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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Afternoon/Evening in the BB House + POV Comp Results

Good afternoon, BB fans!! The live feeds went to trivia at 1:48pm BBT (finally!!), which means the POV Comp is underway!! :D w00t w00t!!!

As soon as the feeds come back on, I'll post the POV Comp results.

Winner of the POV is:


4:53pm BBT:
Feeds are back!
All 4 feeds are on Kalia/Porsche in bed.
Jeff/Adam can be heard talking in the next bedroom.

Kalia said she has "Cotton Eye Joe" (song) stuck in her head now.
Porsche: "Me too!"
They sing it, feeds cut for a second.

Adam & Jeff joined Kalia/Porsche in the Candy Bedroom.
They're playing a guessing game.

**No word on POV at all, yet.

5:06pm BBT:
Still nothing on POV yet. K/P/J/A still playing '20 questions'.

5:17pm BBT:

Rachel said that Jeff 'took money from his own girlfriend'? Sounds like it was a unitard + prizes POV Comp. Rachel wonders what kind of deal Jeff has with Dani because Dani won't put him up.

Jordan won the Unitard it sounds like.

5:20pm BBT:
Rach/Bren join Jeff/Adam/Kalia/Porsche in Candy Bedroom for 20 questions.

5:28pm BBT:

Still all feeds on Candy Bedroom..HG's playing '20 questions'.

5:38pm BBT:

Shelly got 24 hours of solitary confinement. She has bread, water and a toliet in the Have Not's Room.

**Still no 100% confirmation on POV winner, though it sounds like it might be Dani.

5:50pm BBT:
Jordan got her unitard!!

On the front, it says: "I'm With Stupid"...

..on the back: "Kick Me".

She has to wear her hair in pigtails the whole week with the unitard.
Jordo said she loves her slippers!

Jeff said he likes her pigtails.

Jordan: "I have to wear the hat all the time. If I get up to go pee, I have to put it on."

Jordan starts to play her very unique version of 'When the Saints Come Marching In' on her hand...somehow, it works with that outfit! lol :D

"Is that thing easy to get on and off? For when you go pee?"
Jordan: "Yea, it is!"
Jeff: "Well that's good."

6:05pm BBT:
*All feeds on Brenchal under blankets in the Wood & Steel bedroom, sleeping.

BB: "Kalia, please go to the Diary Room."

*Jeff & Porsche are sleeping in Candy Bedroom.
*Dani is sleeping in HOH bedroom.
*Brendon/Rachel sleeping in Wood & Steel bedroom.
*Shelly in Have Not's room...for the next 23'ish hours. :P

Jordan/Adam in lounge room.

Jordan's quizzing Adam on days of events in the BB house.

Jordan: "How do you remember this stuff?"
Adam: "I study it everyday."
Jordan: "Wow."

Per Jordan/Adam's convo...ADAM WON POV!!!!!!

6:34pm BBT:
Lounge Room

They're talking about Shelly getting solitary confinment, but she's also getting a call from home. Talk turns to BB12's Kristen's unitard and how skin tight hers was, and she had a wig.

Veto Comp Prizes:
*Dani: a veto ticket
*Kalia: a Caribbean cruise
*Jeff: $$$
*Jordo: the unitard
*Adam: Veto
*Shelly: solitary confinement & phone call from home

6:48pm BBT:
Have Not's Door

Jordan goes & tells Shelly about her unitard outfit.

She described it, then laid down to show Shelly through the crack under the door.

Shelly: "You get to keep the slippers?"
Jordan: "I think so!"

Shelly tells Jordan about her toliet and that she doesn't have any toliet paper. (**That sucks!!)

Shelly: "I had to drip-dry!"
Shelly said she asked production for toilet paper..then we get the 'We'll Be Right Back' on the feeds.

Jordan told Shelly that she's just glad she doesn't have a 'camel toe' in her unitard. (**lol!)

Shelly asked what time it is and Jordan went to go see & told her.
They then started talking about the fight the other night (when Shelly's game got blown up).

Shelly said she's always only had a deal with Jeff/Jordan.

Kalia walks by and stops for a quick chat with Shelly, too.

Jordan leaves.
Kalia stays and chats with Shelly.

They talk her (Kalia) winning a trip to Caribbean.
Shelly asked if she thinks she'll be okay on Thursday, and Kalia said yea..and that a lot can change between now & then.

Kalia: "Stay faithful, stay positive."
Shelly: "We need to get 'them' outta here. 3rd times a charm."

**Alright guys, I'm outty for the night. Meet me back in the morning for The Overnighter! If this is your first time here, don't forget to bookmark the blog & come back tomorrow! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! (Psss...they're free for 3 days! Check'em out! ;) )

Stay tuned...
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