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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans! TGI-FRIDAY!!! Last night was crazy on the live feeds!!! We saw Lawon pretty much evict himself (lol), Brendon come back in the BB13 house, and Dani won the title of HOH for the week. All night, Dani said she wants to get Brendon expect her to target to him this week. (**Didn't we just see this happen 2 weeks ago? lol)

I got lots to post this today...a brand new cynic (Drew's been moving, so hasn't had the time to do cynics lately), the Lawon interview with Julie Chen, and some tweets from Dominic. I'll post the cynic today during the nomination ceremony.

To watch Lawon's interview with Julie Chen, click here or the pic below!

Dominic tweeted a couple hours ago that him, Cassi and Keith are watching BB episodes together:

(Click the pic to go to his Twitter account.)

Okie dokie, let me go gather up The Overnighter & rub the eye crust from eyes ( does that happen anyway?? Gross.), and I'll start posting it below!

10:40pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani said that Shelly is "cut out" from getting any info from her from now on because she's playing both sides of the house. Then Dani reaffirms her alliance with Porsche and Kalia.

Dani: "Who would've thought 3 girls working together..I don't work well with girls!" (she laughs)

They continue to talk...
Dani: "You know productions (gotta be) dying right now..this isn't what they wanted."
Porsche: "I feel like this is 2 weeks ago, but better."

Dani said she was nervous when she saw that HOH comp.
Dani: "I thought I was SCREWED!"

Talk turns to Shelly.
Dani: "I want her OUT!!"
Porsche: "I wanna kick her out. Like, literally!" (makes a pushing motion)

Dani then states she's gunning hard for Brendon this week & that she will fight for the veto to keep the nominations the same.
Dani: "I will sell my SOUL to win that veto!"

10:59pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Shelly was crying a little bit about how she misses her family.
Shelly: "I'm never leaving my family again."

Shelly: "I think I'm jealous, too. Because Brendon and Rachel always get their way. Always! We try to keep Rachel and she gets Brendon back. Did she ever thank you for keeping her?"
Jordan: ""
Shelly: "Me neither."

Jordan said she'd keep Brendon over Rachel, because Rachel's too emotional.
Jordan talks to Shelly & calms her down.

12:05am BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Dani said she's gonna make Shelly & Adam "crap their pants". She's not telling "nobody" anything this week.

12:20am BBT:
HOH Room
All HG's

Dani got her HOH room!!

She got pics of Evel Dick (her dad), her best friend Eric Stein (from BB8), and pics of her roommates.

Dani's not sure what CD she got, she didn't recognize it.

Dani's HOH basket was filled with Jello, tanning oil, and lots of goodies.

She also got fresh donuts from a bakery around town.

Dani: "I told them (production) to go a place that said 'DONUTS'."

Her 'Letter from Home' was from her 2 roommates.

12:36am BBT:
Everyone leaves HOH, except for Dani/Rachel.

Dani: "I love getting HOH stuff."

Rachel asked when they could talk, Dani said she'll talk to everyone tomorrow.
Rachel leaves.
Dani looks disgusted.

1:02am BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about how the other HG's are "miserable"..

Porsche: "If everyone stays miserable, it's gonna more FUN when we keep winning!"
Kalia: "Rachel was giving Brendon a full body massage in the parlor room.."
Dani: "They're GROSS!"
Kalia: "Incredibly gross."
Dani: "We should totally plant a condom somewhere. That'd be really funny!"
Kalia: "Oh my god, YEA! We should put it under the Have Not blanket."
Porsche: "Put a little lotion it! And put it on Shelly's side!"

Porsche starts laughing.

Talk turns to Shelly and how she was cheering Brendon on during the comp against Lawon.

Porsche: So, are well all in agreement that we don't like Shelly? that the consensus now?

They go on to do some Brendon bashing, then talk about how they need to win back-to-back-to-back for the next weeks.

Talk turns to the POV Comp tomorrow.
Dani thinks it'll be one with prizes, which sucks, because she wants to keep nominations the same but she also wants prizes. Porsche said that if she gets a trip to Hawaii, she'll take Dani. This makes Dani happy.

They start talking about how they hope this week is a double eviction so that both Brendon and Rachel can get evicted.

2:01am BBT:
Have Not's Room
Jeff/Jordan/Adam..then Shelly

Jordan told Jeff/Adam (and Shelly when she enters the room a minute later), that if Jeff/Jordan are on the block, to send her home because she thinks she's "useless".

Jeff: "She's talkin' crazy. That's not gonna happen."

Talk turns about Rachel and how they had to 'babysit' her all week without Brendon.

Jeff: "That was the longest week EVER! I think we all lost a couple of coconuts that week." (*lol)

Jeff said he dished out so many pep talks, and now HE needs one.
Adam gives him a funny pep talk.

They start to make fun of Dani and the way she talks..."Obvi!" "Shocker!"

They said that if it's between Rachel and Brendon on the block, they're gonna vote out Rachel this time.

2:22am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Brendon said if he wins the POV, he's not using it on Rachel again.

Brendon: "And I'm not gonna use the POV on you this time, and (Dani) knows that."

Rachel said that Dani's been HOH for "3 weeks in a row". (She's counting Kalia's HOH as Dani's HOH week.)

Rachel said that Jeff's been cocky, and Shelly's been going back and forth in the house. And Porsche's been best friends with Daniele. Rachel said that Dani only voted to keep her (R) here because the whole house was voting that way.

3:05am BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia told Dani how Shelly planted seeds in her head about changing the renom by telling her to get out of Dani's shadow and to make her own moves in the game. Kalia said she's "embarrassed" by her week as HOH.

Talk turns to Lawon and they can't understand why he would volunteer to go on the block. Kalia thinks he might of just wanted more air time.

Kalai starts talking about Adam and how he needs to start playing the game because he wanted to be on BB for so long and he's not doing anything.

Talk turns to Pandora's Box.

Dani: "If I got a Pandora's Box, I'd die!"
Dani said she's not sure if she'd open it or not.

They then start planning on how to steal the wine from the storage room again so that nobody gets to have any except for them. They plan on hiding the wine and telling the other HG's that they only got beer.

Dani said, again, that Brendon needs to go this week, especially if this upcoming HOH comp is an endurance (which they all think it will be).

**And that's it for The Overnighter!! Dani's gunning for Brendon's eviction this week. Brendon's gonna try to win the POV tomorrow and will save himself (instead of Rach this time). So it all comes down to the POV this week! I'll start a new post once the HG's get up & moving for the day! :D

Stay tuned...
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