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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wednesday Night's Episode

Good evening, everybody! Tonight's BB episode starts at 8pm EST and it's the Veto Comp/POV Ceremony episode. We'll see Adam win the veto, HG's win some prizes, and Jordo getting her humilitard.

At 4pm BBT on the live feeds, BB called for an inside lockdown & will be on lockdown until tomorrow's live HOH comp. Physical HOH comp? Or Endurance HOH Comp tomorrow? We shall see!!

Current look at the live feeds:
*Rachel's working a dress?? lol :P

*Dani/Shelly/Porsche/Kalia are talking about tomorrows HOH comp. Dani thinks it'll be endurance, Shelly thinks it'll be a physical/skill HOH comp (*Me too). Dani said she originally thought this week's HOH comp would be questions.

Notes from tonight's show:
Awww Shelly's phone call from home was soooo sweet!! :) Made me choke up. Too sweet.

Also, the Veto Ticket that Dani won is for this upcoming week. If she doesn't get picked for veto, and wants to, she can use that veto ticket to play in the POV Comp.

Stay tuned...
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