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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday Night Episode

Good evening, BB fans!! :D Hope y'all had a wonderful Sunday afternoon. I ended up taking Bella (my dog) to PetSmart to let her pick out her birthday toy (her bday was 2 days ago...she turned 3 yrs old). That was a fun lil adventure!

Okay, so while I was away, Dani had a talk with Jeff/Jordan up in the HOH room. Sounds like Dani, who is under the (wrong) impression that Brendon's taking himself off the block, might be putting up Jordan as the replacement nom tomorrow. Little does she know, Brendon plans on taking Rachel off the block & surprising the HG's tomorrow during the Veto Ceremony! Oooo I can't wait until tomorrow, it's gonna be game-talk city in the BB13 house & I'll be watching it all on the live feeds!!! :D

Tonight's BB show is the Nominations episode where Dani puts Rachel/Brendon on the block. It starts at 8pm EST/7pm Central.

Current look at the live feeds:

Rachel is trying on white garbage bags that the girls are gonna tailor into her wedding dress for her & Brendon's mock wedding tonight!

Jordan and Shelly are helping.

Stay tuned...
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