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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Evening in the BB House (DRAMA!!) + TWIST!!

Okay, usually I start a Wednesday Night Episode post, but there's too much going on inside the BB house at the moment on the live feeds!

But's the twist for next week!

"Which houseguest do you want to come back into the game? Vote for one of the evicted houseguests! The winner will battle the next evicted houseguest for a chance to get back into the game! Tune into Big Brother Thursday August 11th to find out how America voted!"

The poll will go live TOMORROW!

Here's the happenings on the live feeds...

Note: You can watch any/all of this on the live feeds, by using the Flashback feature.

3:42pm BBT:

Dani told Shelly that she gave a shout-out to Shelly's family for her. Shelly went outside and cried..missing her family. Jeff talked to her and calmed her down.

3:50pm BBT:

Rachel stormed into the HOH room and accused Dani of lying about giving Shelly's family a shout-out because (according to Rachel, anyways) production told them they're not allowed to do that in their HOH blogs.

**I will post Dani's HOH blog as soon as it's up! That might be a day or so.

Rachel said that it's messed up that Dani is manipulating Shelly by using her emotions (by telling Shelly she gave a shout-out to her family).

Dani told Rachel to get out of her room. Rachel said she'll leave. They both left at the same time.

Rachel went into the kitchen, as Dani went outside to the backyard patio to tell Shelly what just happened with Rachel and that she's not using Shelly's emotions against her or trying to manipulate her. Shelly gave Dani a hug.

Dani: "I'm so mad that I'm literally shaking right now.."

3:55pm BBT:
Rachel confronts Dani.

Rachel said that she wanted to confront Dani alone, and that's why she went up to the HOH room, and that she (R) didn't want to involve the whole house. Dani said she stormed into the HOH room and straight-up accused her of manipulating Shelly via her emotions.

4:12pm BBT:
Living Room

Jeff is confronting Bren/Rach. Bottom line for this convo: Jeff said he heard everything Bren/Rach are saying/doing, he's taking it with a grain of salt, no harm done, and that they (J/J/R) need to stick together.

Jeff then tells Rachel to get her emotions in check because what she just did with Daniele, wasn't cool. Rachel tried to defend herself by saying she tried to take it to Dani personally but then Dani told the whole house.

4:22pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Rachel is crying her eyes out. Brendon asked her if they should quit the game and "walk out together". She said "I dunno!" ...she's breaking down.

Brendon: "I'm not mad you, I'm pissed off at production!"

...and we get the "We'll Be Right Back" on the feeds. lol :P

Feeds are back!

4:37pm BBT:
HOH Room

Dani: "What does ANYTHING I write in my blog, have anything to do with her?"

Kalia is saying that Bren/Rach are mental.

Dani: "I'm disgusted by her. Like, literally!"

(**Their convo reminds me of the movie "Mean Girls". lol)

Dani thinks this fight won't be shown on the show because it revolves around what production told Rachel and they won't want that getting leaked out.

5:13pm BBT:
Porsche told Rachel to stop moping around the house. This sent Rachel into a mental breakdown...crying, yelling, and heading for the hammock where she cried hysterically for a while.

7:35pm BBT:
After Rachel had a meltdown of hysterically crying, Brendon asked production around 7:30pm BBT to call the BB pysch, Dr. Zachary, to make sure Rachel's okay.

As of 7:40pm BBT, she seems to be doing a lot better, but still sad.

Stay tuned...
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