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Friday, August 26, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts! Happy Friday to y'all!! :D As I posted early this morning on Twitter, I slept in a little bit today. Yesterday was a loooong & purely exhausting day & I just didn't have the energy to get up & start blogging right away.

Today is the Nomination Ceremony inside the BB13 house and even though the nominations seem pretty obvious (Rachel/Jordan), I wonder who Porsche (the new HOH for the week) will target for eviction this week. We shall find out!

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter & I'll start posting right away. (From the looks of it, not too much happened.)

While we wait...
If you wanna watch the Jordan/Shelly fight from last night on the Flashback Feeds, start at 7:06pm BBT on Camera 3.

Also, for those asking, here's Jeff's Exit Interview with Julie Chen.

11:55pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Rachel & Jordan said that the rest of the summer if gonna be filled with watching certain houseguests (Kalia/Porsche) sleep & get fat. Jordan said that Porsche's butt is getting bigger.

They both agree that if the Veto Comp has prizes, they're taking them. They don't want the veto. They also said that they're not gonna talk to Porsche about nominations. Both girls seemed totally checked-out of the game at this point. Rachel said that last season, Brendon could've picked a trip or the veto, and he picked the veto and ended up getting evicted the next week anyways.

Jordan wonders what Dani did/said to turn the house against them. Rachel said that she told everyone that Jeff/Jordan would walk away with the money if they didn't get them out.

Jordan: "I think she just wanted Brendon and Jeff out. Why wouldn't she just work with us?"
Rachel: "Because she's greedy.."
Jordan: "Well she's walkin' away with nothing, too."

Talk is about veto again.
Jordan said there's a glimmer of hope for them if they do win veto and they can pull themselves off the block, and then get Adam's vote to vote out whoever the replacement nom is..which they think might be Shelly. Jordan thinks they could put Adam up as the renom to make sure either Rach/Jordo go home, though.

Jordan: "You gotta try (to win veto). Because if you win it, there's a possibility that we can both still be here."
Rachel: "You think so?"
Jordan: "Mm hmm."
Rachel: "Alright."
Jordan: "Because we know it's gonna be me and you up."

Jordan said if she won the veto, she'd give it to Rachel & save her. Rachel said she wouldn't want her to do that.

12:15am BBT:
Porsche's HOH Room Revealing

Porsche: "Who wants to see my HOH roooooooooom?!"

The HG's make their way up to the HOH room.

Porsche got a letter from her little brother, Austin.

She also got her "lucky ring" that former BB houseguest Janelle gave her awhile ago. For her HOH CD, she got Rihanna.

Rachel & Jordan were less enthused about Porsche getting her HOH room...

12:34am BBT:
HOH Room

They notice that Jordan's crying again (via the spy screen in the HOH room) and Shelly said she's not looking forward to the next 3 weeks. Porsche said that Shelly will still be in the house, but Jordan won't, so don't worry about it.

They then talk about how Rachel would've acted if she won HOH again & Rachel bashing starts up, with Adam throwing some jabs in as well.

Kalia said that it's sad how "reliant" Jordan and Rachel are on their guys (Bren/Jeff). Adam thinks that Jordo is less reliant on her guy than Rachel is.

After Shelly leaves the HOH room, Kalia said that she thinks Jordan is more upset about Shelly turning on her, than she is with Jeff being gone. Adam agreed.

Speaking of Jordan crying...let's go see where she is..

Jordan is crying to Rachel about how Shelly betrayed her & she (J) talked so highly of Shelly in her Diary Room sessions and now she feels like a fool. She said that "the signs were there" (to not trust Shelly) but that she didn't wanna believe them.

Shelly comes down from HOH at this point & gets some more water, then heads back to the bedrooms.

Jordan continues to vent to Rachel.

Jordan said she thinks she might be at her breaking point. She said that if one of them goes (Jor/Rach), then whoever is left behind, is not gonna have anybody to talk to. She goes on to say that everybody else got prizes, while she got stuck with the unitard for a week.

12:54am BBT:
HOH Room

The girls are stroking each others egos & saying how happy Daniele is gonna be when she sees both of them (K/P) win HOH.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the lounge room...

Jordan is telling Rachel how Shelly flopped the Have/Have Not comp, when Jeff gave her the answer (canned yams) and she pretend to not hear him.

Jordan: "We should've known. Me and Jeff are naive. We try to see the good (in people).."

12:58am BBT:

Jordan: "We might as well just press the red button." (to quit the game)
Rachel: "We would need a a Coup d'├ętat, or a Diamond Power of Veto, or the fortune teller to tell us that the votes are gonna be reversed this week.." (laughs)

Rachel can't believe the Final 4 is gonna be K/P/S/A.

They talk about Adam throws every comp because he doesn't have to win.

Meanwhile, back upstairs in the HOH room...

Kalia/Porsche talk about Jeff did worse this season..he fell from 5th place, to 7th. Kalia said that Rachel did better this season than her last season.

Porsche then states that she's gonna do everything in her powers to make sure that Rachel doesn't win the veto so they can send her home this week & that Adam would be the replacement nom if Jordan or Rachel win veto. Porsche said that if it was between Adam/Jordan on the block, Adam would go home.

Porsche: "I really don't wanna get rid of Jordan because she's gonna be so easy to beat in everything!"

Kalia said the only reason why Jordan won her season, is because everyone hated Natalie.

Talk turns to about if they made it to Final 2.
They said they'll just say "Suck it!" to the jury and say "Pass!" each time they get asked a jury question.

1:05am BBT:
Lounge Room

Rachel: "Do you think Adam would keep you over Shelly? After they just got into a huge fight this morning?"
Jordan: "I think so.."
Rachel: (whispering) "So we need to win the veto.."
Jordan: "Hopefully you win the veto, you take yourself off, and then they're gonna (whispering)..put up Shelly (because Adam/Porsche and Kalia/Porsche are close), and vote out Shelly."
Rachel: "If we could pull that off, there's another HOH next week that we have a shot at winning."
Jordan: "That's our only hope."

**That's one way. Another way is if Rachel wins Veto, pulls herself off, Adam goes up as the renom (as Porsche said she'd do), then Kalia/Shelly would vote Adam out over Jordan per Porsche's wishes because Porsche said she can beat Jordan, but she can't beat Adam. So there's still hope left for Jordan/Rach.

Rachel then told Jordan that she WILL win the veto.

1:07am BBT:
Back up in the HOH room, Porsche said if there was a Pandora's Box, that she'd open it simply because she's bored.

4:49am BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia told Porshe they all need to make a Final 4 deal between Shelly/Adam/Porsche/Kalia. Porsche states again that she wants to send Rachel packing.

**Okay, and that's finally it for The Overnighter! Lots of little details. I'll be starting the morning/afternoon post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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