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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts!! :D Today's Tuesday, which doesn't mean much in the BB house. (Tomorrow will be HOH pics & HOH blog). It looks like Brendon will be the one going home this week, unless something major happened last night. Adam already promised his vote to Shelly, so it'd be hard to swing him at this point. And the only other vote that Brendon could get is Porsche's, which would be just as hard to get.

Totally Random:
Evel Dick has said recently that the Fortune Teller in the purple lounge room will be playing a part in the game soon.

What role will it play in the game? That's yet to be seen!

Okay, let me go get the overnight happenings and I'll start posting them below.

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

9:30pm BBT:

Jordan said that she hasn't poo'ed in days now and usually she doesn't have a problem with going to the bathroom. (**If y'all remember, Porsche laced the muscle milk with benefiber and Jordan made a protein shake with in it. Production made her throw it away hours later.)

Adam starts talking game.
Adam: "I'm glad we're on the same page." (re: voting Brendon out)

Adam: "But don't worry, I still got your back."
Jeff: "Dude, we have no choice but to stick together."
Adam: "Exactly."
Jeff: "Because if we start splittin' up, it's over."
Adam: "That'd be stupid for either one of us. There's no way I'm letting Kalia win (HOH)."

Jordan asked Adam if Shelly has truly been with them (J/J) from the get-go & said yes, and how Shelly always says 'the 4 of us' (Adam/Shelly/Jeff/Jordan).

Talk turns back to the upcoming HOH comp.
Jeff: "One of has to win HOH, otherwise we're in trouble."
Adam: "Yea."

Adam said he'd put up Kalia/Dani, with Porsche as an option to either be used as pawn, or to backdoor her. Adam said that Dani will play in the veto regardless (she has the veto pass) so it'd be better to just put her up.

They all agree to not to get rid of Rachel this week.

Jordan: "You CANNOT get rid of Rachel next week!"
Adam agreed.

Shelly joins them.
Jeff tells Shelly that he's not voting her out.
Shelly said she's done with the flip-flopping in the house. She's with Jeff/Jordan/Adam all the way.

Jordan told Shelly that they need Rachel around for a couple more weeks for the endurance comp so that she can beat Dani.

10:08pm BBT:
Backyard Patio Area

They decided to try the whole 'It's Impossible to Eat a Tablespoon of Cinnamon' theory. Rachel & Brendon decide to give a shot.

**This is totally worth the watch on the Flashback Feeds!!

First up, is Rachel..

Brendon: "Here, give me a tablespoon..I'll do it."
HG's: "Do it! Do it! Do it!"
Rachel: "Don't do it! It's not fun.." *coughing/choking*

Adam prepares a tablespoon for Brendon..

Brendon eats the cinnamon..

..and then a big puff of powder comes out of his nose. lol

Houseguests are laughing..

Dani: "You looked like a dragon!"

12:05am BBT:
Pool Table

The houseguests spent most of their night chillin', having a fun relaxing time. The boys played a game of a pool.

Jordan tells Jeff she's going to bed. He puts her arm around her & gives her a kiss on the forehead.

Jeff: "Alright, love. I'm come in and check on ya."
Jordan: "Okay."
Jordan heads inside.

1:37am BBT

Jeff/Adam are playing pool, as Kalia sits on the backyard couch.

Kalia told Jeff a secret...that all the girls in the house, have been looking at Jeff when he doesn't have his shirt on, laying out, swimming, and when he works out.

Jeff: "Oh yea??!"
Kalia: "ALL the girls, including the older ladies.."

Kalia said they look at Jeff's ass, too.
Jeff: "MY ASS!? I don't have one!" (**I beg to differ. lol)

1:40am BBT:

Dani: "We'll talk tomorrow but just a cliffnotes version: I really think you have Jeff & Jordan's vote, and I'll work on Porsche, but if it doesn't work out...(Dani hears somebody coming)..we'll talk tomorrow."

They all scatter.

2:47am BBT:
Pool Table

Jeff & Adam have a long game talk convo. Adam said they gotta get Dani out.

Jeff said that he has a feeling that Porsche's gonna take him out of the game simply because he doesn't even pay attention to her as a player in the game. (He's often said that he forgets that she's even still in the house.)

Adam: "Dani's the 1st one that we gotta get out."
Jeff: "Yea."
Adam: "If you cut the head off the snake, (Kalia/Porsche) will f**kin' scramble."
Jeff: "Yea!"
Adam: "And we could use the (to our benefit). I don't want either of them winning though."

Jeff & Adam then go over the pro's and con's of keeping Brendon.

Pro's: Bren can control Rachel (emotions wise), he's a strong compeitor that'd be on their side, he's a bigger target in the house.

Con's: Bren/Rach could make a deal with Dani if he stayed this week, then gun after them, and how Bren/Rach will say anything to get what they want (fake deals, etc.) so you can't trust them.

Adam's set on getting Brendon out.

Adam said that statistically, Dani's reign is gonna end soon. (She won HOH, then Kalia won HOH, then Dani won HOH again.)

Let's fast forward this convo...

Jeff tries to get Adam to vote to keep Brendon. Jeff points out how close Shelly/Dani are now and how weird that is. Jeff thinks it might be too early to get rid of Brendon/Rachel.

Adam tells Jeff that Porsche is voting Brendon out for sure this week.

Jeff & Adam stress how badly they each wanna win HOH, but that one of 'them' (J/J/S/A) have to win HOH to have a power shift in the house in their favor for the 1st time in 3 weeks.

Their convo ends around 3:40am BBT. Jeff's attempt to sway Adam to vote for Brendon stay didn't work.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!!

Stay tuned...
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