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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Nights BB Episode

Good evening, BB fans!! :D Hope your Sunday went well, but now it's time of us BB addicts to watch tonight's Nomination Episode!

If you wanna know what's going on inside the Big Brother 13 house, then ya gotta get the live feeds!! I'll resume posting tomorrow morning (unless something major goes down tonight, then I'll be here posting away! ;) )

Sunday's Live Feeds Happenings:

I figured I'd give y'all some cliffnotes on what happened in the BB house today since I took off to have some downtime. Let's get caught up to speed!

*BB started announcing things over the loudspeaker today:

-"Houseguests, did you know it takes approx 19 1/4 laps around the backyard to equal one mile?"
-"Houseguests, there are places where it is common knowledge that the former Soviet Union was made of 15 republics."

*At 3:11pm BBT, Rachel had a wardrobe malfunction.

*From 4p-5pm BBT, BB threw Dani her birthday party.

Stay tuned...
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