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Monday, August 15, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House + Veto Ceremony

Good afternoon, BB fans!! At 11:43am BBT, the live feeds came back from trivia. The Veto Ceremony has been held!!

Adam used the POV on himself.
The Renom is:


Brendon is telling Rachel to fight for the both of them & to win HOH this week.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

11:49am BBT:
HOH Room

Dani: "Do you think we should get rid of Jeff next week?"
Kalia: "Instead of Rachel?"
Dani: "Yea."

They go over pros and cons to which one should go first & why.

Dani gets into her bikini, she's about to go outside and lay out.

Dani: "I think these (bikini) bottoms make my butt look smaller."

12:11pm BBT:
A look at the feeds.

*Feeds 1 & 2: Brendon/Rachel/Jeff are in the kitchen, telling stories. Non-game chat.
*Feeds 3 & 4: Shelly/Dani are talking about their favorite person in the house..Rachel. ;) lol They also talked about the veto ceremony.

Dani told Shelly she's good this week & that Brendon's going home. Shelly said she's putting all her faith in Dani & that she's not gonna campaign.

Adam & Shelly are now smoking on the backyard patio.
Adam tells Dani that her Veto Ceremony speech was funny, but he thinks America could take it in a rude way.

(Something zombies/zombieland. We'll have to find out on Wednesday when we see her speech.)

Porsche comes out, ready to suntan.

12:34pm BBT:
*Shelly/Porsche/Dani are laying out, suntanning.

*Adam/Jeff/Brendon/Rachel are on the BY patio, non-game chatter.

*All other HG's are off camera at the moment.

**Just added 2 new polls on the right side of the blog, check'em out! :D

Jordo is poolside now.

12:57pm BBT:
Sunbathing beauties...

1:10pm BBT:
*Jordan put her unitard back on.

1:23pm BBT:

The HG's are still in total chill-mode. :)

2:01pm BBT:
*Rachel/Brendon are sleeping.

*Dani/Porsche/Shelly are tanning.

Porsche started talking loudly and woke up Brendon/Rachel. Brendon gets up and goes inside.

Dani: "You pissed him off. Now look at what you've done." (joking)

Dani starts talking about her speech, again. She said she refereed to Brendon as zombie because no matter times she tries to "kill him", he keeps coming back.

2:11pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Brendon: "Like I said, if I go home, I go home."

...then silence.

2:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Shelly told Jordan that Dani told her to tell Jordan to talk to her up in the HOH today, she wants Jeff/Jordan to trust her.

Shelly: (joking) "So if she tells you to switch & vote me out, then you know she's lying."

Shelly's trying to convince Jordan to team up with Dani, but assures her that they (Jeff/Jordan/Shelly) are together for as long as they wanna be with her (Shelly).

Shelly: "I'm just passing along the message. From that, you guys can do WHATEVER you guys want! But if you could pick up somebody else and get to the end...I want you two to get the end."

Kalia joins Shelly/Jordan.

Jordan: "Did you just wake up? You sleep more than any person I've ever met. You sleep more than Porsche."
Shelly: "Uhh I think Porsche gives her a run for her money."

2:24pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

This convo is (for the most) inaudible. Sounded like Jordan was telling Jeff about Shelly saying how Dani wants to talk to them later on .

Brendon/Rachel join Jeff/Jordo.

Jeff said he wants to go swimming and asked Jordan if she wants to. She said she'll sit by the pool.
They leave the bedroom.

2:39pm BBT:
All feeds are on Porsche & Dani. They're talking about their ideal guy.

2:40pm BBT:
Shelly/Jordan are on the backyard couch, talking non-game at the moment.

**Okay guys, I'm gonna take a break for a while as the HG's continue to be in lazy mode. :P I'll be back later.

Stay tuned...
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