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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, everyone!! :D While I was at work, we didn't miss much...except 1 very important conversation that Adam had with himself.

Adam: "...and then you (Shelly) sit here and cry about not winning anything. And that scares me more because..*sigh* I can't trust you. You're doing the exact f**king same thing that Dani did. And look at where it got her. The only reason why Dani came to you was because she knew this was gonna happen to her, so..Dani, good try. Shelly, good try. Me, Jordan, and Rachel will vote out Dani. Dani's gone."

So as far as Adam voting to keep Dani, that's no longer a possibility. Done deal. Case closed. The only way for Dani to stay is if Jordan flipped (not gonna happen) or Rachel (again, not gonna happen).

Also, Shelly had a quick convo with Rachel & brought up the idea of her not being able to win against Jeff/Jordan in a Final 2 scenario, but Rachel said she's taking her chances to go with the group (Rach/Shel/Jeff/Jordo/Adam) anyways.

Rachel: "We (Rach/Shell) have had our battles.."
Shelly: "Sure!"
Rachel: "But I can definitely see the 4 of us stick together, then there's no reason we can't make it to final 4."

Okay, now let's see what's happening on the live feeds!

Currently on the live feeds...

2:31pm BBT:

*Jeff/Rachel/Adam/Shelly are on the BY patio.
*Kalia's in the pool.
*Porsche/Dani/Jordan are laying out.

2:38pm BBT:

Rach/Shelly/Adam/Jeff are talking about Captain Kosher from last season (Andrew) and how he had to bring in his pot to cook food in. They then talk about what kosher means, etc.

2:44pm BBT:
Rachel/Shelly are now laying out as well.
Jeff is in the pool w/ Kalia.

No talking on all 4 feeds.

3:00pm BBT:

*Kalia is now laying out.
*Adam, who is laying out by the pool under an awning, is talking to Jeff about sports.
*Jeff's still in the pool.
*Shelly/Porsche/Rachel are still laying out.

3:15pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

Dani's campaigning to Adam, but Adam's shooting her down left & right. He's telling her she's too strong of a competitor, and she's trying to scare him by saying that he's "last on the totem pole" and that he's a target.

Dani: (whispering) "Think for yourself!"
Adam: "I have been."
Dani: "If you keep me in this game, I am forever indebted to you!"

Adam's still not budging. Dani's getting a little frustrated.

Dani: "I'm a strong competitor, but I'd be on your side! What's Kalia gonna do for you if she's here?" (**By the way, 2 mins ago, Dani said she won't campaign against Kalia. With that line, she just did.)

Adam: "I'm still weighing my options." (aka 'I'm send you home.')

Shelly comes over. Convo ends.

3:38pm BBT:

Porsche is trying to get Adam to vote for Dani to stay. She rubs his shoulders and says she's give him massages everyday and that she'll get Janelle to call him and wish him a happy birthday, etc. Adam said he's weighing his options.

4:09pm BBT:
Wood & Steel Bedroom

Shelly said that she doesn't understand why Adam is so against voting to keep Dani because usually he's easy to convince but now it's "like pulling teeth".

Backyard Patio

Since Shelly is in the presence of Jeff/Jordan, she's acting like everything is good as usual and complimenting Jordan on how good she looks. They talk about how Rachel's been acting really good lately.

Rachel comes out.
Jordan said she was just about to go get her and see if she wants to workout again.

Jeff: (joking) "Yea, get your fat ass into shape!" (everybody laughs, including Rachel.)

Jeff then compliments Rachel about how in shape she really is & how good she looks, and that she doesn't have anything that she needs to work on. Rachel thanks him & says that she has to work on her arms and back for her wedding dress.

Rachel goes back inside.
Game talk starts up between Shelly/Jeff/Jordan.

Jeff said that they all need to stick together and to get further in the game.
Shelly heads inside.

Jordan: "What's up?"
Jeff: "Ahhh...nothing. I'll just feel better once this week is over."

Jordan/Rachel start walking together in the backyard.

Jordan tells Rachel she has really nice legs and Rachel thanks her.

4:48pm BBT:
Backyard Couches

They can hear BB building something outside the backyard wall. Shelly said they've been building something all morning. They think it's the POV Comp set up and the HOH comp set up.

Adam wonders if the Have Not's is over with. Jeff says he thinks so. Adam goes inside to nap.

5:05pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Jeff is telling Shelly about how he got into wanting to be in the tv industry and getting on's webshow "Around The World For Free", doing "The Amazing Race", and that he truly likes being both in front and behind the camera. He loves the industry as a whole. He said he has other ".com shows" in the works.

5:31pm BBT:
As Jordan & Rachel workout together, they do a little game talking.

Rachel said that if Kalia won HOH, she thinks it'd be easy to convince her to not put Rach/Jeff up on the block because she won't have Daniele. Jordan said that she (Kalia) wouldn't put up Porsche. Rachel agreed. Rachel said that Kalia's not that smart because she put up Lawon..someone from her Rachel thinks if they could get Kalia to put up Adam/Rachel or Adam/Jeff, then they could pull the other one off if they win veto. They said that if Kalia won, she'd say something like 'This is for you, Dani!' or "something stupid like that". They then talk about getting Porsche out because she's good at physical comps. They both agree that they (Rach or Jordan) have to win HOH this week.

5:56pm BBT:
*Dani is sleeping in the Have Not's Room

*Jordan/Shelly are in the kitchen.

**...and I'm outta here for the night!! I'll be doing some recaps of Big Brother After Dark tonight on Twitter, so if you don't have the feeds or showtime, follow me on Twitter and I'll let ya know what's going on inside the BB house! I'll see y'all back here on the blog tomorrow morning as usual with The Overnighter! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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