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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to all you BB addicts out there!! Hope your day is starting off to be a good one! :) I'm starting the Overnighter a tad bit late because I was up till 1am Central Time watching BB After Dark. Jordan/Shelly had a conversation that I just couldn't miss & figured I'd be better to watch it all unfold live & then it'd be a little bit easier to blog about in the morning. (I'll cover that in the Overnighter).

Yesterday, Shelly approached Adam with the idea to keep Dani and send Kalia packing instead. But Adam wasn't budging on the idea. Last night, Shelly's convo with Jordan seemed to be a 'Where do I stand with you guys?' clearing of the air & she let her fear of being Final 3 with Jeff/Jordan be known because they'd obviously take each other to the end.

Okie dokie, let me go pour my 1st cup of coffee for the day & I'll get started on The Overnighter!!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

10:14pm BBT:
Hot Tub Area

Shelly: "I got a question that I've been thinking about. Just something I've been thinking about. I have no chance against you & Jeff in the Final 3."
Jordan: "'t have to go to the Final 3 with us.."
Shelly: "I want to! Here's my thing though, I can't beat you guys."
Jordan: "Why?"
Shelly: "In the Final 3 competition, you guys have a 2 to 1 chance..I'm not gonna beat you guys. If I did win those competitions, I'd take you. For sure."
Jordan: " what's best for you to don't have to stick with the Final 3 deal.."
Shelly: "Yea but, I want to! But I think of my family and how they'd be telling me 'What are you doing taking the people that the whole world loves (to Final 3)?' "
Jordan: "Why, has Dani been talkin' to you?"
Shelly: "No, I've been thinking about this since last night."
Jordan: "Oh."

They move the convo up to the HOH room for more privacy.

(This is a long convo, so I'm gonna just pull out the meaty parts of it & break it down for y'all as I re-listen to it.)

Jordan starts off by telling Shelly about specific lies that Dani has said not only to Jeff/Jordan, but how she threw Kalia under the bus to J/J, and she'd use anybody to further herself in the game & then get rid of them. Jordan goes over how Dani said lied and said that Dani/Kalia had a Final 2 deal from Day 1, when that couldn't have been possible. Jordan also told Shelly how Dani wanted to get rid of either her or Adam, and how Dani threw Shelly under the bus in multiple conversations. Jordon goes on to say that in Daniele's mind, she's already won the game but she doesn't wanna work with one person to get there & how J/J gave her a couple of chances to get back on board with the vets but she never did.

10:30pm BBT:
Talk turns to when would be the right time to get rid of Rachel. Jordan said that they (Shelly/Adam/Jeff/Jordan/Rachel) have to work together to get the Final 5, then whatever happens from there with Rachel happens..and that it all depends on who wins HOH and/or POV, etc. It's situational at that point. Shelly doesn't wanna work with Rachel, but will in order to stay with J/J..but also made it very clear that she'd be pissed if Rachel got to the Final 2.

10:34pm BBT:
Shelly said again that Jeff/Jordan are a hard couple to get out & to win against. She compared J/J to a nicer version of Dani/Dick, where nobody wanted to put them up. Jordan said they can just get to Final 5 and work from there. Jordan said she's worried about Adam having a deal with Porsche and Shelly confirmed that he does.

Jordan told Shelly that if Jeff ever gets knocked out of the game, that Jordan would team with up Shelly and they could move forward in the game together.

10:36pm BBT:

Shelly said she has to win a comp & that Jeff is relying on Adam/Shelly/Jordan/Rachel to pull out an HOH win this Thursday because he can't play, so she's gonna keep on trying to win.

10:38pm BBT:
Shelly: "Dani told me a big lie, that I went and confirmed in the Diary Room."
Jordan: "What (was it)?"
Shelly: "She told me..actually a group of people, that 'If I get evicted, Jeff & Natalie (from production) will leave!' and it made me believe that they (production) are all helping her. I went in and asked!"
Jordan: "Leave?..I don't get it.."
Shelly: " they're outta here."
Jordan: "WHAT?!"
Shelly: "Yea! So I went in an asked, because I like talking to them! And I was like, is this cool, and they said no it's not cool.."
Jordan: "You mean that if (Dani) leaves, that they (Jeff/Natalie) are gonna be 'that mad' to leave?"
Shelly: "Yea."

Shelly said that she thought that production was helping Dani, but that her worries were put to rest in the Diary Room that they're not.

10:40pm BBT:
Jordan said that Shelly's making it sound like she could flip (to keep Dani) and Shelly said "No, I just wanted to talk to you as a friend.".

Shelly: "I think I'm gonna lose in the end (against you J/J). And I'm probably saying it way too soon, but I just..."

10:42pm BBT:
Jordan: "You're still voting (Dani) out, right?"
Shelly: "Yea."
Jordan: "You sure?"
Shelly: "Jordan..yes!"
Jordan: "I'm just sayin' because I don't want her to get into your head!"

Talk continues. I'm gonna fast-forward to 11:19pm BBT.

Shelly said her Final 3 worries are "premature" but just wanted to talk her concerns about it now. Jordan, again, said that "100%" Jordan would take Shelly if Jeff got knocked out of the game.

Shelly: "The same for me, because you're my girl."
They high-five and leave the HOH room and head downstairs. Jordan tells Shelly to keep the convo between them both. Shelly agreed.

11:43pm BBT:

Jordan begins to tell Jeff about her convo with Shelly.

Jordan: "She's having concerns about all of us in the Final 3 and she said she's gonna lose, and that her family is gonna be disappointed in her. I told her she didn't have to do the Final 3 deal.."

Jordan pretty much, word for word, tells Jeff the Jordan would stick with Shelly if Jeff got evicted, how they can just play it out until Final 5 and go from there, etc.

Jordan: "She was just nervous about going to Final 3 with us."

Jordan goes on to say how Daniele's been saying that Jeff claims to be honest and have integrity, but then backdoored Dani when he kept telling her that she's safe.

12:11am BBT:
Jeff said that he doesn't want his reputation as being good on his word to be ruined in the house, and that Dani's on the block because of her own doings. She dug her own grave.

Jeff: "The reason she's on the block is because of her, not because of me! She f**ked ME, not the other way around. And I don't need my f**kin' reputation shot to benefit some f**king loser (Dani) that sucks..don't try to bash my f**kin' character when you're not even close to me. You live your life the way you live it, and you deal with you consequences, I don't live like that. So don't make me that person. I didn't swear on sh*t! She f**ked me, not the other way around. I don't give a f**k if it's your birthday or if you're on your period, go f**k yourself. And she's gonna bash me? For f**king GAME?"
Jordan: "Yea.."
Jeff: "And then ruin our chances and split us up out of spite?..And the producers are gonna lose their jobs because of you? Get.F**ked. You f**king loser."

Jeff goes on to say that this is just the beginning of Dani's campaigning.

12:32am BBT:

Jeff: "If you have any questions moving forward, what was said, or what wasn't said, with different people, I know you guys (K/P/D) are in your room talking about your side of the story, about everything (in general)...and you hear one side (of the story), so if you have any questions.."
Kalia: "Oh I'll always ask you.."
Jeff: "Ask me. Especially about my word not being good, like if I cut any deals.."
Kalia: "I didn't hear anyone say that, I just thought that you and Dani had an understanding but I didn't know what the details of what the understanding was."

Jeff states again to come to him if his character is ever in question so she can get both sides to a story. She said she will.

**And that's it as far as important game talk goes for the night. I gotta wrap up this Overnighter because the HG's are up. Staring the morning post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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