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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Evening in the BB House (After Live Show)

Good evening BB addicts!! Holy s**t, whatta an episode!!! Lawon is out, Brendon is back in...and the HOH comp will be played TONIGHT!!!!

If you don't have the live feeds, then this is the time to get'em!!!! Takes 3 mins to get'em, nothing to download..easy as pie!!

Currently on the live feeds...

Brendon is getting filled on what happened this week..nominations, Jeff winning the POV, the halfway party..

Rachel: "Thank you, America!!"

7:11pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani and Kalia are pissed.
Dani said the HG's will do Diary Room sessions, then they'll go outside to do the HOH comp tonight.

Dani: "I just wanna punch my hand through the wall right now. Everything that I said would happen, happened."
Kalia: "I'm gonna go get something to drink. I'm not gonna sit in here."

Kalia & Dani both leave the bedroom.

7:18pm BBT:
Have Not's Room
The Vets Alliance

Brendon said he had a choice to go to sequester or not.

Brendon: "They said 'do you wanna have a chance to get back in the game in a week?'?"

They talk about how Brendon got 1 million votes from America to come back into the game. Brendon told them about Kalia's goodbye message and how she called him arrogant. He said when they showed Daniele's message, he thought she needed more makeup because she "looked like skeletor".

Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly are telling Brendon how many pep talks they had to give Rachel and calm her down. They're all laughing. Shelly's now telling Brendon how Rachel was following Dani around the house and how Shelly had to pull Rachel off.

They're all mocking Rachel, but in a fun way, Rachel's laughing.
Jeff said that they didn't tell Rachel she had the votes because she was "so mental", and wanted her to act scared so that Dani/Kalia didn't try to flip the votes.

Jeff: "This f**king week has been like 2 months."

Meanwhile, in the kitchen...

Back in the Have Not's room...

Brendon said he's "fired up" for the HOH comp and he thinks him & Jeff are gonna "rock it" tonight.

In the kitchen, Shelly/Adam have a quick talk.

Shelly said they have the numbers (against Kalia/Dani) and that Kalia made bad decisions this week as HOH.

(**Before the feeds switched to the kitchen, Dani was seen crawling under the covers in the Candy Bedroom, and you could hear sniffling.)

Jeff joins Adam/Shelly in the kitchen.

They talk about tonight's HOH comp..they said they think it's endurance!!!! :D

(*Thank gawd for redbull! I have feeling I'm gonna have a loooong night! lol)

Jeff told Shelly: "Nothing changes", as far as J/J/S being in an alliance together.

Brendon joins Shelly/Adam/Jeff in the kitchen.

Brendon: "I'm BAAAAAAACK!!"

They talk about his pic on the memory wall being in color again.
Brendon: "I feel like I've been resurrected!"
Jeff laughs.

Meanwhile, in the lounge room...
Dani/Kalia aren't in the best of spirits.

Kalia is crying a little bit. She's sniffling.
Dani doesn't think the HOH comp won't be endurance, but the other HG's think it will be. Kalia said that she has faith in Dani winning tonights HOH comp.

**If it is endurance, and CBS is going by what they always do with endurance comps, then it'll be shown on the live feeds tonight!

Shelly/Jeff/Jordan/Brendon/Adam/Rachel are in the kitchen, as Kalia/Dani are in the lounge room.

HG's are talking over each other. They're all happy.

Meanwhile, Dani/Kalia on feeds 1 & 2...

Dani: "I'm gonna throw up."

8:01pm BBT:
Kalia: "What do you wanna do tonight?"
Dani: "Win HOH."

8:03pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel's talking about how Porsche told her that Shelly makes fun of her (R) up in the HOH room and how Shelly was always up in the HOH room this past week. She also said that Jeff was "really mean" to her.

Jeff joins.

Rachel tells Jeff what she just told Brendon about Shelly.
Then they talk about how Kalia/Dani still are always talking about Dominic.

Jeff lets out a fart. (He's been farting like crazy tonight.)
Brendon said he's gonna win HOH, then POV, so he can send anyone he wants out and "they won't come back".

8:19pm BBT:
*Jeff/Rachel/Brendon are in the Have Not's Room.
*Shelly/Adam/Jordan in Living Room
*Dani is in lounge room.
*Porsche is...haven't seen her! lol (Diary Room??)
*Kalia is roaming around. She stopped in the living room and said that Brendon saw his goodbye messages (..including hers, which was really rude. She called him arrogant and laughed.)

8:25pm BBT:
*Dani/Kalia in lounge room. Still pissed.

*Jordan/Jeff/Brendon/Rachel are in Have Not's Room.

Jordan: "(Rachel's) mood is like, a 360!"

Brendon/Rachel leave to go to the storage room to get their suitcases.

Jeff/Jordan talk about how the targets in the house are now off of them since Brendon came back.

Jordan hopes tonights HOH comp has prizes and said she'd "jump off" (of the HOH comp) to grab prizes. Jeff tells her to blame it on cramps.

Jordan said that if Dom was voted back in, all they'd hear is "PT! PT!!", and said they think of him "like a freakin' God".

They go on to say that they don't trust Porsche. Jeff said he doesn't think Shelly/Adam are happy that Brendon's back in the game & thinks that Adam will "fly the other way", but if he does, they'll just put him up.

8:42pm BBT:
*Jeff/Jordan still alone in Have Nots Room
*Rachel/Brendon/Shelly/Adam in living room.
*Dani/Porsche/Kalia are off camera.

8:48pm BBT:
*All HG's..including Porsche! lol..are around the living room/kitchen/dining room area.
*Talk is about HOH, Rachel missing Brendon, etc etc.

8:51pm BBT:
*Jordan/Rachel alone in Have Not's room. Jordo is telling Rachel she "has cramps".
*Rachel still can't believe Brendon's in the house again.

8:54pm BBT:

Adam: "Are you serious?"
Kalia: "Yea! We gotta go to the backyard. Gonna grab my boots."

Feeds go to trivia! Will they come back on? We'll see!! :D

Stay tuned...
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