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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Live HOH Comp: "All Washed Up"

Good evening, BB fans!! The HOH Comp is a physical/skill comp that's gonna take a while!! If you wanna watch it, ya gotta get the live feeds!!

Watch the HOH Comp on the Live Feeds!!

7:05pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!!

Adam's beating Kalia so far. Everyone else seems pretty even at this point!!

7:07pm BBT:

Jeff is kicking butt!

7:12pm BBT:
Shelly fell!!

7:13pm BBT:
Jeff & Porsche seem to be good, with Jordan just a tiny bit behind.

Dani: "Everybody is super close, just so you know."

Dani told Kalia to slide up & down the lane.

Dani: "You're doin' really good, Jordan."
Jordan: "Thanks!"

Jeff is FLYING up & down his lane!! Holy smokes!!

Dani: "Jeff's killin' it!"
Jordan: "I think me and you (Jeff) are tied!"
Jeff: "Love, you're killin' it!"

7:20pm BBT:

Nobody's bowl is half-way filled yet.
Adam: (singing) "Tiny bubbles..."

7:26pm BBT:

Porsche just fell.

Rachel: "Be careful, Porsche.."

7:35pm BBT:
Jeff & Adam both are coughing/gagging on bubbles.

Jeff: "Can I barf in here?"
Adam: "Do it!"

Jordan got soap in one of her eyes.

7:47pm BBT:
Feedson trivia. (Most likely production is talking to the HG's for a minute.)

7:48pm BBT:
Feeds are back!

Jeff is in the lead:

Suds get in Jeff's mouth again.

Jeff: "F**k, dude!" (gagging)

There are TON of suds on the lanes, about 4 feet high.
Adam: "Walkin' in a Cruddy Wonderland!"

Jeff asked Dani if she could put his water bottle within sight. She did the same for Kalia.

7:58pm BBT:

Adam just fell HARD!!
Jeff: "You okay, Cruddy?"
Adam: "Yea, I'm was only a matter of time."
Dani: "I called it!"
Adam: "People are gonna be DVR'ing that."

8:01pm BBT:

8:03pm BBT:

8:07pm BBT:

Jeff's still in the lead!

Dani: "Jeff is almost there!..that what she said. Ay-o!"

8:21pm BBT:

The New HOH is:


Ladies & gents, the power in the house has's a whole new game!!!

Post-comp talk has already started.

Jordan: "We are gonna be SORE tomorrow!"
Shelly: "You okay Jordan and Rachel?"
Adam: "2010 Adam would've f**king died (during that comp)!"

They're talking about the comp and their performance in it.

The HG's are curious to how many miles they ran up & down their lanes. Rachel thinks at least 3 miles.

Stay tuned...
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