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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Morning in the BB House (Pre-Veto Comp)

Today is the POV Comp and with Dani's life in the game on the line, it's a do-or-die situation for her. Will she pull out a veto win on her birthday? Or will she seal her fate in the game? Time will tell!!

As I reported last night, everybody except for Rachel (she's hosting the comp) will be playing for the veto today. Dani wins, Dani stays. Dani loses, Dani gets backdoored. Pretty cut & dry this week.

Let's see what the HG's are up to this morning in the BB13 house!!

Currently on the live feeds...

9:37am BBT:
Kitchen Area

Shelly/Rach/Porsche/Dani/Adam are the only HG's that are up. BB just called Jeff into the Diary Room.

HG's just roaming around in the kitchen.

Rachel asked Adam if he wants to play cards with him. He said yea, after breakfast.
Rachel: "Nobody wants to play with me."
Shelly: "That's because nobody's up yet!"

Jeff enters the kitchen & gets a cup of water.
Rachel: "Hey Big Jeff! Good morning!"
Dani: "Morning."

Jeff heads to the Diary Room.

9:50am BBT:
*Rachel exits the kitchen area.
*Shelly is sweeping the floor.
*Jeff is out of the Diary Room and in the kitchen.

Jeff: "What's all the awkwardness about?"
Adam and Shelly said there isn't.

*BB calls Dani to the Diary Room.
Dani: "I'm coming, Big Brother. Just let me finish eating my egg."

*Shelly/Dani do some Rachel mocking. Shelly says the target is off of Jeff and it's on (she waves her hand in the direction towards the bedroom, meaning Rachel.) Jeff asked Shelly why she'd say that (in front of Dani), Shelly changed the subject.

10:08am BBT:

*All 4 feeds are on Adam/Rachel are in the Candy Bedroom talking about Enzo from last year's BB, then about today's POV Comp.
*Adam doesn't think it's gonna be anything physical or anything "too big". (Rachel's hard to hear due to either her mic failing, or it being obstructed.)
*Porsche enters.

Adam asked her what kind of acting stuff she's done. She said he played a role on an reenactment skit on America's Most Wanted.

10:17am BBT:
*BB must of just read the blog because they just told Rachel to not obstruct her mic. lol :P
*Porsche leaves.
*Adam/Rachel continue chit-chatting. (Non-game.)

10:23am BBT:
*Rach says she's bummed she can't play in today's comp.
*Adam wants the comp to start soon, before it gets too hot outside.

10:28am BBT:
*All 4 cams are on Rachel/Adam napping.

10:46am BBT:
Kitchen Area

*BB (to Porsche): "Knock it off!" -She was listening at the patio door for comp building noises.
*Dani said she has cramps really bad and only slept 3 hours last night.
*Porsche told Dani about walking into Adam/Rach's convo (which was non-game). Porsche thinks they switched their convo to non-game when she entered. (They didn't.)

10:53am BBT:
*Dani/Porsche go into the Have Not's Room to take a nap.

11:07am BBT:
Have Not's Room

Dani thinks Adam would go up as replacement nom.

Dani: "Jeff & Adam are gonna try (to win the veto). Jordan can't win anything, Shelly can't win anything.."
Porsche: "Mm hmm."

Stealth-whispering continues.
Dani: "We can threaten him too." (*Not sure who "him" is, since they're power whispering.)

Porsche said if it's between her & Porsche in the veto comp, Porsche will let Dani win it and have Dani take her (P) off the block.

Dani gets up & heads out of the bedroom.
Porsche: "You're not resting!"
Dani: "I know."

11:24am BBT:

Shelly & Kalia are sharing their hate for Rachel. Kalia said that Rachel got under Dani's skin and that's why she couldn't sleep. Kalia said that when Brendon left the 1st time, Kalia was gonna mess with Rachel's head by saying that Brendon is going home skyping, but she didn't because it's mean. But now all bets are off. Shelly agrees.

Kalia also said that she's pissed because Porsche told Dani if she (D) wins veto, to take her off instead of Kalia.

Kalia goes on to say that there's no way that they look like "mean girls" on tv (**Uhh..wanna bet?) because nobody likes Rachel.

11:44am BBT:
*All feed on Kalia in shower.

11:54am BBT:
*Kalia is out of the shower & dressed.
*Jordan is on Cams 3 & 4 in the HOH bathroom.

12:00pm BBT:

*Cams 1 & 2: Kalia alone at kitchen counter.
*Came 3 & 4: Jeff/Jordo napping in HOH.

12:12pm BBT:

Dani & Kalia talked about the POV Comp. Kalia said she heard building noises outside. Dani said she has to win the POV otherwise she's done for. Kalia told Dani how she's pissed that Porsche asked for Dani (if she won POV) to take her off the block instead of Kalia. Dani said to not take it "that way", and that if Kalia is up against Adam, they can get Shelly to get Adam out.

Talk turns to hate for Jeff/Jordan.

Porsche enters, saying how she had a dream that BB called her into the diary room.
All 3 of them move to the lounge room.

12:47pm BBT:
Feeds on trivia!! It's POV COMP TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D (Starting a new post in a minute.)

Stay tuned...
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