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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Currently on the Feeds

Good evening, BB fans!! :D Just a quick feeds update..

If you have the live feeds, turn'em on! Kalia is telling Dani that she wants to work with Rachel and send Porsche home instead because she's (1) She's scared of the twist & the possibility of having Rachel coming back and (2) "I can't get out of your shadow. Everyone thinks I cant make my own decisions."

Dani is furious & is NOT on this 'save Rachel' train with Kalia.

This 'save Rachel' plan is 100% from Shelly, who told Kalia that Dani will use Kalia until she doesn't need her anymore, and said to put Porsche up as the renom and get her out. The Kalia/Shelly convo happened at 6:59pm BBT, Camera 1.

Off topic...
Adam is now beardless. lol

Stay tuned...
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