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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans & welcome to the Wednesday afternoon post!!

Earlier today, Jeff/Rachel got into it on the live feeds. It all started at 1:00pm BBT.

Jeff told Bren/Rachel that they (J/J) are not voting to keep Brendon because the whole house is voting him out, and they're not gonna put targets on their back for nothing. Rachel gets pissed. Jeff fires back. (Brendon is there during all of this). Jeff said that Brendon leaving, messes up his (Jeff) game as well, if not more...because now he's gonna be target #1. He also told Brendon that when he was gone for a week, him (Jeff)/Jordan/Shelly tried to calm her down and talk to her, but she just doesn't listen. If you wanna watch this, go to at 1:00pm BBT on Camera 3 on the Flashback Feeds.

Currently on the live feeds...

2:21pm BBT:
Pool Area

Things have calmed down since the fight earlier, and Jordan and Brendon talk about a little bit of everything...Rachel's attitude, how much the HG's sleep this season and how the ratings must suck, and about Brendon getting evicted then coming back..and now he's going to jury.

Jordan: "There's movies (in jury)!"
Brendon: "I know, I know.."

Brendon gets called to the Diary Room.

Let's see what's going on upstairs in the HOH room...

2:32pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani and Kalia said that today's fight between Rachel/Jeff only helps them bring Rachel over to their side. Kalia said she'll put up Jeff/Jordan (this is after Dani coached Kalia on how to run her HOH last night via jellybeans..I covered that in the Overnighter this morning.)

Talk then turns to...
Dani's talking about how they have Big Brother nights at her job and how cool that is. She then starts talking about her schooling...reunions, specifically.

2:50pm BBT:
Backyard Patio Area

Jeff: "They think we (Rachel/Jeff & Jordan) are gonna go to war with each and that they're gonna benefit from it."
Brendon: "Let'em think that!"

Jeff said they have to stick together. Rachel agreed.

*Sidenote: The elliptical that Rachel is on is super duper squeaky and highly annoying to listen to on the feeds. lol BB, y'all need to oil that thing up!! :P

2:57pm BBT:
Pool Area

Brendon said that their side of the house needs to get power for a change. (It's been on the other side of the house for 3 weeks now.)

Talk turns to the movie 'Beverly Hills Cop'.

3:05pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

Adam/Shelly are on the BY patio on Cams 1 & 2. Adam's talking about the filming of his intro for BB.

Dani/Kalia in the HOH room is on Cams 3 & 4. They're talking about Brendon never stands up straight..he never fully straightens his legs and he walks with his legs bent. Dani says he's hunched over.

Dani: "It's so annoying!"

Dani said that Kalia & herself are the only ones in the house that haven't been up on the block yet.

3:26pm BBT:
Pool Area

Talk is about who's hiding everything in the house. Jordan thinks it might be Kalia or Porsche. Jordan said that Porsche always says how she wants to be like Janelle.

Jeff gets out of the pool & says he's gonna cook some food after he dries off for a bit. (Adam's in the kitchen making a salad.)

**Okay guys & gals, I'll be back in an hour with the Wednesday night post & I'll open up the chat room then. Until then, enjoy the live feeds! :D (I'll be within ear-shot of the feeds, so if anything of importance happen, I'll post in in this post.)

Stay tuned...
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