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Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans & Happy Monday to y'all!! :D Last night, the live feeds were buzzing with game talk & it seems that the game has changed once again!! Shelly had a talk with Kalia that set the tone for the whole night. Shelly told Kalia to put up Porsche and get her out of the house, saving Rachel, and for Kalia to work with Rachel (and Jeff/Jordan/Shelly/Adam).

But then...along came Lawon and he volunteered himself to go up on the block. His reasoning: he thinks he'll just come back in the game anyways.

Today on the live feeds, we have the Veto Ceremony, where Jeff (the POV winner) will take himself off the block, and Kalia will have to put up a renom. Last night, Kalia went back & forth between who she should put up: Porsche & Adam's names were both thrown out as options.

Okay, let me go gather up The Overnighter & let's see what the BB13 house was up to last night!

In the meantime...
Have a look at this interview with Brendon from DigitalSpy!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feature on the Live Feeds!

(Because The Overnighter is so long today, I'm gonna put up the outline of it with times & then fill in the gaps with details as I go. Feel free to use the times to watch anything below on the flashback feeds as I post!)

6:59pm BBT:

This convo sets the tone of the whole night & is important.

Shelly: "I think you're gonna get absoultley smoked if you put (Rachel) out & then have her come back in (the game). I'm fearful for you & Danielle if Rachel does go & then comes back. Because she'll have her, Jeff, Jordan, all of'em coming after you and Porsche's the middle that can be pulled, ok? So here's my thought: it might not be a bad idea to put Porsche up & get her out for this reason. Regardless, I'll take Rachel out if you put her up so, but here's the other scenario I'm looking at...if you put Porsche up, YOU will gain Jeff, Jordan, Adam, Lawon, me.."

Kalia: "Dani..Dani doesn't want Porsche gone."
Shelly: "Don't let Dani manipulate you because if it comes down to Dani having to put you out of the game, she's gonna put you out the game. She took Dominic out. If Porsche gets put up, out, and comes back, she has no one! Then she is indebted to come back and win your love. Jeff & Jordan are never taking her back! THEN, in addition, who have you gained."
Kalia: "But how can I know I can trust Rachel?"
Shelly: "Well you have to get a guarantee on Brendon's life that she won't come after you & Dani. And you'll have a strong person (Rachel) that can win, instead of a person (Porsche) who cannot."
Kalia: "That's a really good idea."
Shelly: "And you'll gain respect in the house because YOU DID IT!" (**Shelly just used the one thing that Kalia cares about the most..being perceived as strong player in the game.)

This is on-going but I have to move on.

7:25pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia: "Okay, I'm gonna tell you something..remember that my goal is to get you to end, and secondly, I will never and would never put you in harms way."
Dani: "What.."
Kalia: "If I put Porsche up, Rachel stays, and Rachel swears on Brendon that she won't come after us..."
Dani: "I do NOT wanna work with her (Rach)! I am the person that killed Brendon!"

This is long & detailed convo, but the bottom line: Dani's not buying it & she's pissed that Kalia's even thinking about this plan.

Plain and simple, she wants Rachel up & out!

8:19pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia tells Shelly about her talk with Dani. Shelly tells Kalia that she (K) needs to look out for herself in the game and not worry about Dani and what she wants. Shelly then told Kalia that she (K) is a bigger target than Dani is at this point and needs to think about doing the 'save Rachel, get Porsche out' plan.

Shelly told Kalia that Dani does not have Adam "100%", like Dani thinks she does.

Shelly: "But, he'll vote with her (Dani) if I tell him to. But right now, he's not voting against Rachel.

Kalia said that Dani said something that she didn't like: Dani told Kalia that if she (K) makes this move to get Porsche out, then she will have to make her move to keep Porsche.

Shelly: "Put Porsche up and see where the votes fall."

8:44pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia told Adam that she is leaning towards putting him up as the renom, but that he has the votes to stay: Kalia/Lawon/Dani/Porsche.

8:46pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia said she's thinking about putting up Porsche because she knows there's 4 people (including Jeff/Jordan) that want her out, but there's also 3 people that don't and "one them could be persuasive" (aka Dani) and change the votes. Kalia just doesn't want to risk Rachel getting sent home, then coming back in the game, and gunning after Kalia.

Jeff: "So you're thinking about putting Porsche up?"
Kalia: "I don't know."

This is on-going. Jeff tells Kalia she needs to talk to Rachel.

9:23pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Jeff tells Jordan about his talk with Kalia and how she wants to call a truce for next week and get Porsche out this week.

Jeff: "If she gets Porsche out, I'm still gunning for them anyway." (Dani/Kalia)

9:57pm BBT:

Kalia told Shelly about her convo with Jeff.

10:07pm BBT:
Kitchen Area

Dani: "I have a question, if you're so sure about coming back (if you're evicted), then why are you so scared? And making deals with everyone?"
Rachel: "I'm not making deals with everyone."
Dani: "Well clearly, with 2 (people)."
Rachel: "Because I'm not gonna just roll over and give up."

Rachel said she wants to at least get some money for her & Brendon's honeymoon.
Rachel: "I'm not sad that I might be going home, I'm sad because I miss Brendon."

10:17pm BBT:
HOH Room

Kalia, again, goes over the 'Get Porsche out, keep Rachel' plan. Dani still not on board with it. Dani said that Porsche isn't really there to win BB, she's there to make "connections" (she wants to be an actress), and that she's not there for the same reason as everyone else. Dani saying that Porsche isn't that big of a threat & they can always get her out later.

10:28pm BBT:
Storage Room

Shelly told Jordan that she got Kalia to put up Porsche as the renom.

Jordan: "Are you dead serious?"
Shelly: "I SWEAR!"
Jordan: "Good job Shelly!"
Shelly: "She's gonna tell Rachel no campaigning, let the votes fall where they fall."

Rachel comes in. Jordan/Shelly are so happy, they're giggling and laughing like crazy. They don't tell Rachel what's going on.

Shelly (to Rachel): "You're gonna owe me big f**king time, that's all I gotta say."
Rachel: "Why? What's going on? I don't understand.."
Jordan: "Just wait." it's time to fast-forward the Overnighter.

12:48am BBT:
HOH Room

This is a LONG conversation, but the conclusion of it is:

Lawon said he'd go up on the block as a pawn, because he think he'll just come back in the game anyways.

1:34am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Kalia told Shelly that Lawon offered to go up as a pawn and she's taking him up on his deal.

Shelly: "Yea but that still leaves Porsche in the game."
Kalia: "She'll be easy to get out (later on in the game)."

2:06am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jeff: "Maybe (Lawon) just feels like he wants to be a part of something (and that's why he's offering to be a pawn)."
Shelly: "I said maybe he just wants more tv time because it'll be part of the twist."

All 3 agree to vote out whoever the pawn will be, whether it's Lawon or Porsche. They're keeping Rachel.

4:29am BBT:
Backyard Patio
Adam (alone)

Adam was talking to himself/live feed watchers about how he's playing the game. He said he's voting Lawon out.

Adam: "You volunteer to go on the block, you get voted out. But if I do that, I'm in an alliance with the vets...though they'll be the targets, not me. I'm playing the game like Dan (BB10), staying under the radar."

**And that's it for The Overnighter!!! :D So, it looks like Lawon will the (voluntary) pawn. Wow. Today is the nomination ceremony, so expect some last minute scrambling and plan-tweaking on the live feeds!!

Stay tuned...
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