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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB addicts & Happy Wednesday to y'all! :D Today on the live feeds, Dani will get her HOH camera & take pics of the houseguests and also write her HOH blog, as well as tweet on the HOH twitter account. (If you missed any of the HOH blogs this season, you can read them all here.)

If you were watching Big Brother After Dark on Showtime last night, then you got one heck of a show! Rachel & Brendon had another bad fight. I'll be covering that here in the Overnighter this morning.

Also, Rachel and Dani made a secret alliance, but it's hard to tell if any of them are being serious, or just covering their butts for whoever wins HOH tomorrow.

Okay, let's dig into the Overnighter & see what happened last night! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

9:45pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel: "If it's a 3-3 vote, are you gonna vote Brendon out?"
Dani: "This puts me in a really, really bad spot..obviously."

Rachel said that she needs 1 more vote, and Adam/Porsche aren't options at this point. Dani said she's not gonna work on Kalia for her vote because she doesn't wanna piss her off and have yet another person in the house mad at her. Rachel said that maybe Brendon could pull Kalia aside and say that the 4 of them (Bren/Rach/Dani/Kalia) work together and to be the extra 4th vote, and nobody would know who it was and they could blame the wonky vote on somebody else.

9:50pm BBT:
Dani: "Well, I'll give you my word & I'll talk to Kalia but I'm just letting you know, I know how she is and she's, like you, an emotional player and she's gonna do whatever it 'emotionally best' for her. However, I will talk to her."

Dani said that her splitting a 3-3 tie, would be really bad for her.
Talk continues.

Dani: "I told Brendon this..and if you repeat this, I will deny it until my death, it will not benefit you or me (if you repeat this)..if Brendon goes home, I will have your back, as long as you have mine. If Kalia ever won HOH (again), I'd convince that you're not the target, and plus you'd have my vote anyways. This does not leave this room because I'm not telling Kalia, I'm not telling anybody...I'm telling you that I have your back, if you have mine."
Rachel: "I have your back."
Dani: "Also it'll be clear as day if Jordan and Jeff vote Brendon out, because that'd be them stabbing you in the front and it will show that you have nobody (in this game). But I have your back."

Dani said she needs the house to keep thinking they hate each other and that they'd never work together in the game.
Rachel: "I agree. I promise you that if Brendon goes, yea I'll be pissed, but I won't hold it against you. I need to separate emotion from game play."

Dani said she hates seeing people get hurt in the game.
Dani: "It sucks! But I PROMISE you, if he leaves, I have your more ways than one. I mean it. I really, really mean it."
Rachel: "I'll have your back as well, Daniele."

Talk continues, but I gotta move on with the night. Conclusion: they'll secretly work together in the game.

Meanwhile, downstairs...

9:55pm BBT:

Jeff and Jordan talk about having doubts about Shelly and Jordan's nervous about Shelly winning HOH because she doesn't know who she'd put up & how she (J) doesn't think everything in the house is Rachel's fault (regarding who's the one playing telephone in the house).

Jordan: "But you see, I don't think everything is Rachel. It's because everybody doesn't like her, so they put everything on her & then everybody gets even more mad at her. It's not all Rachel. It's not all her. I know it's not. Everybody's just pawning every little thing on her because everybody gets so aggravated with her. I'm nervous about who Shelly would put up if she won HOH. If we don't win (HOH), then something's really wrong and we just need to pack our bags and walk out."

They talk some more and are still on the 'We gotta get Dani out' train of thought if they win HOH tomorrow.

10:28pm BBT:

Rachel was telling Brendon how sad it is that Porsche and Shelly are still gonna be in the game, and Brendon has to leave.

Rachel: "Happens every season." (re: floaters staying in the game over competitors.)

Rachel goes in the fridge and opens up Porsche's beer & then puts it back.
Rachel: "Want a beer?"
Brendon: "Why'd you do that? Because it was Porsche's beer?"
Rachel: (smiling)
Brendon: "You're f**king pissing me off now! No! I'm done!"

Brendon walks away.
Rachel stays in the kitchen, not phased by Brendon's anger.

Brendon: "Rachel! You wanna come talk to me? Right now?"
Rachel follows Brendon, laughing.

They go into the Have Not's room.

Rachel: "Don't yell at me. I'm sorry."
Brendon: "You're doing dumb sh*t that's gonna get you evicted next week, because you're being DUMB!"
Rachel: "I'm not gonna get evicted next week because I'm gonna win HOH!"
Brendon: "Why do I kill myself to keep you in this game?"
Rachel: "I dunno! You shouldn't have come back!"

Brendon: "You're making me f**king LIVID right now!"

Fighting continues. Rachel said she's tired of playing a social game in the house. Brendon said he's going home and Rachel has to fight for the both of them.

Rachel: "I'm always gonna be the #1 target.."

Rachel: "I'm gonna fight as hard as I can, Brendon."
Brendon: "Shh!" (Brendon checks the door. Nobody is there.)

Brendon: "Why don't I fight so hard for us, when you don't fight for us?"
Rachel: "I am Brendon.."
Brendon: "Shh!! I don't want people to hear you." (**Brendon's talking much louder than Rachel but still is shh'ing her.)

Brendon: "Sit down..right here."
Rachel: "I am sitting down."
Brendon: "Sit down right here.."

Rachel does.

Fighting continues.

Rachel: "I'm a bigger target than Jeff is..."
Brendon: "OH MY GOD! No you're NOT!! Get off of your f**king ego! You've been losing left & right!! HELLO! Do you think you're gonna be a bigger target than Jeff?? You're a bigger target because you MAKE YOURSELF a bigger target! They want you out because you're losing it! You can't control your emotions! That's disturbing to me.."

This goes on for a while longer. If you wanna watch this fight, the only way to watch it (since you know CBS won't cover this mentally abusive/controlling fight), is to watch it on the Flashback Feeds. Start at 10:28pm BBT, August 16th, Camera 3.

10:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani and Kalia went over different scenarios using jellybeans as houseguests.

Dani showed Kalia that Jeff/Jordan need to go up on the block together, and get one of them out.

Fast-forwarding in their convo...

Dani: "Big Brother is a numbers game. Period. For the next 2 weeks, we HAVE TO get HOH. The 3rd is gonna be a Fast-Forward. Jeff has to go next week, there's no other option. If he's gone..(makes a coasting sound)."
Kalia: "I know. He's literally the last hump (we need to get over)."
Dani: "Then we get through Adam, then we take them out. And we'll be CAKE! If dreams come true, it'll go Jeff, and Adam. Then we will smoke these people."

This convo made Evel Dick post this on twitter last night...

Porsche comes up a little bit later, saying how her beer in the fridge was opened but everyone is denying it was them that opened it. Dani said to just drink it anyways.

11:20pm BBT:
Hammock Area

Rachel comes outside and tells the hammock crew that they're doing their goodbye messages. Rachel said her's was "classy".Brendon talked about Kalia's goodbye message to him last week and how she was fake crying then switched to 'glad you're gone!'.

Talk turned to how Kalia and Dani are hanging out everyone lately just because they're scared about who's gonna win HOH tomorrow & they know they'd need votes.

Jordan then gives Rachel a pep talk about how to step up & play after Brendon leaves.

Jordan: "And be like, 'See you later bitches!"" (*lol)
Jeff said he's already told Rachel that speech and he didn't listen to her.

Rachel: "When Jordan says it, it's cuter!"

Jeff gets up minutes later, and Jordan flips out of the hammock. lol

Jordan: "JEEEEFFFF!!"
Jeff laughs.
Jordan: "Stupid!"

Okay, moving on...

1:52am BBT:
Steel & Wood Bedroom
Brendon/Rachel have sex.

2:46am BBT:
Living Room
Shelly/Dani (who is drunk)

Dani said that Shelly's not her target, and wants to take her farther in the game, as long as Shelly wants to take her farther in the game as well. Shelly said she wants to.

Dani: "I like you sooo much!"

Dani also talked about how hard it is to be Evel Dick's daughter and the he hasn't been in her life a lot.

Dani also said that she wants Jeff/Jordan to trust her. (**Yet she's plotting their demise in the game with Kalia.) Dani said that she's "so screwed" in the game.
Dani: "I'm still back where I started from."

This convo is hard to hear due to Dani's microphone rubbing on her hair and her drunk talking/stumbling for words and saying "I don't know" every other sentence.

Shelly said that she has Dani's back.
Dani said she heard that Jeff still wants to backdoor her (Dani), Shelly said that was "weeks ago", not now.

3:33am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Dani, who is still rather drunk, told J/J that she's not gunning for them and that she's proved that by keeping them safe and there's "nothing else she can do" to prove that.

**This is a looooong convo but I don't have the time to cover all of this. Worth the watch on flashback.

The conclusion to this convo:
Dani said that even though she likes Kalia/Porsche and hope they will be friends outside the house, that if J/J work with her, she will help get them (Kalia/Porsche/Shelly/Adam) all out. J/J say they are glad they had this talk, but they didn't give Dani any specifics about coming after her or not.

J/J said that Porsche and Kalia would likely go up if they win HOH. (**They've been saying for weeks now, including last night, that their target is Dani.) Jeff told Dani that if any of this gets back to Kalia/Porsche or Rachel, he will out her. Dani promises she will not even tell Kalia about their convo.

5:16am BBT:

Jordan told Jeff about things that Dani was saying that don't add up. (Hard to hear due to stealth whispering on Jordan's part.)

Jordan: "I don't trust (Dani)."
Jeff said he doesn't either, but it's good that they talked to Dani in case Kalia or Porsche wins HOH, then they're safe.

**And that's finally it for The Overnighter!! I gotta go to work (I'm already late due to the Overnighter), but I'll be back around 1pm BBT. Don't worry, you won't be missing much. The HG's are not morning people this season. lol ;)

Stay tuned...
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