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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Night: Live Eviction + Double Eviction

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! Holy smokes whatta night in the BB house last night! If you haven't yet read The Overnighter, then I strongly suggest you do so.

Last night, there was major chaos in the house. Bottom line: it appears that Rachel is playing both Shelly and Dani by saying (but never 100% confirming) that she'll vote to keep Dani. But we'll find out tonight what's really going on!! Will Dani stay or will she go? Ooo how I love the suspense! ;)

At 1:31pm BBT, Shelly/Rachel had a talk in the bathroom.

Rachel said she's weighing pros/cons of keeping Dani. She's scared that Dani/Porsche are stronger than Jeff/Jordan & she thinks that Dani would turn on them quicker than J/J would. Shelly said she has to let her (Shelly) know what she's doing, so that she knows how to vote. (Conclusion: they both don't know which way they're voting yet.)

If anything happens between now & tonight's show, I'll post it on Twitter. Otherwise, I'll start blogging when the live show starts at 9pm EST! Tonight will be the Double Eviction, so it's gonna be one heck of a show for sure!!

If you don't have the live feeds, then now's the time to get'em!! There's definitley gonna be drama tonight & you won't wanna miss a thing!! Takes 3 mins to get'em, and nothing to download, plus you get a free 3 day trial with it. What more could you ask for!

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If you wanna watch tonight's show, here's the link to watch the East Coast showing of BB!

I'll open up the Chat Room 30 mins before the show begins, so bring your snacks & beverage(s) of choice, & I'll see ya in there!! :D

9:00pm EST:
Show begins...

*By the way, Allison Grodner (BB exec. producer) tweeted that "all hell broke loose" 30 mins ago in the BB house!! Shelly has been outed, and Adam/Jeff/Shelly were all fighting!!! Oooo DRAMA!!!

Votes to Evict:
* Jordan votes to evict...Dani
* Porsche votes to evict...Kalia
* Shelly votes to evict...Kalia
* Rachel votes to evict...DANI!!! WOW!!!
* Adam votes to evict...Dani

Evicted from the BB House is:


Winner of the Double Eviction HOH is:


(HOH nominates 2 HG's for eviction.)

Nominated for Eviction are:


(HG's play for Veto LIVE!)

9:36pm BBT:
HG's play for veto.

Winner of the Veto is:


Veto was NOT used!!

*Jordan votes to evict..Rachel
*Porsche votes to evict..Jeff
*Adam votes to evict..Rachel
*Shelly votes to evict..Jeff

Kalia is the tie-breaker..she votes to evict...

2nd HG to be evicted tonight is:


Stay tuned...
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