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Monday, August 1, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Monday BB addicts!! :D Today is the Veto Ceremony inside in the Big Brother house, where Brendon is slated to take Rachel off the block, and Dani will be forced to put up a renom. As of yesterday, Dani was thinking about putting Jordan up as the renom, but only as a pawn. Is that still the case? We'll find out!!

Before I went to bed last night, Jordan/Shelly/Rachel/Porsche were all busy helping Rachel make a garbage bag wedding dress for her & Brendon's mock wedding in the BB house... I'll start the Overnighter around 8:30pm BBT and move on from there.

While we wait...

Last night, I finally caught the 1st episode of the "Dick at Night" show, with Evel Dick, Janelle, James, and Jun. If you haven't yet seen it, it's worth the watch! Good stuff! They just posted the 2nd 'Dick at Night' episode last night, which I have yet to see but I can only imagine it's just as good as the 1st show.

Okay, let me go see what happened last night in the BB house and I'll start posting it below! :D

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9:58pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani asked Brendon why he changed his mind & decided to use the veto to take himself off the block. (As I've mentioned before, Brendon's gonna take Rachel off, but they're making the HG's think that Brendon's using the veto on himself.)

Rachel & Brendon then asked Dani if there's a deal they can make to keep them both in the game.

Dani: "It's kinda out of my power right now because I don't get to vote."
Rachel: "You have the power to put up someone (as the renom).."
Dani: "I don't wanna make more enemies in this house, that's the last thing I need right now."

Bren/Rachel say that they wanna start with a "clean slate" and work with Dani, and they think that the next coming is a quiz and they're both really good at it, so if they win, Dani would be safe.

Brendon: "We have a chance to reset here."
Dani: "If I put Lawon up next to you, you (Bren) would still go home because you're a bigger threat."
Rachel: "We'd only need 1 more vote (to save Brendon) and I'm sure we could get that vote."

Brendon: "I'll be honest, if you send Rachel home, I'm gonna be pissed, just like you were with Dom, and it's gonna make me fight harder."

Dani tells them that it's not personal that they were nom'ed, it's not a vengeance thing.

Dani: "When people aren't on my side, then they're...not on my side! And when you're not on my side, then ya gotta go."

They talk about Porsche. Brendon said Porsche is a "lost puppy" in the house that's on Rachel's side.

They go on, pushing for a deal to be made, but Dani's not taking the bait. She told them she'd "think about it".

10:46pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Dani told Kalia about her meeting with Bren/Rach and how they said that Lawon would be a good re-nom, but Dani's sticking with her decision of putting up Jordan as the replacement nom. Dani did say that that Brendon made a couple of good valid points, and that she knows they'd keep their end of the deal (of keeping Dani safe) because she'd be "saving their marriage".

Regardless, Dani's still putting up Jordo as the re-nom.

12:52am BBT:
HOH Room

Fearing that she could be put up as the replacement nom, Porsche went up to the HOH room to talk to Dani.

Dani: "I don't want you to go on the block, or go home, and I'd love to work with you in this game."

Porsche said she was sorry for voting Dom out but felt that if she didn't, she would have made enemies in the house.

Dani told Porsche how she didn't like how Bren/Rach "toyed" with Dom: they knew he was going home, but kept trying to make deals with him that they had no plans of keeping.

Dani told Porsche that she (P) was supposed to go home before jury, but to not go back and tell Bren/Rach that she said that.

Dani then talked about Kalia and how she doesn't know what she'd do if she (K) won HOH.

Porsche said that she wouldn't mind seeing Jeff go home, especially after winning the $10,000.

Dani tells Porsche that she doesn't wanna see Porsche leave and that she "has options". Dani thanked her for the talk and that it was nice to talk with her. Porsche leaves.

**And that's it for the Overnighter!! As soon as the HG's get up & moving, I'll start the morning post! By the way, Bren/Rach didn't have their mock wedding yet. Shelly said she was gonna work on the tux's today. :)

Stay tuned...
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