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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, everybody!! :D Happy Monday to y'all!! Last night's episode of BB was delayed due to golf, so I'm sure many of you who DVR'ed it, weren't too thrilled when you sat down to watch it, only to find you're watching a repeat of 60 minutes. lol :P But hey, it happens. **shrugs**

Today in the BB13 house is the Veto Ceremony on the live feeds, where Adam will take himself off the block and Brendon will most likely be the renom, making it Brendon/Shelly on the chopping block for the week. This week, it all comes down to Adam's vote. Which way will he vote? We shall see!

Okie dokie, I'm just gonna dive right on into the Overnighter this morning because I have a lot to cover, and I'm gonna start with an incidient that happened on 8/13 at 12:08am (I missed it yesterday and didn't cover it in the Overnighter, but I posted it on Twitter.)

And just for fun...

Check out this view of the Big Brother house on the CBS lot. (This was posted on the Facebook page yesterday and thought I'd share it with y'all here on the blog.) Kinda neat! :)
(Click the pic to enlarge.)

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

August 13th @ 12:08am BBT:
Camera 1

(This is the clearest pic I could get of Porsche pouring benefiber into the large container for muscle milk powder.)

As a joke/prank, Porsche laced the muscle milk powder (protein shake mix) with benefiber, as Dani and Kalia laughed & watched.

Yesterday, at 5:56pm BBT, Porsche came out of the Diary Room and went to the HOH room and told Dani that she got in trouble with production for spiking the muscle milk.

Porsche: "I got in trouble."
Dani: "By who?"
Porsche: "Production." (feeds cut off)
Feeds come back on.

5:59pm BBT:
Porsche: "Try to have a little fun in this house, and get in trouble for it. I didn't even see Jordan drink the protein shake..." (feeds cut again.)

6:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Adam tells Dani that Rachel/Brendon told them Adam's the next target, after Brendon & Jeff go. Dani tells him that's not true and that they're making up stuff to get his vote (for Brendon to stay).

Dani: "I'm not trying to steer you wrong, you've never been my target."

Adam said he doesn't trust Bren/Rach & that they were "working him hard" and said that if Bren/Rach are still there, Adam won't be a target until their gone.
Adam: "When I vote against him, I know (Rachel's) gonna come after me."
Dani: "That's why she's gotta go."
Adam: "If I vote (for Brendon to leave), and he doesn't leave, then I know you and I will be sitting next to each other next week if she wins HOH."

They talk about how Rachel won't play good without Brendon in the house and how Bren/Rach are nervous they are that Brendon's gonna go home.

Dani: "It'd be stupid for ANYBODY in the house to keep him here! If he stays, I'll just die!"

Dani said that Bren/Rach haven't even tried to talk to her.
Adam leaves.

A minute later, Bren/Rach go up to the HOH room and knock on the door, but Dani was wearing headphones and didn't hear them knocking.

9:20pm BBT:
HOH Room

*Since this convo is so long, I'm gonna try to summarize it.

Brendon said he won't be mad if he goes up as the renom, he'd understand...but his concern is what happens with Rachel if/when he leaves. Dani said Rachel's in an alliance with Jeff & Jordan, Rachel said she was but doesn't think so at this point.

Bren/Rach talk about how they think that Jeff/Jordan might vote for Shelly because Shelly/Jordan are so close. (**Jeff/Jordan wanna keep Brendon, but will vote with the house so they don't put targets on their backs.)

Bren/Rach tell Dani that if they go home in back to back weeks, then Dani's gonna be a target.

10:20pm BBT:
Rachel: "All I know is, we'd love to stay in this house and work with you."

Rachel told Dani that if they're both still in the house, and "one of them" (Jeff/Jordan) win HOH, & they're gunning after Dani, then Dani would have Rach/Bren playing in the POV Comp & said they wouldn't use it (so that they couldn't backdoor Dani).

Dani is just doing a series of "mm hmm's", not looking interested in anything they have to say. I'm gonna move on with the Overnighter.

10:45pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

This is a funny flashback on the Flashback Feeds! Talk is about names for penises. lol :P

Jeff: "I'm gonna name min Fernado!" (*lol Oh geez.)

11:09pm BBT:
Rachel made a chip dip for the houseguests & brought out some chips. They all dig in, telling Rachel how good the dip is.

Jeff: "It's really good, actually!"

Dani laughs at Jeff for saying "actually", as if he's surprised Rachel made something that tastes good.

She used cheese, evaporated milk, turkey meat, beef, beans, and some spices.

By 11:55pm BBT, the dip is almost gone, and light & fun chatter is all around in the backyard as the HG's take a night to unwind & the boys played some pool.

12:59am BBT:

Adam told Shelly that he's voting for her to stay.
Shelly hugs him.

Shelly: "Hahaha! You're my man!"
Adam: "I'd rather have Rachel here alone, because..."
Shelly: "She sucks."
Adam: "So we need to get rid of him. And Kalia will probably go after (Rachel), and maybe even Porsche."

Shelly hugged him again, excited that she's got his vote. Shelly then makes her way to bed.

1:43am BBT:
Steel & Wood Bedroom

Kalia and Dani put a condom on Adam's bed as a prank.
They tell Jeff/Jordan/Porsche about it in the Candy Bedroom, and Jeff helps them relocate the "used" condom (which is full of lotion to make it look know.)

Dani: "Where is Adam?"
Kalia: "He's having his last smoke of the night."

...let's go see what Adam's up to, shall we?"

Ahhh! There is! He's talking to us live feed watchers! :D

Adam said that he's voting Brendon out (if he's the renom), Rachel will be a mess once Bren leaves, he's becoming more & more of a target & he needs to step up his game.

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D As of 8:54am BBT, only Shelly is up. The rest of the HG's are still snoozing. I'll start a new post once the HG's are up & look alive! lol ;)

Stay tuned...
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