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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans & happy Wednesday to y'all!! :D Last night, the HG's had Brendon & Rachel's mock wedding! (I watched it happen live on Big Brother After Dark). I gotta say, I haven't laughed that hard at anything I've seen yet on BB13! lol It was hysterical! I'll cover that here in the Overnighter this morning.

I have to work this morning, so I'll only have an hour to do the Overnighter. I'll be back around 10am BBT to start the morning post.

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10:37am BBT:
The mock wedding begins!

Jeff, the best man, and Brendon waited for the procession of bridesmaids, ring bearer, and..bubble girl? (lol) Dani to start walking down the isle. (Shelly was the wedding coordinator.)

Dani's making bubbles, or at least, trying to. She's more or less just throwing bubble solution all over the place. :P

Adam, the ring bearer, walks down the isle.

Dani: "This is frightening! And awkward without any music or singing."
Brendon starts singing "For she's a jolly good fellow..", and the HG's start clapping in a slow rhythm.

Jordan is next walking down the isle..

Jeff: "Awwww!!!"
Brendon: "Awww!"

Porsche, the maid of honor, was next...

Shelly: (yelling) "INTRODUCING...(trumpet sound)...THE BRIDE!"

Shelly pulls back the patio door to reveal Rachel in her white trash bag wedding dress.

All HG's: (singing) "For she's a jolly good fellow, for she's a jolly good fellow..."

Rachel laughed the whole way down the isle. (As did I..the HG's sing was horrible! lol)

Lawon was an excellent pastor! He had fun with it, for sure. Everytime he said "Rachel", he'd sing it in a high pitch voice.."RACHHHHEEEEEL!"

Lawon: "Who gives this bride away..TODAY?"
Jordan: "I do."
All HG's laugh.

Lawon: "Love..have brought you two together! 1 and 1, equals (singing) TWWWWWWOO!"

Rachel does her vows first..she's so nervous that she forgot them here & there, but finally got it.

"It all started last summer, when we were on the block.
I knew from the first time that our eyes locked.
We bonded over our love for science,
who knew that we'd be making a life long alliance.

I promise I'll always be loving and kind,
and you know that I'm always gonna speak my mind.
I know that you're very understanding,
you spell it all the time.
And you even appreciate this cheesy little rhyme.

We have a lot of fun, and a lot of laughs,
even when slop gives you bad gas.
I thought it was so special when you used the vet on me,
almost as special as when you got down on one knee.

I promise to always put your key first,
And for me, I hope you always have the thirst.
I'll always be your number 1 fan,
because as I always say...

Nobody comes between me & my man!"

Brendon does his vows.
They exchange rings.

Both say "I Do".
Lawon announces them married as "Husband, and Big Brother Wife".
They kiss.

Everyone danced the isle (twice! they went around for a 2nd time) and had a lot of fun with it.

Later on, Jordan caught the bouquet, and Jeff caught the garter. Awwww! ;)

Big Brother gave the HG's, and BB newlyweds, Champagne.

**I'll be back at 10am BBT to start the morning post AND to update more pics in the Overnighter. (I'm late for work! Eek!) See ya then! :D

Stay tuned...
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