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Friday, August 12, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning BB fans & welcome to 2 weeks ago!! ...just kidding. lol ;) Okay, so Dani is the new HOH, Brendon is her target, and it all comes down to the POV tomorrow. That pretty much sums everything up in a nutshell.

Today, we will have the Nomination Ceremony & the Have Not's Food Comp as well.

Okay, let's dive right on into the morning happenings inside the BB house!! :D

Currently on the live feeds...

9:56am BBT:
Backyard Patio

They're all eating breakfast and talking (non-game) at the moment.
Jeff is done eating and just lit up an after-breakfast smoke.

Brendon is enjoying his breakfast, along with the fresh squeezed orange juice that Rachel made for him.

*Dani/Porsche are in the hammock.

*All other HG's are on BY patio.

10:13am BBT:
Porsche/Dani are still on the hammock. They're doing Bren/Rach bashing.
*Adam is walking, while lifting dumbbells.

The vet couples are having some cuddling time.

Rachel's so glad that America voted Brendon back.

10:19am BBT:
*Jordan just got up from the couch.

Jordan/Shelly lay on a lounger in the backyard together.
Shelly did some Rachel bashing, about how she made Brendon fresh squeezed orange juice.

Jordan notices, what she thinks is, a moth by a microphone.
Shelly: "That looks like a bat."
Jordan: "Are there bats in California?"
Shelly: "Yea."

Shelly goes and inspects's just tape.
Talk turns to the Have Not food comp today. Jordo said she just hopes she's not on slop again.

They notice bean bags missing, they suspect Lawon took them.

The girls talk about how Dom looked yesterday. They said he looked bad..."tired, skinny, and pale."

Jordan: "He looked better when he left here!"
They think Cassi looked the same, but Keith looked different.

They think it would've been crazy to see Rachel vs Brendon in the head to head battle. Shelly thinks Brendon wouldn't tried to win.

The HG's are on outside lockdown, as BB sets something up in the house. Earlier, Jordan said she wonders if it'll be a luxury comp since BB it setting stuff up inside.

10:51am BBT:
Shelly/Jordan still talking. Shelly's talking about her marriage and how much she loves Tony. She talked about her daughter, and she misses things like tucking her in to bed, putting notes in her binder for school saying she loves her, etc. Shelly tells Jordan that marriage is more than what Brendon/Rachel have..which she said is more of an obsession. Shelly said that marriage is full of love, 50/50 sharing yard work together..and that most of the time their arguments are really small and over something stupid (like not cleaning).

10:54am BBT:

*Brendon/Adam are working out. Rachel is over by Brendon.

11:00am BBT:
*Brendon just told Adam/Rachel about seeing Cassi/Dom/Keith yesterday. He said BB blindfolded them and took them into the backyard.

11:08am BBT:
Lockdown is over.
Non-game chit-chat all over.

Jeff is on the backyard couch with Adam. Jeff was napping on the BY couch. He said he didn't sleep good last night.

11:28am BBT:

Rachel & Brendon are working on what to say to Dani. Rachel wants to make a deal with Daniele that would be good up until a double eviction, but they'll tell people in the house they only made a 1 week deal.

Rach goes on to say that the only reason why she was saved this week, was because she's a big target to have around.

11:42am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Shelly: "No have not comp today, I guess."
Brendon: "Maybe later tonight."

Shelly: "Did you tell Jordan that we have a final 3 deal?"
Brendon: "No!"
Shelly: "Oh, well just asked if I did or not. I was just shocked by the question."
Brendon: "Probably just paranoia."

Shelly does some Dani/Kalia bashing.

11:51am BBT:
Shelly/Brendon/Rachel talk about how they (Jeff/Jordan/Shelly/Adam/Rach/Brend) have the votes this week, so no matter who Dani puts up, 'they' get to decide who goes home.

Jeff joins with a fresh cup of coffee.

Brendon said he's "more at peace" now knowing that they made it to jury.
He also said that he thinks the next HOH comp will "definitely be a physical" one.

12:05pm BBT:
Adam joins the BY patio crew.
Brendon said that the missing chess pieces is pretty crappy.

Rachel said that she found most of the stuff in the backyard.

Brendon: "It was Daniele, 100%. Her and Kalia stay up late.."
Adam: "Now bean bags are missing."

12:25pm BBT:
*Adam/Brendon/Rachel are on the backyard patio. (Non-game chat.)
*Shelly is in the kitchen, alone, cleaning.

1:27pm BBT Update:
*Still nothing going on in the BB13 house. Most HG's still napping. Bren/Rach tried to go talk to Dani but...she's still sleeping.

**I'm gonna take a blogging break & get ready for the revolving HOH door convos later on when Dani wakes up. :)

Stay tuned...
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