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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House (Updated!)

At around 11:45am BBT, Dani got her HOH camera and started taking pictures of the HG's. If you haven't yet seen all the HOH pictures (minus todays pics), then head on over to and take a look! There's some really cute ones. Here's one for you Jeff & Jordan fans:

If this is your first time on the blog today, then check out the The Overnighter which has some screenshots of Brendon/Rachel's mock wedding, and the Morning Post has Brendon/Rachel campaigning to Shelly to get her vote & to get her to vote Jordan out instead. (Adam just told Jordan around 12:05pm BBT that he's voting for Jordan to stay, in case you were wondering.)

Currently on the live feeds...

12:10pm BBT:
More HOH pics are being taken. Kalia took these pics of Brendon/Rachel/Jeff/Jordan, and then one of just Jeff/Jordan, who caught the brides bouquet and the garter.

12:19pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

HG's are sitting around, talking, cooking food, and just in total chill mode today. Dani is wrapping up her hour of having the HOH camera and taking pics of HG's.

Jordan just went outside. Brendon & Rachel are now in the kitchen as well.
Dani just went and got Jordan to take a picture with her.

12:24pm BBT:
Lounge Room
All Houseguests

The HG's take their weekly lounge room picture.

1st pic: normal

2nd pic: goofy. (That's Jeff sticking his putt above Brendon's head. lol)

12:36pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

*Brendon is working out on the elliptical.
*Dani/Lawon/Adam/Jeff/Kalia are in the kitchen area, hanging out, eating.

*Shelly/Jordan are on the BY couches, talking non-game.

*Jeff and Porsche have now joined Shelly/Jordan.
*Rachel is laying out by the hot tub.

1:00pm BBT:
(disregard the wrong time stamp on the pic lol)

*Jeff/Brendon (who's still on the elliptical) are talking non-game on the BY patio.
*Adam/Lawon/Kalia are in the kitchen, also talking non-game.
*Jordan is poolside, with her feet in the water. Talking w/ Bren/Jeff from across the yard.

**Okay guys & gals, I'll see y'all back here in a few hours at 7:30pm EST for the Wednesday Night Show! I'll open up the chat room then as well. I'm still gonna be by the computer, so if I hear any game talk from Shelly (specifically to Adam regarding voting for either Jordan or Brendon), I'll be sure to post it!! Otherwise, see y'all at 7:30pm EST! :D


1:20pm BBT:
Porsche told Rachel she's voting for Brendon to stay.

2:13pm BBT:
Rachel campaigned to Adam to vote for Brendon to stay. Brendon ended up joining the convo minutes later. In a nutshell, Adam never gave her an answer either way, but just said that he's weighing his options & that he couldn't sleep last night because of how big of a decision it is (choosing either J or B to go home).

2:35pm BBT:
Kalia told Jordan that Bren/Rach are going around campaigning for Brendon to stay. Jordan said she's gonna talk to Rachel to see what's going on.

Minutes later, Jordan/Shelly talked. Shelly told Jordan that she's voting for Jordan to stay. Shelly then told Jordan about her convo this morning with Bren/Rachel BUT did say that she had 2nd thoughts to whether or not keeping Jordo in the game was a good idea or not because she thinks nobody can win against Jordan.

Jordan then told Shelly that if Jeff leaves before she (J) does, she wants to pair up with her (Shelly). Shelly said she'd love to be in the Final 3 with Jeff/Jordan. They then talked about if they won HOH: Shelly said if she won, she'd put up Kalia/Lawon, and backdoor Dani.

3:13pm BBT:

Jeff/Jordan talk in the Candy Bedroom.
Jordan told Jeff about how B/R are telling everyone that Jordan's the ultimate pawn, and that she's scared that it's planted into peoples heads now that she's just a pawn to be used week after week and will go up because of that. She also told Jeff how B/R are campaigning against Jordan.

Jordan also told Jeff how B/R are saying that J/J have deals "with everybody". Jeff said he told Dani a few days ago to not pay attention to anything B/R say because it's probably lies. (J/J have a 1 week only deal.) Jeff said he's 1 step ahead of them and that he covered all of his bases already, so he's not worried.

Jeff: "Don't worry about it."

Jeff then said that he'll talk to Brendon if it gets outta hand. (re: campaigning)

Stay tuned...
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