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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning, BB fans!!TGI-Friday!! :D Today on the live feeds, we will see who will be nominated for eviction this week & also the HG's will play their Have Not Competition for the week.

Last night, we saw Jeff become the new HOH for the week. We also found out that this Thursday will be the Double Eviction, which will speed up the game a lot. Dani's gonna be the most shocked by this, since she's sure the Double Eviction was to happen a week later than what it is. Expect the unexpected! ;)

If you don't have the live feeds yet, now's the time to get'em! As I stated yesterday, the BB13 Finale is September 14th, which means there's less than a month of BB left. And with all the twists and turns coming up ahead, not to mention at least 2 more endurance comps, you're gonna wanna have them ready to go!

Okay, let's dive into the Overnighter and see what happened last night! :D

9:44pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

It's hard to hear the convo between Dani/Porsche because Kalia was singing "Gatorade!" in the background (I'm not kidding lol), but Dani told Porsche that she has to go get Rachel's dog that she (Porsche) flushed down the toilet.

Dani: "What if it overflows? If it does, you fuss up!"

**UPDATED: It seems that Porsche put it the tank of the toliet, not flushed it.

Porsche also did something to 'Mr. Quackers' (couldn't hear what), which was also Rachel's.

9:52pm BBT:
Rachel comes in the Candy Bedroom looking for her stuff, that Porsche has flushed down the toilet & hid.

Rachel: "Aw. Mr. Quakers is missing. And so is my puppy."

*silence in the room*
Kalia: "This house is full of thieves."
Rachel: "And the bathroom's occupied sign is missing again."

Dani/Kalia/Porsche deny knowing the whereabouts of Rachel's stuff. Rachel said to let her know if they find any of it.

10:58pm BBT:
Living Room

Jeff: "Who wants to see Big Jeff's HOH room?!!"
HG's: "Wooo!!"
Jeff: "I hate to wake people from their naps, but put on a fake face like everybody else does and get up here!"
Adam: "..fake faces."
Jeff: "Put on your smiles!"

Jeff got pics of his brother, a pic of himself as a kid.."Lil Jeff" (lol), and a letter from his niece.

11:29pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff was trying on his new black HOH slippers, and Shelly said she wanted to clear something up (between her and Rachel)...

Shelly: "I just wanna clear something up with you while you're up here. Since we're all supposed to be on the same team.."
Jeff: "Yes.."
Shelly: " we might as well deal with this now; (to Rach) You GOT to stop making the eyes at me. The rolling your eyes, this morning you were rolling your eyes at me, I can't help it that I was on the block next to Brendon & I won, but..if we're gonna be on the same team, because these guys (J/J) have clearly indicated to me that they want you on their team, but you gotta stop cutting me down. Because we're supposed to watch each others backs to support everybody, then this sh*t's gotta end. I've been bitting my tongue, let things get by, and get back to clam, but the looks gotta stop. And if you're gonna go behind my back and start talking about me to people, then let's get that out in the open now. We can either solve it, or.."
Jeff: "You're both in this group, so you gotta solve it."

Rachel sat there, listening. Being calm. Very unlike her.

Rachel: "Shelly I haven't been talking about you to anyone. Recently."
Shelly: "Okay, so..clean slate!"
Jeff: "That sounds good!"
Jordan: "Let's just do that. This is now, 8 people left, moving forward. For our safety, we have to stick together. Play the game. Bite your tongue."

Shelly goes on to say that she was the one who saved Rachel last week and she's the one that got backlash from it & that people on the same time have to look out for each other.

11:57pm BBT:
Rachel/Shelly are now gone.
Jeff/Jordan talk.

Jordan said that she thinks Shelly does lie, but that she's not throwing them (J/J) under the bus when she does, so she thinks that Shelly is truly with them.

Jordan: "But if Dani was really with us, then why would she be giving (Porsche) pep talks and when I was looking over at her (during the HOH comp), she looked really nervous! But since Adam implied that she (Dani) might get backdoored, she might use the veto to save one of them (Kalia/Porsche)..Kalia, take her off, might be best to just put'em both up & tell her she's not your target & that you're just doing that to make sure you're not taking Kalia off the block."
Jeff: "Yea but she's gonna play anyway. If I don't put her up.."

Adam rings the HOH doorbell & comes in.

Jeff goes pee, Jordan/Adam talk. Jordan tells Adam that they (Adam/Shelly/Jeff/Jordan/Rachel) are safe this week and how it's nice to have a week where they don't have to worry. Jordan then told Adam about how Shelly/Rachel squashed their problems with each other so that they can move forward as a team.

Jeff rejoins them & game talk starts.

Adam said that Dani/Kalia need to be put up together since Dani has the veto ticket & will play regardless. Adam asked who would be the replacement nom and Jeff said he's not sure.

Moving on...

12:47am BBT:
HOH Room

Jordan told Jeff that she talked to Shelly & found out that everything Dani told J/J (when she was drunk the other night about), Dani also told Shelly. She knows that Dani was spitting the same lines to Shelly about being loyal and trustworthy, just like she did with them.

Jeff starts talking about scenarios about this weeks nominations. Jeff said what if he puts up Kalia/Porsche, and play like Dani's on their side, so that way if she wins POV, she won't be mad at him and he can tell her 'I never put you up!'.

Jeff: "She's gonna play in the veto anyways. So this way, if she wins, she doesn't get mad at me. If I put her up, it'll seem like we have no trust. If Dani doesn't win veto..if Porsche wins, or Kalia wins...they take themselves off. If anybody else playing in the Veto wins, (Dani) gets backdoored."

Jordan: "I think she'll try super hard for the veto, but I can bring her up here and tell her that you're going after floaters and tell her that if she wins veto, to not take Kalia off the block."
Jeff: "Yea I could tell her that."

They continue to talk about scenarios.
Jordan: "If Dani does go, then we could keep Kalia. If Dani doesn't go, we might need to split up her and Kalia."

This goes on for a while.

1:49am BBT:

Porsche said that she's nervous about nominations today.

**And that's it for the Overnighter! The rest of the night was filled with non-game stuff, or talks about the HOH comp and HG's sharing their own views/experiences with it. Pretty calm night. :)

As soon as the HG's get up and get moving for the day, I'll start the morning/afternoon post! As of 9:32am BBT, only Shelly is up.

Stay tuned...
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