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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning/afternoon BB fans! :D Last night was full of both fun & game talk on the live feeds! If you haven't yet read The Overnighter, scroll down & do so. In it, you'll find that Porsche seems to have flipped to Team Dani, leaving Rachel/Jordan/Jeff hanging in the wind. Or is Porsche trying to play both sides of the house? My guess is, she'll purposely throw the next HOH comp so that she doesn't have to 'show her cards', so to speak, with who she's truly aligned with.

At around 8:50am BBT, BB woke up the HG's, but as I'm typing this, it seems that only Shelly/Brendon/Rachel are up & moving around.

Brendon/Rachel told Shelly about Porsche being in the HOH room a lot last night with Dani and Kalia.

They told her how Porsche seems to have flipped to Daniele's side & they said that she'd wanna put up Shelly/Kalia if she (P) won HOH. Shelly/Bren/Rach agree that Dani needs to get up & out this upcoming week.

Okay, let's see what's going on the feeds!

Currently on the live feeds...

10:49am BBT:

Only Shelly/Brendon/Rachel are up. Brendon was talking to Shelly about non-game stuff on the BY patio. (**Brendon stories that are boring. I'll spare y'all. lol)

Rachel is inside cooking Brendon's slop breakfast for him.

BB: "Shelly, please go to the Diary Room."

10:56am BBT:
*Shelly is out of the Diary Room.
*Rachel is still cooking.
*Brendon is in the kitchen with Rach.
*Feed 1 is on Adam sleeping.
*Lawon is out of the D.R. and is now laying back down in the Have Not's room.
*Jeff, even though he's not a Have Not, is laying in the Have Not's room next to Jordan.

11:01am BBT:
*Adam is up, going to the bathroom.
*Shelly's back in the kitchen with B/R again.
*Porsche is now up as well.

11:28am BBT:
*Dani/Lawon/Jordan/Jeff are now up.

11:31am BBT:
BY Patio

Current topic is about drinking. Shelly asked Jeff is he ever blacked out from drinking..

Jeff: "No. But I've had to piece together a few nights."

Jordan joins the BY patio crew.

Adam/Dani are in the kitchen/dining rom area.

Brendon/Jeff/Jordo/Rachel/Porsche/Shelly are outside on the BY couches talking non-game.

11:44am BBT:
Jeff & Jordan heads inside.

Rach/Bren/Porsche/Shelly are on the BY couches.

(Shelly keeps leaving/rejoining).

Brendon/Porsche/Rachel are game talking. Rachel is "reminding" Porsche that Jordan won $500,000 already and Porsche said she knows, and that she's voting for Brendon to stay. Porsche said she doesn't like talking game in front of Shelly. Rachel said they can trust her (Shelly).

11:59am BBT:
*Shelly/Adam/Lawon are in the kitchen/dining area, talking about Brendon's farts last night. Porsche walks in.

*Jeff/Brendon/Rachel are sitting on the BY couch, talking non-game at the moment.

**I'll start the afternoon in a little bit. Feeds are pretty boring at the moment, nothing to report. Check back around 4pm EST (1pm BBT). :)

Stay tuned...
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