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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House + HOH Pics

Good afternoon, BB fans!! :D If you haven't yet seen The Overnighter, then you might wanna take a quick read, a lot happened in the late hours of the night.

Okay, so far today on the live feeds, we had Adam talk to Shelly. He stated that he's still voting for Rachel to stay and thinks that Porsche might be voting for her to stay as well, though Shelly disagreed with that, saying that Porsche is too tight with 'them'.

Let's dive into the afternoon post!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

12:00pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

This is a long convo, so I'm gonna cliffnotes:
*Shelly said Lawon's gonna put up Dani/Kalia if he wins HOH.
*Shelly told Dani that Porsche told Rachel that she's gonna give Rachel a sympathy vote.
*They talked about how crazy Rachel is.
*Shelly (lied) and told Dani that Rachel's not targeting Dani/Kalia anymore. Dani said Rachel apologized to her in the HOH room.
*A little more Rachel bashing..talking about she's not as good as comps as she thinks.

BB: "Shelly, please go to the Diary Room."

2 minutes later..
BB: "Jordan, please go to the Diary Room."
Dani: "What is going on?"

12:19pm BBT:

Adam said that Porsche "slipped" last night..she said "When HE gets voted out", not "she" for Rachel..but then was quick to correct herself.

12:26pm BBT:
Backyard Patio
Adam/Jeff/Lawon/Dani..then Rachel joins.

Adam said he thinks Julie will ask him questions this week because it was birthday in the BB house and he shaved off his beard. Adam said he'll answer Julie's questions with dances. lol He does Westside Story, the Chicken, the Elaine Dance (from Seinfeld), the Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and some other random dances.

12:32pm BBT:
Talk is about how BB gave them a vacuum because Dani broke a glass and needed to clean it up, and how Shelly was so excited to get a vacuum in the house. (*lol)

Adam said he wants to be the new BB house voice.
Adam: "Daniele, STOP THAT!!!" (in his best metal voice)
Dani: "Why would I wanna listen to that voice?"

Dani tells him to do different dances..this one is called "The Penguin".

He also did tango, disco, ballet, the sprinkler, 'Picking Up Change', 'Grocery Shopping', The Mosh Pit, and about 20 other hilarious dances. (*Totally worth checking out on the Flashback Feeds!)

Porsche is now outside on the BY patio with everyone.

12:43pm BBT:
*Shelly's out of the Diary Room now.
*Dani called into the D.R.
*Jordan is outside now as well.

12:47pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Rachel's making sure that she has Adam's vote. Rachel said that he's not her target for now, and that she's sure that Adam will go after her at some point as well, but right now, she's not targeting him. He agreed.

Rachel: "And I will always be a bigger target than you, and I understand that you and Shelly will eventually come after me and that's fine, but now's not the time."

Adam agrees.
Adam said he's surprised that 'they' put up Lawon, he thought they'd put him or Jordan up. Rachel said she's shocked too.

Adam: "I don't mean this in a bad way, but you'll owe me (for keeping you)."
Rachel: "I will never tell you what to do (voting wise).."

1:03pm BBT:
Talk continues.
Adam: "Them putting Lawon up, was a bad move (for them)."
Rachel: "She doesn't wanna piss anyone off in case they come back."

Adam: "It's better to have you on my side, than against me."

Adam's telling Rachel how great of a competitor she is but that 'they' rattled her cage last week and that's why he thinks she lost.

Adam never said he's giving, or not giving, his vote. (As reported in the overnighter, Adam plans on pinning his vote on Porsche and saying it wasn't him.)

1:12pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani's talking about the twist..she thinks if it's a battle of the outgoing HG and a returning HG, then Dominic or Brendon would win, but that she hopes it anybody but Brendon & that having Rachel/Brendon in the house would be the worst case scenario ever.

Dani said that she wishes Kalia never told Shelly anything.

Kalia said that they have Rachel "in a spot" where they can "do anything they want with her".

1:15pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Rachel: "Dani and Kalia said they have the votes, I'm guessing you're included in that."

Porsche: "Did anyone tell you that I'm giving you a pity vote?"
Rachel: "Pity Vote? What's that? No.."

Rachel says to get rid of Lawon because "he hasn't done a single thing".
Porsche said she wants to play with competitors.

1:30pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia and Dani are trying to figure out why Rachel didn't accept their deal yesterday to her so that she will be safe. Kalia said she's pissed that Rachel's campaigning. Dani said she'd be stupid not to campaign, though.

They are trying to figure out what is going on and why is Shelly lying so much.
Talk turns back to the twist.

Dani: "Best case scenario, PT comes back and Rachel leaves."

Dani is giddy at the thought of Dom coming back.

Dani: "Be careful what you tell Shelly. Be careful with her. I feel like she's doing a lot to throw Porsche under the bus as well, so be careful."

1:43pm BBT:
Backyard Couches
Rachel told Shelly/Jordan about her convo with Porsche and that she said someone said she (Porsche) is giving Rachel a pity vote. Shelly said she wants to know who told Porsche that.

1:52pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel said she thinks it was Shelly that told Porsche about giving Rachel a pity vote and Rach said she doesn't trust her (Shelly). Jordan tells her to keep her mouth shut until after Thursday about it because Shelly's voting to keep Rachel and she doesn't want her messing that up.

(If you have the feeds, on cameras 3 & 4, Kalia is taking HOH pics. I'm staying on Rachel/Jordan's convo for now.)

Jordan & Rachel both think "something is weird" and both don't know what's going on, this is leading Rachel into feeling paranoid and thinking she's gonna get evicted tomorrow.

Shelly comes in to change pants for HOH pictures.

Rachel said she thinks something is up with Lawon..doesn't make sense for him to be on the block. Shelly agreed, saying everyone thinks she's over-thinking about Lawon, but she thinks something's up.

Shelly leaves

Rachel/Jordan think maybe there's an American Player in the house.

Rachel talks about how things are missing from the house still. (**Porsche took Jordan's shaving razor and Jordan was complaining about this morning, while Porsche sat on the backyard couch.)

They leave the Have Not's room.
Feeds auto-switch to HOH picture taking in the backyard.

2:08pm BBT:

2:19pm BBT:

2:43pm BBT:
HG's laying out, suntanning, or just chillin' out. :)

Jordo is washing her hair outside. (*She's a Have Not and hates taking cold showers.)

Stay tuned...
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