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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House

Good afternoon/evening, BB fans!! The house has been a roller coaster today of game talk, and downtime. Today was the POV Comp, where Jeff won the POV and will take himself off the block. Rachel knowing that Dani/Kalia (yes I'm referring to them both as the HOH lol) want Rachel gone. Rachel knowing that, went and talk to Kalia to get her to put someone as renom that would save Rachel from going home.

Currently on the live feeds...

1:30pm BBT:
Shelly told Adam that him or Porsche might be the renom. Adam was pissed because Kalia never told him that. Shelly said he has her (Shelly) vote to stay if that's the case.

2:36pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel tried to convince Kalia to put up someone else beside her on the block that would ensure Rachel stayed, and then she'd work with Kalia. She told Kalia that this is her chance to turn her game around.

Rachel: "If I were to be in your situation, I would try to make a deal and work it out. I promise a lot could be repaired with Jeff and Jordan. This is a huge opportunity for you."

Rachel said that if she gets evicted & comes back into the game, she's gonna come back into the game guns blazing.

Kalia said she really doesn't know what she is going to.
Rachel: "I told you I respect you as a competitor, you don't have to prove yourself because you have!"

Rachel told Kalia to make her own choices in the game and to stop letting Dani run her HOH. Kalia said that she wishes everyone would believe that she's not being influenced by Dani, and that her plan this week was all hers.

(**But earlier today, Kalia told Lawon that the noms were Dani's idea, which is it Kaia? lol)

Kalia told Rachel that she will consider things.
They do an awkward hug, and Rachel leaves.

Kalia then laid on her bed, thinking outloud of what she should do.

Kalia: " doesn't matter what she does, or says..because the numbers (votes) are..Lawon/Shelly/Danielle. And Dani is never gonna vote to keep her. So she's basically saying that between Porsche and Adam, she thinks she can get one of them to vote to keep her and then it'll be tied."

3:00pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Kalia: "Did somebody tell Rachel that Adam's going up?"
Dani: "Why, did Rachel say something?"
Kalia: "Mmm hmm."

Dani said she thinks it was Shelly.

3:05pm BBT:
Storage Room

Kalia asked Shelly if she told Rachel that she (K) is thinking about putting Adam up on the block. Shelly said no & that she hasn't seen her all day. Kalia wonders how she knows that then because Kalia hasn't told anyone else.

Kalia then told Shelly about how Rachel's trying to stay in the house.

Kalia then went and asked Jordan if she could talk to her. Jordan, trying to avoid talking to Kalia out of fear of going off on her, said no and that she wants to wait for Jeff. Kalia said ok.

3:11pm BBT:
Jordan told Jeff that Kalia wants to talk to them. Jeff said he'll go talk to her by himself since Jordan doesn't want to.

3:19pm BBT:
Kalia told Dani how Rachel wants to stay in the house and told her that nobody would be mad at her (K) expect for Dani for keeping her in the house. Kalia said everybody would be mad at her & that she has no shot at getting back to good with Jeff/Jordan.

Kalia then told Dani that she's annoyed that J/J haven't talked to her yet.

3:27pm BBT:

Kalia told Jeff that she's not putting up Jordan as the renom. She asked if they could talk later and he said yes.

Kalia: "Did you see how you sailed through that veto? That's what I wanted you to do!"

(**Jeff/Jordan talked earlier about how they knew Kalia was gonna say something very similar to that line...about how she wanted Jeff to win the veto.)

3:32pm BBT:

Jeff told Jordan about his convo with Kalia in the kitchen and how she's not putting Jordo up. Jordan said it doesn't matter because even if she did, she wouldn't have gone home and that Kalia's just backtracking now by saying that she wanted Jeff to win the veto all along. (**Which is true.)

3:51pm BBT:
Porsche told Dani in the Candy Bedroom that she "feels free" now that she's not working with Rachel anymore in the game.

3:55pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jeff said that if wins HOH, he's gonna put up 2 floaters, then backdoor Dani.

Rachel enters & joins J/J.

Talk is about the twist and how they think it could work. They then talked about how crappy the Have Not's bedroom is.

Talk turned to crying. Rachel asked Jeff is he ever cries. Jeff said yea, he cries when someone he's talking to cries, or during a movie.

Rachel: "What about when I cry?"
Jeff: "I can't cry with someone who cries all day long. Big Jeff has his limits."

Rachel then starts talking about Vegas and how she used to make over $1,000 in tips a day.

'We'll Be Right Back' on the feeds as Rachel talks about Vegas stories.

4:55pm BBT:
Feeds are back, Jeff is telling a story. Porsche and Adam are now in the lounge room as well.

Jordan is rubbing Jeff's leg as they all talk.

Rachel said her favorite place in Vegas is Firefly because they have the best tapas.
Porsche leaves a few minutes later.

Meanwhile, in the living room...

5:07pm BBT:

They're talking about broken bones: Shelly said she never broke anything, but then backtracked and said she broke a couple of ribs and a toe, but nothing she needed a cast for.

5:29pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Rachel said that if Dani got offered Pandora's Box, she wouldn't take it out of fear that Rachel would be in it.

5:48pm BBT:
Living Room

Rachel and Kalia are talking about a TV show, having a good convo. Dani isn't saying a word to Rahel, she's talking to Porsche about wanting to go outside to use the grill that the house won during today's POV Comp. (**They're on inside lockdown due to loud music being played on the CBS lot.)

A picture's worth a 1,000 words...

**Okay guys & gals, enjoy the live feeds! I'll see y'all tomorrow morning with The Overnighter! :D

Stay tuned...
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