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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, everybody & Happy Sunday to y'all!! :D If you were watching Big Brother After Dark last night (like I was until 1am Central), then you saw the bored houseguests trying to have a little bit of fun by playing cards. (Shelly/Adam/Rachel/Jeff/Kalia). Since Kalia is scared to death about being Jeff's target this week, she's been hanging out with the other side of the house in hopes of getting in good with them.

Okay, I'll start the Overnighter from 11pm BBT (when I went to bed). There was some game talk from that point on. :)

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

(Sorry for the delay, had to restart my was acting goofy. :P)

11:23pm BBT:
Hot Tub Area

Talk is about the POV Comp. Rachel said she thinks Adam threw it. Talk then turns to about Rachel wanting to get Dani out this week.

Jordan: "That veto (comp) was not all."
Rachel: "And Jeff killed it!"

Rachel: "It just looked like he wasn't trying to win."
Jordan: "Really?"
Rachel: "Proably not, because..he probably didn't wanna win because then he'd be in a weird position with Porsche. I'm gonna talk about this with Jeff but, I think Daniele is the best option to get out. I think this is a chance to beat her, I don't think we're gonna have another chance again (to get her out). And she'd definitely put me and Jeff up."
Jordan: "Oh for sure. If he does get rid of Dani this week, then Porsche can go this week."

They think Kalia is nothing without Dani, and think Adam/Porsche are together, so they'd gun after Porsche before Kalia.

Moving on...

12:10am BBT:
Kalia tried to fish for info from Adam about what Jeff's gonna do this week with the veto. Adam didn't give any info.

12:31am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff/Jordan talked about getting rid of Dani and weighed the pro's and con's.

Jordan: "What's your gut tellin' ya to do?"
Jeff: "Get rid of Daniele."
Jordan: "Yea I think so too."

Jordan said that she has been telling everyone that she doesn't know what Jeff's doing this week.

Jordan: "Nobody knows what you're doing (this week)."

They start talking about why it'd be good to keep and/or get rid of Dani.

Jordan: "If we kept Dani, she would feel like she could trust you. But the only bad thing is that she'd get rid of Rachel. And that still leaves Dani in the house with a good competitor against you. So, you're automatically the next target. If we get rid of Dani, it leaves your Porsche & Kalia..Porsche hasn't won anything & Kalia only won one thing."

Jordan continues to talk about how she thinks they can get Porsche on their side & that Kalia would probably start her own alliance with Adam/Shelly, but they (J/J) already have Shelly/Adam on their side.

Jeff told Jordo about his talk with Adam and how he said the best choice this week is to get rid of Dani & how he said he (A) would vote Dani out if she were to go up on the block. They go on to say that keeping Rachel in the game, keeps a target in the house & that'll further their game.

12:43am BBT
Talk continues.
Jeff said that his talk with Dani the other night is when he felt that Dani wasn't really with them (when she tried to make a deal with J/J) because of things she said; like she'd wanna get out Adam/Shelly & never mentioned getting out anyone from her side (Kaila/Porsche). He also said that how Dani kept saying Jeff "wasn't her target", and Jeff said that's because it took her 2 times to get Brendon out first.

Jeff: "If Brendon was gone the 1st time, then I would've been her target! It's too little, too late."

And that pretty much sums up this convo..too little, too late for Dani. The plan is still to get her up & out this week. Jeff's gonna make a deal with Porsche (to keep him safe next week if she wins HOH), pull Porsche off, then put up Dani. They have the votes to get Dani out. Done deal.

It's important to note that at 1:15am BBT, Jeff said he knows that Dani's gonna talk to him and promise him everything under the sun, but he's not gonna fall for it or make any deals with her.

1:20am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Shelly said she threw the POV Comp and she said she's glad that Adam didn't win because it would've been bad for them. Adam said he tried.

2:16am BBT:
Jeff said that they (J/J) need to stay close to Porsche this week and Jordan said they'll split up..Jeff will be around Porsche a lot more but not obvious about it.

2:32am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Dani asked Adam if he talked to Jeff at all. Adam stops her fishing for info right away by saying that Jeff doesn't know what he's doing with the veto or what his plans are.

Dani said she doesn't understand why people are scared to make big moves in the house. Adam said he's not scared, he's seeing who's a bigger target in front of him & making moves that further his own personal game in the house.

Dani: "But it's also how many people you have behind you."

Dani implied that nobody, including Adam, will win the game without making big moves and just going along with other people. (**Basically she's saying that by Adam being behind Jeff/Jordan, and getting by until he has to play to win, isn't gonna get him the winning votes at the end if he makes final 2.)

Dani said that if she goes up, then that means Jeff wants her to go home. Dani then called Rachel a "floater"...selling out Jeff for the past 3 weeks, and now she's best friends with him. Adam agreed.

Adam: "She's become what she hates." (A floater.)
Dani: "And her social game sucks."

Adam said he's gonna make decisions that he thinks is best for him. They continue talking until around 3:15am BBT, but I covered the important parts for this convo.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D Today is, what I officially started calling it a few weeks ago, "Sanity Sunday" for myself. I'm gonna take the afternoon off & get away from the BB world for a few hours to 'recharge my battery', so to speak. I'll be back tonight to open up the chat room and start the Sunday Night Episode post about 30 mins before BB airs. And as always, I will have the link up so y'all can watch the east coast showing. So until tonight, enjoy the live feeds!!! :D

Stay tuned...
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