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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday Night: Eviction + HOH Comp + Twist

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! :D Tonight is the *Live Show* where will see Lawon get evicted, and then battle (either Cassi or Brendon..though I'm thinking it'll be Brendon) at a chance to play the game again!

Who will come back into the house tonight?? What will happen once they're back in the house? All I know is, I will be glued to the live feeds tonight to see what kind of drama will be stirred up in the house!

If you still don't have the live feeds, I highly suggest you get them for's gonna be CRAZY!!! Cheaper than a night at the movies, and you get a whole month of entertainment..can't beat that! Comes with a 3 Day Free Trial so you can see what you've been missing!

*Enter the Chat Room*

**West Coasters, click here to watch the East Coast Showing!

9:00pm EST:
Show begins...

*The HG's are wearing athletic's a physical HOH comp!

9:25pm EST:
They showed Ragan from BB12 & how him & Rachel are really good friends now. Ragan said he's in her wedding party.

9:32pm EST:

Votes to Evict:
*Jordan votes to evict...Lawon
*Jeff votes to evict...Lawon
*Porsche votes to evict...Lawon
*Daniele votes to evict...Lawon (wow!)
*Shelly votes to evict...Lawon
*Adam votes to evict...Lawon

Evicted from the BB13 House is:


Julie: "Everyone, take a seat." ..Julie tells them about the twist & Lawon has to "battle" the returning HG America picked! Rachel's face was TOTAL SHOCK!!! Her jaw was to the floor for a good minute. lol

They're showing Cassi/Brendon/Keith/Dom in the backyard waiting to see which one of them gets to play!

The Former HG America Voted to Battle Lawon:


Brendon/Lawon are battling it out in a physical comp!!

Brendon's in the lead: 12-6!!

Winner is:


The HOH Comp did *NOT* take place on the show!!

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Stay tuned...
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