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Friday, August 5, 2011

Evening in the BB House + Nominations

Holy moly whatta day on the feeds!! First we had Jordan crying due to something Dani/Kalia said/did during the Have Not's Comp, then we had Jeff & Jordan both go off on Kalia right before nominations started! If you haven't see the Jeff/Jordan/Kalia HOH fight, scroll down 1 post, or use the flashback feature on the live feeds and start at 5:07pm BBT, Camera 3. This is a must-see!!!

The feeds went to trivia at around 5:20pm BBT, which means it's time for the Nominations Ceremony to begin!! I'll post the spoiler below when the feeds come back.

Sidenote: I sent CBS an email about the problems with voting. Seems to work for some, but not for others.

Nominated for Eviction are:

Jeff & Rachel

6:57pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Rachel's flippin' out...crying, yelling..

Rachel: "If I leave, I'm not coming back! There's no way I'm gonna win 1st place!"
Jordan: "Nobody else but YOU wanna play the game!"
Rachel: "This whole thing is stupid! I'm playing for 2nd place! There's no way I'd win $500,000, I won't have the votes!"

Jordan: "Tell all of them win you win the POV, "F**k You!""

Rachel said she wants to quit the game.

Rachel said that Kalia said something in her speech that's upsetting her.
Jordan's trying to give her a pep talk but it doesn't seem to be working.

Rachel: "I talked to Dr. Zachary yesterday..", then the feeds cut to "We'll Be Right Back". (**Dr. Zach is the BB psych.)

Feeds come back.
7:05pm BBT:

Rachel: "Why does (Kalia) have to dig at me like that?"
Jordan: "Jeff didn't do anything and he's nominated, too!"
Rachel: "But her speech remarks were 100% towards me!"

Kalia said that Rachel is "catty" and "this is best for the house".
Jordan: "We're all gonna get picked off. But don't quit! Right now, we're down. Hopefully, we'll get back up."

They leave the room.

**If you guys have the feeds, turn'em on!! Rachel is fired up & we all know where this is going. lol

Rachel goes into the Purple Room where Shelly is.

Rachel apologizes to Shelly (for something that must have happened when the feeds were off).

Rachel said she doesn't understand why Kalia was so mean, Shelly tells her to go ask her because she doesn't have the answers she's looking for.

Rachel goes into the kitchen area with Jeff/Jordan/Lawon/Adam.

Rachel: "I wanna go ask her why she said all that!"
Jordan: "No! You're pissed! Don't go up there right now."
Jeff: "Go for it! I wanna stir this shit up! And if I'm goin', I wanna ruffle some feathers!"

Jeff just went off on a little (and funny) rant...he said he doesn't like all the pussyfooting around, he loves to see where the line is drawn and is ready to "go to war" and if they're with him, then roll with him.

Jeff: "None of us are going anywhere this week, she made a dumb move. Whichever one of us goes, we're just comin' right back in anyways."

**Apparently, Kalia had the HOH door open (Dani's up there as well) and was listening to all of this. (I didn't see this on the camera I was watching.)

7:23pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia and Dani are fired up about Rachel. Kalia said she will punch Rachel in the face and walk out the game if she pisses her off. Dani said she's gonna try to ignore Rachel but if she bothers her too much, she'll pull the "last season card" because it's what digs the most at her.

Kalia: "Go not eat in the Have Not room, or something." (re: Rachel)

7:26pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jordan: "Then SPICE IT UP, Rachel! Make this an interesting week!"
They both giggle.

7:33pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Jeff is going off about how nobody "has balls" in the house and that if he stays and wins HOH, he's putting up only floaters. Shelly & Adam look worried. lol :P

Shelly: "I'm gonna go get some coffee."

Shelly leaves.
Adam tells Jeff that if he wins veto tomorrow, he'll take Jeff off the block because he likes working with him.

Meanwhile, upstairs...Kalia is breaking down!! She's crying hysterically!

Dani is pep-talking her, telling her she's a good competitor, the game is stressful, she didn't do anything wrong, etc.

Shelly is in the HOH room. Kalia is telling Dani/Shelly about Jeff/Jordan going off on her and she said they "bullied" her.

Shelly said they all need to talk about this because it's really uncomfortable in the house. Kalia tells Shelly about listening to Jeff's rant downstairs in the kitchen.

Shelly said that "everybody downstairs" is saying that Kalia is Dani's puppet. Kalia said that's because that's how she (Kalia) played the game for the first 3 weeks. Dani said that Rachel said the newbies "are garbage" and how she doesn't wanna see 2 newbies in the Final 2.

7:56pm BBT:
Shelly is saying that Rachel followed Dani saying "Hey best friend!" and Shelly stepped in because she thought there was gonna be a fight.

Kalia said that she hopes Rachel leaves this week. Shelly asked if Jordan would be a renom and she said no.

8:06pm BBT:
K/S/D talk about the upcoming twist. Shelly thinks whoever gets evicted, will come back because BB wants the drama from the vets and in addition, she thinks they'll be safe for 1 week. Dani doesn't think that'll happen.

7:11pm BBT:
Have Not Room

They've figured out that Shelly's the one going back & forth between the sides in the house. Jeff said he told Adam/Shelly that he's gonna gun for floaters but he's not (he's still gunning for Dani).

Rachel: "Once Daniele's gone, what are they gonna do?!"

8:18pm BBT:
Kalia comes out of the Diary Room...

Kalia: "Houseguests, it's time to pick the Veto players!"
HG's:(and me!) "WHAT?!"

Looks like tonight's the Veto Comp!!! Feeds go to trivia!!!

Feeds are back.
Rachel/Kalia are talking in HOH.
Jeff/Jordan called out Shelly in the Have Not's room for playing both sides.
Dani's now telling Jeff/Jordan she never told Kalia to put Jeff up.

Jordan's raising her voice at Dani about Kalia.
The feeds are on fire!!! Turn'em on!! :D

(Veto players were picked, not sure who was picked yet. I'll post as soon as I find out.)

8:48pm BBT:
Dani told Jeff that she thinks BB had them pick veto players now because it's gonna be an early morning pov comp and they need to find out the sizes for costumes.

8:51pm BBT:
Dani left the Have Not's room.
Jeff/Jordan talk about Dani's talk with them was bullsh*t. They're still gunning for her.

**I can't keep my eyes open, guys! I'll be back in the morning with the Overnighter!!! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!! :D

Stay tuned...
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