll be mad at any "game moves" Porsche makes in the game. Porsche told Shelly that she made a deal with Dani..if Dani didn't put her (P) up, she wouldn't put Dani up this week if she won HOH.

Shelly: "I have Daniele's back! 100%! I'm not puttin' her up! I think she's a strong player..I think she can be very good in this game, I think it's a good place to be."

Shelly: "I'm like you..I'm getting ready to pick my side (of the house)."

Shelly: "I'd be willing to work with you, as long as you're not two-timing people. I won't two-time people."

Shelly said that she's friends with everybody, and that she's not gonna let anyone tell her who she can/cannot hang out with.

Porsche said she's playing like Janelle...she didn't have to pick sides, she just played for herself and won comps.

Porsche said that if she won HOH, she's put up Kalia/Lawon. Shelly said that's who she'd put up, too.

Porsche then said that she'd vote to keep Brendon, but that it doesn't matter because he's definitely going home anyways.

They agree to not put each other up & work together to get each other further in the game.

During their convo, Kalia was seen listening in from outside the lounge room.

Porsche/Shelly were not whispering their convo, so I'd imagine that Kalia heard everything, depending on how long she was standing there.

1:37pm BBT:

Jordan asked Shelly who would Porsche put up if she was HOH, Shelly tells her Kalia/Lawon and that she (S) just had a long talk with Porsche and that she's "100%" sure that's who she'd put up.

Shelly said that she told Porsche that she was on her side so that she could get info from her. Shelly assures Jordan that her and Jeff are safe.

Jeff told Jordan that he doesn't understand why Porsche would make a deal with Dani when she wasn't ever a target. Jordan said she doesn't know why, either.

1:50pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

*Shelly/Lawon are in the pool. Kalia is poolside.
*Dani/Porsche were tanning, but Dani just went inside to get something to eat.
*Jeff is in the kitchen, cooking.
*Rachel/Brendon are napping in the Have Not's room.

1:55pm BBT:

*Lawon told Shelly that everyone he talked game to, has left the BB house already.
*Shelly told Lawon that he has a big target on his back & that nobody knows where he stands in the house. She said they need to talk game later.
*Kalia said that she's gunning for Rachel.
*Shelly said that she doesn't have "an agenda", and that she talks to everybody.

2:01pm BBT:
*Shelly said that if anyone ever attacked her being a mother and/or her kid, she'd "never, ever" talk to them again.

2:12pm BBT:
BY Patio

Dani said that she thought it'd be easier this time around on BB because she was already familiar with how things work, but that it's just as hard, if not harder, than BB8.

2:21pm BBT:
Kalia/Dani/Lawon/Porsche are talking, non-game stuff, and lounging.

2:46pm BBT:
Feeds 1 & 2: Kalia/Dani are talking about movies.

Feeds 3 & 4: Shelly is alone in the dining room, eating.

3:18pm BBT:

As Porsche is cleaning up the backyard & putting lounge chairs back to their original spot, she talks to Dani a little bit. Dani asked if she thinks Brendon will have an epic speech for her (Dani) before he gets evicted, Porsche said "probably". Porsche said that Brendon could have stayed since he won the veto, but he gave it to Rachel instead. They then talk about how Evel Dick did the same thing for Dani during BB8.

Dani/Shelly shout-talk from the across the yard.

They're talking about roller coasters, how they both went sky diving, Dani said she almost threw up from spinning in mid-air. Lawon comes out and grabs something from the backyards mini-fridge.

5:58pm BBT:
The HG's have been super duper lazy today. No game talk. Naps and non-game chit chat for the most part.

Shelly worked on the mens trash bag tux's for tonight's mock wedding. I'm still by the computer watching the feeds, so if something happens, even the littlest of game talk, I'll be sure to post it! :D

Currently, all 4 cameras are on Kalia eating a banana.

Yes...all 4 cameras. Is it Thursday yet? lol :P

**Alright guys & gals, I'm tappin' out for the day. I'll be back in the morning with the overnighter! It'll be up early tomorrow! Tonights mock wedding is scheduled to start at 10pm BBT (1am EST), so make sure you watch that on the live feeds!! See y'all tomorrow morning! :D

Stay tuned...
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