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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House + POV Comp Results

Good afternoon, BB addicts!! The live feeds went to trivia at 12:47pm's time for the HG's to play the POV Competition!!

As soon as the feeds come back, I'll post the spoiler below!

The Winner of the POV is:


2:39pm BBT:
Feeds are back!!

Sounds like it was a puzzle comp.

Porsche & Jeff are talking about the POV Comp and they confirm is was a puzzle.
Jordan: "You know I'm terrible as puzzles! I was trying to lay all the pieces out.."


Shelly is telling Kalia that she's safe and that she'll talk to

Kalia, who always talks up how much of a threat she is in the game, is now telling Shelly that she's not a bigger threat than Porsche so if Jeff leaves the noms the same, hopefully Porsche would go home over her. (**Jeff's gonna backdoor Dani.)

Adam comes in.

Kalia: "My brain is all over the place..oh my god I'm scared."

Shelly's covering her tracks of being with Jeff/Jordan by telling Kalia and Adam that she thinks Jeff's gonna leave the noms the same.

Kalia's really scared that she's Jeff's target this week. She wants to talk to Jeff..she's freaking out. lol

Shelly told her to be humble when talking to Jeff.

Kalia: "I'm not the big cheese in here.."

Kalia's fear is now turning to anger & Jeff bashing. Shelly/Kalia can hear Jeff tease Jordan doing poorly in the puzzle POV Comp and they both say 'that's not right' that he's "making fun of her".

Now Kalia's saying that strong people in the house get voted out, so she thinks she's Jeff's target. (**Which one is it, Kalia? Are you strong or weak? Pick one.)

She goes into the kitchen.

2:59pm BBT:

Rachel/Jeff are talking about being in jury and what their jury houses were like.

(So far, no sign of Dani. She must be in the Diary Room.)

3:02pm BBT:
*Kalia asked Jeff if she can go up to HOH and listen to his CD, he says 'Yea go ahead!".
*Porsche is in the bathroom washing her face.

Rachel & Jordan talk about last seasons Hayden and Lane. Jordan thought they were both cute. Rachel didn't think Lane was & said that Brendon & Lane almost got into a physical fight at the reality tv awards show. Rachel said her & Ragan had to pull Brendon back. (**Considering the size of Lane vs Brendon, I'd imagine it to be the other way around...)

Rachel: "I still talk to Matt and Kristen."

3:10pm BBT:
Shelly/Adam/Jeff/Rachel/Jordan are still in the kitchen, talking about the veto comp.

3:18pm BBT:
Shelly complained..again..about Rachel to Jeff. Jeff told her to brush it off & that he washes his hands from her crap and dismisses it all.

They then talked about the POV Comp & how the Zingbot was in the house! (**Love the Zingbot!!)

Dani is out of the Diary Room.
She goes into the kitchen and gets some water.

3:25pm BBT:
HOH Bathroom

Jordan is shaving, as Rachel tells her about how her & Ragan from her season patched things up and ended up being good friends. She said she wrote him a letter and asked him to talk. A month later, he called and invited her to dinner to talk about everything.

3:42pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

Cams 1 & 2: Shelly/Dani/Porsche/Jeff are in the kitchen area talking non-game.
Cams 3 & 4: Jordan/Rachel are talking about college in the HOH room.

4:00pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Adam said that if 'the other side' wins HOH next week, Jeff/Rach will go up, but that he'll have the votes to stay. Jeff said he thinks there's gonna be blowups before the weeks over. Shelly told Jeff how Kalia is freaking out because she thinks she's the target now.

Both Adam/Shelly are frustrated that they didn't win. They talk about the comp some more. Shelly leaves. Adam/Jeff talk about how bad Jordan is at puzzles.

4:06pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Shelly said she wants more boys in the house..eye candy. Porsche starts talking about kegel exercises.

Dani: "For girls with stretched out snatches..I've never had any complaints."
Porsche: "No comment!"
Dani laughs.

4:09pm BBT:
BB: "Jeff, please go to the Diary Room."

Dani starts sniffling. Shelly asked if she was okay. Dani said it's her allergies that are killing her. She takes her bowl in the Have Not's room and lays down.

She then starts eating her slop again.

4:15pm BBT:
HOH Room

The girls are doing some girl bonding...non-game chit-chat. Talk is about life outside the game.

Jordan steps out the HOH door and offers Shelly & Porsche (who are in the kitchen) to join them. Shelly declines, saying that she's waiting for lockdown to be over so she can go outside and smoke.

4:18pm BBT:
Jordan joins them in the kitchen.
Shelly said she misses her husband, Tony.

Shelly: "Saturday, cuddle day. Jordan you're gonna have to lend out Jeff for cuddles."

Porsche leaves and joins Dani in the Have Not's room.

Dani: "I feel like I'm gonna throw up."

Porsche tells Dani how Kalia is up in the HOH room laughing/talking with Rachel.

Dani: "Kalia's always like that when she's in trouble in the game."
Porsche: "Do you think it'll me and you on the block?"
Dani: "I wouldn't be surprised. If it is, I'll be the one leaving."

Adam joins Porsche/Dani.

4:27pm BBT:

They're talking about the Zingbot. The Zingbot said (to Rachel) "I don't recognize you..without the tears! ZIIINNG!"

Adam mentions how Zingbot mentioned Dani riding her fathers coattails.
Porsche: "That was wrong..."

Adam grabs Dani's bowl and takes it for her because he knows she's not feeling well & heads to the kitchen.

4:50pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rach and Jordan are game talking. Jordan isn't telling Rachel if Jeff plans to get Dani out this week or not, just telling her that both Dani and Kalia are threats. Rachel starts pointing out reason why Jeff needs to get rid of Daniele...she's good at comps, good at house knowledge, and that she'd target Jeff/Rachel for sure if she stayed.

Jordan said that Kalia is just hanging around them now because she'll go to wherever the power is. She also brought up if Porsche stays, that's another target in the house because Porsche/Shelly don't like each other.

Adam & Jeff are now in the HOH room with the girls.

BB: "Houseguests, the lockdown is over."

Jeff/Adam are sorting the fish food.

**Okay guys & gals, I'm outty. As of 6:17pm BBT, nothing too much is happening on the feeds & I am beyond worn out, so I'm gonna log off for the night & enjoy some downtime for once. I hope y'all enjoy your Saturday night! Meet me back here in the morning for The Overnighter as usual! Until then, enjoy the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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