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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning BB fans!! :D Happy Tuesday to y'all! Yesterday on the live feeds, we learned that Brendon took Rachel off the block and Dani put up Jordan as the renom, with the target being 100% Brendon this week. Jordan has the votes to stay, so she should be more than fine this week. But that hasn't kept Brendon from campaigning against her. Yesterday late afternoon, Brendon told Adam that Jordan has already won the $500,000, hinting that he'd like to have a shot at the money this year. Dani later on asked Adam if he's still voting Brendon out, and he said yes...despite Brendon's efforts.

Okay, let's see what happened last night on the live feeds while we were sleeping! :D

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feeds!

10:54pm BBT:
The HG's had the bachelor/bachelorette parties last night & it seemed like everyone had a blast! :D

Porsche and Adam did some last minute choreographing, with Lawon as their dance teacher, before going outside to the backyard to strut their stuff.

Porsche gave a striptease for Brendon & Rachel, dressed up as a cop.

Adam then gave Rachel a little lap dance. lol

If you wanna watch this on the Flashback Feeds, start at 10:59pm BBT, Camera 1 for the best view. :)

Rachel: "I gotta tell ya guys, that made my Big Brother experience!'s gonna be better than any bachelor/bachelorette party we'll have."

A minute later, on Camera 1, Adam took his elf suit off and did a cannonball into the pool, with Jeff cheering him on.

Sometime today/tonight will be the mock wedding!

12:00am BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is non-game. Mostly about Scarlett Johansson...Dani hates her as an actress, but she loves her as a singer. Kalia agreed, but thinks she's "gorgeous".

Dani: "Her voice is AMAZING! Ahhmazing!"

Rachel leaves the HOH room.

Dani: "She like, hates me."
Porsche: "This is gonna be a very strange week."
Kalia: "She's not happy."
Porsche: "Once (Brendon) leaves, it's gonna get really intense for me. (Rachel) won't have anyone (but me) to hang out with."

Dani: "Not to pressure you or whatever, and you don't have to answer, where are you right now with the whole situation?"
Porsche: "Nervous of the gripping."
Dani: "And that's it?"
Porsche: "Yea."

Porsche says that she want to be able to play her own game, and having Rachel hang all over her one Brendon leaves, will be "really awkward" for her.

Porsche said B/R are upset because it's "personal", that Dani wanted to split them up. Dani jumps in and says it's totally not personal at all.

Dani: "If you're a strong competitor, and you're on my side, then cool! Let's go! But if you're not, then you need to leave." (re: why she wants Brendon out.)

Meanwhile, outside...

12:08am BBT:
Backyard Couches

Jordan: "We don't know, but why would (Porsche) be up (in the HOH room)?"
Rachel: "I dunno. Because they're like laughing, and's not like it's awkward. I went up there & they were being like, buddy-buddy."

Brendon comes over. (He's shooting pool w/ Adam and Jeff.)
Brendon: "Take note that Porsche's not down here, she's upstairs in the HOH."
Rachel: "Oh I know."

Brendon walks away.

Rachel: "I really, really thought she was my friend. She must've made a deal with Danielle to stay here."

Shelly joins the girls, game talk stops.

12:33am BBT:

Dani's trying to re-build her army. She tells Lawon that Rachel's coming after him, and that they should try to get Porsche on their side. Dani told Lawon to tell Porsche that Dom was "his boy" and now he doesn't have anyone to work with, suggesting that him and Porsche team up.

Dani: "And tell her that nobody is talking game to you since Dominic left."

12:56am BBT:
HOH Room

Talk is about how Brendon lied about using the veto on himself. Dani said it was just to confuse her (Dani).

Kalia leaves for a few minutes.

Dani asked Porsche, again, where does she stand. Dani said that she knows that Rachel is gunning for her (D) and she's nervous about that. Porsche said that Brendon didn't use the veto on her (Porsche) to keep her safe, and that he lied to her by saying he was gonna use the veto on himself, but then ended up using it on Rachel. She took that as insult that they don't trust her.

Porsche said that she wouldn't nominate Dani or backdoor her if she wins HOH on Thursday. She said she'd go after Shelly, Lawon or Kalia.

Porsche: "I can't nominate you because I already told you I wouldn't."
Dani: "Rachel's gonna pressure you to get me out."

Porsche said she knows, but she won't gun after her (Dani) this week.

Dani: "I have your back in this game, and it'd be great to have that back."

Dani then does some Rachel bashing, in hopes of getting Porsche onto her side. Dani told Porsche that Rachel made "so many deals, it's not even funny" when she was HOH.

1:30am BBT:
Talk continues.

Dani continues to get Porsche on her side..saying anything/everything to get them to team up.

Dani: "I'm still nervous that you still tell Rachel things, so please don't tell her anything!"

Porsche promises she won't.

Dani: "For the next HOH, and don't repeat this because I'll kill you, I think it'll be a knockout comp. The HOH gets to pick the 1st 2 people to go head to head, and Rachel will be one of them, so who do you want to go against Rachel?"

Porsche doesn't really answer.

Dani: "Will you PROMISE me that you'll try to beat her?" (Rachel)
Porsche says yes.

This is ongoing, but the conclusion is that Dani now has Porsche on her side.

2:06am BBT:
Backyard Patio

Rachel: "Daniele is gonna tell them to knock me out first (in a knockout HOH comp)."
Jordan: "If you win and get Kalia out, you're good! Would Porsche really (flip sides) this early in the game? That's stupid!"
Brendon: "She's a dumb player! I'm tellin' you guys.'
Jeff: (to Rach) "You gotta have a one on one talk with her and be like 'Where's your head at?' and be like 'Don't forget why you're here! We kept you here! Nobody (on that side) wanted to keep you. They wanted to keep Keith. Don't let'em confuse you!'"
Brendon: "That's a good .."
Rachel: "That's a good point to make. But we still can't trust her!"
Brendon: "And tell her that Danielle has talked nothing but sh*t on you this entire time! And if she's trying to feed you stuff like you two should work together, guess what, they tried to backdoor us, they're sending home Brendon.."
Rachel: "I bet she's up there (in the HOH) telling her that Jeff & Brendon hate her (P) and that if Brendon goes, you'll have no one because Jeff won't work with her, or something stupid like that."

Jordan tells Rachel to lay out with Porsche (today) and ask why "they" keep bringing her (P) upstairs and to tell her that if it wasn't for them (vets), she (P) would've left.

Jordan: "And say they're just using you (Porsche) because they (Dani/Kalia/Lawon) need the numbers. They're just using you."

Rachel: "I bet they're gonna pit me and Jeff against each other, so one of us knocks each other out."

Porsche comes out. Game talk stops for now.
Jordan goes inside.

2:16am BBT:
Brendon asked Porsche what Dani/Kalia talked to her about in the HOH room.

Porsche: "She said that she thinks you (Rach) and her will be friends outside this house."
Rachel: "That's funny."
Brendon: "So she was trying to lure you to the dark side?"
Porsche: "Not lure me, but she was saying that I wouldn't be a target for her, and that's why she didn't put me up (as a replacement nom)."
Brendon: "If you won HOH next week, who would you put up?"
Porsche: "I still wanna put up Shelly against someone. I told Daniele I wouldn't put her (D) up because she didn't put me up this week. I don't know if I'd hold to that, but.."

Brendon: "I thought we were all on the same page, that Daniele needs to go out next week."
Porsche: "I am on the same page! That's even if I win HOH.."
Rachel: "So what you're saying is, you're not gonna try to win HOH.."
Porsche: "I'm gonna try to win HOH, want me to vindicate the whole situation? I can't make enemies with everybody! I'm trying to keep some kind of peace."
Rachel: "I understand, I'm on your side Porsche."

**This goes on & on, but the HG's are up and I gotta switch to the live feeds now. Everything game changing was covered...Porsche seems to be on Team Dani now, but is telling Rachel/Brendon/Jeff/Jordan that she's just keeping the peace, and now R/B/J/J don't trust her. It's a tangled web of distrust!

Okay, I'm starting the morning post shortly! :D

Stay tuned...
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