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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Morning in the BB House + HOH Pics

Good morning/afternoon BB fans!! Today is Wednesday, which means we'll see Dani take HOH pics (and Rachel most likely trying to be in all of them lol), as well as Dani blogging on the HOH blog.

If you haven't yet seen The Overnighter, scroll down 1 post to take see what Brendon & Rachel's mock wedding was like! If you have the live feeds, you can watch the whole thing on the Flashback Feeds! (CBS will only show a piece of tomorrow.) Start at 10:30pm BBT.

The HG's were woken up around 9am BBT, but like most days, only Shelly/Brendon/Rachel are up. (Every morning, Shelly/Brendon are usually the 1st 2 HG's up and always have their morning coffee chats.)

Let's see what's going on inside the BB13 house today! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

10:41pm BBT:

Bren/Rach/Shelly have been talking all morning since around 9am BBT. Lots of (confusing) game talk.

They're talking about if Jordan left this week instead, then Brendon/Rachel/Jeff/Shelly would be in a Final 4 alliance and target Dani next week. Bren/Rach think Jeff will try to throw HOH tomorrow so that he doesn't have to put up Dani since they made a 1 week deal.

10:51am BBT:
Shelly asked Brendon who's votes he has (to stay), and he said Rachel and Porsche, so he needs two more votes. Shelly said that Adam would vote the way she votes. Brendon starts campaigning to Shelly about different scenarios of "if (so and so) wins HOH, then (this & that) will happen."

Shelly seems interested in keeping Brendon and says that what they're saying makes sense, but that she's scared that Jeff's gonna be mad at her (if she votes Jordan out).

Shelly: "I've seen (Jeff's) temper. But I KNOW that nobody will win against Jordan. 100%!! It makes NO SENSE (to keep her). I KNOW that."

Brendon said it'd be hard to put her up and get her out next to anybody (because she's so well liked), so this might be the only time to get her out. Shelly fully agrees.

Brendon tells Rachel to make sure they have Porsche's vote. Shelly tells Bren/Rach how Porsche told her (Shelly) that she'll never put Jeff up because he's sponsoring a kid in Cambodia and because of that, she'll never put him up.

Shelly: "But I'll a lot people pissed off at me (if I vote to keep you)..I'll have Dani, Jeff, Kalia..which I don't care about.."

Rachel: "Jeff will get over it though."
Brendon: "(Jeff) knows that this would be his chance at half of a million dollars. He's not gonna put you (Shelly) you up because he's pissed off. Jeff's the type that will get pissed off, but then get over it. He won't be vindictive. His sights are on that $500,000. It'd be the dumbest move to gun after you (Shelly)."

11:03am BBT:
Talk continues. Brendon & Rachel are working Shelly for a vote, and indirectly, Adam's vote.

Brendon: "Plus Daniele tried to backdoor him, and he only made nice with Dani to save himself for this week."

Shelly: "I'd be a HUGE move. Huge game changing move."

Shelly knows that, for her own personal game play, it's smarter to get Jordan out now while they can because Shelly thinks/knows that she'll never win against Jordan and that Jordan will sail to the end again because nobody will put her up, and/or vote her out.

11:12am BBT:
Shelly brings up the fact that Jeff has always said that he wants to just make it to jury with Jordan so that they're not split up for the summer. Bren/Rachel tell Shelly that it's what they're telling people to get them further in the game, it's a game tactic that they're using..and it's working.

11:18am BBT:
Jordan is now in the backyard doing laundry. Game talk stops.

Jordan: (to Bren) "Last night, I was facing you, and you pooted (farted), and I put the covers over my face, and it went through the covers!"

11:25am BBT:

Dani and Lawon had a quick whisper convo...from what I could hear, Dani said it was "funny" how Shelly's being really to nice to her today. (??)

11:35am BBT:
*Rach/Porsche/Adam are in bathroom.
*Lawon/Shelly/Brendon/Dani are on the BY patio.
*Jordan is in the backyard, lounging & drinking an iced tea.

It's HOH Picture time!! Dani has her HOH camera and is going around the house taking pictures.

(Click to enlarge.)

Stay tuned...
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