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Friday, August 19, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! The houseguests are up!!...kinda. lol Big Brother has them on an outside lockdown, but most HG's are sleeping outside now. With the nomination ceremony happening today, and the Have Not's Comp happening later today, they'll surely come alive & start game talking soon!!

Also, Adam said that they should be getting a smaller dining room table today. He said BB changes tables when they get down to 8 houseguests, then again at 6 houseguests.

Currently on the live feeds...

11:09am BBT:
Quad Camera

*Rachel/Adam/Dani/Shelly are passed out over on the backyard couches.
*Porsche is in a lounger, talking to Jordan (she's in the pool).
*Kalia/Jeff are off-camera at the moment. (Jeff's in the hammock.)

11:21am BBT:

Porsche is telling Jordan how she was in a Trace Atkins video, but she doesn't remember which song it was for.

Porsche: "Something about hot wings...4 girls in a jeep..the whole thing was about being on a beach or something."

They try to guess what song it was.
Porsche: "I was in the beach scene. I was one of the girls dancing."

11:31am BBT:
Everybody (except for J/P) are still napping.

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11:50am BBT:

The lockdown is over. The HG's go inside and see the Have Not's Food for the week. It's Jalapenos & Hard Boiled Eggs!! They didn't have a comp, instead Jeff had to pick 3 people to be Have Not's for the week. He asked if anyone wanted to volunteer, nobody did, so he then picked Kalia/Dani/Porsche to be the Have Not's for the week.

As Porsche cleans up the table of the Have Not's food, she complains that it wasn't fair that they didn't get a fighting chance to be Have's for the week.

12:14pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Kalia had her pre-nominations ceremony talk. Jeff said that she threw the first stone by putting him up so don't be surprised if she gets a slap on the wrist for it. Kalia said she understands and she doesn't take it personally. Jeff also said that Kalia didn't put up Jordan, and he didn't forget that so he'll take that into consideration.

12:21pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Kalia told Dani about her talk with Jeff. Minutes later, Porsche joins the girls and they start bringing in their clothes and putting them away.

Kalia: " many people are in here? 8, right?"
Porsche: "Yea."

Kalia: "It's really weird that table isn't smaller yet." (**BB's probably waiting until this Thursday after the Double Eviction.)

12:30pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Jeff (lied) to Dani and told her that she's safe this week.
Jeff: "You're a Have Not, but you're still a 'have'."
Dani: "And that's all that matters."

Jeff asked what would Dani do if she won the veto. Dani said she wouldn't fight for it because if Kalia is on the block with Porsche, she doesn't wanna have to make that choice.

Dani: "Would I go up as a replacement?"
Jeff: "No."
Dani: "Okay."

12:50pm BBT:
Pool Area

Jordan told Shelly about when Kalia told Jeff that she needed Jeff to play in the veto, and how Jeff/Jordan told her to not put him or her up on the block and she did anyways.

Shelly: "She (told me that) it sucks that your team has the numbers now. I told her to have a pity party for a few days, then have fun. Everyone has to feel this way in the house at some point in the game. So maybe the next time, they'll think about how arrogant they act. Because it's not so nice being on the other side of that."

Jordan said that Dani is there to play the game, not make friendships. She brings up how Dani has been trying to get close to Shelly lately and Shelly said she knows she's a manipulator.

Jordan: "Don't tell anybody I told you that, because I know that it came from you."
Shelly said she won't & to not tell Adam that either.

Shelly asked who Jeff's target is this week and Jordan said he's still thinking about it but that backdooring Dani is an option.

Jeff & Adam join Jordan and Shelly. Their talk stops.

BB: "This is a lockdown. Please go outside."

Adam: "Maybe they're changing the (dining room table) now."

1:14pm BBT:
Shelly/Jeff/Jordan/Rachel are suntanning.

Dani/Kalia/Porsche are on the BY couches.

1:39am BBT:
A look at the feeds...

1:46pm BBT:
Lockdown is over. The HG's got a smaller dining room table!!

Everyone high-fives in celebration.

2:11pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Porsche made her to pitch: she said she's there to play, she's been 2nd place in 3 comps, he tells her she's done good in comps, she said she wants to win at least 1 comp before going out the door and that if she's safe this week, then he's safe next week if she wins HOH.

He tells her that has a big decision to make and he likes her offer. (He was very vague with her.) He tells it's the Final 8 & it's time to play now. Porsche said that she wants to at least get a shot to play in veto if she's the target, and doesn't wanna "host her own funeral" by hosting the veto comp.

Jeff: "So you wanna go up, instead of not going up (so you can play in the veto)?"
Porsche: (laughing) "NO! But I don't wanna go to jury 2nd without having any kind of title."
Jeff: "I'm still thinking but um..we'll see!"

2:32pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff told Jordan how he told Dani that she's safe so that she feels like she's safe this week so she doesn't fight as hard for the POV. They both think she won't throw it no matter what. Jeff said that whoever wins it, needs to use it so that he can backdoor Dani. Jordan thinks whoever wins it will use it if that's what Jeff wants them to do.

They mention how calm Rachel has been today.
Jeff tells Jordan about his convo with Porsche.
They think if Dani doesn't get up & out this week, that she might be on their side to get Rachel out next week.

**I'm gonna take a break to eat some dinner. I'm still within ear-shot & view of the feeds though. :)

Stay tuned...
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