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Friday, July 22, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House (Part 2)

Good afternoon/early evening BB addicts! I'm continuing from the earlier afternoon post, so we'll just dive right on in! (The nomination ceremony has not yet taken place).

Currently on the live feeds...

4:09pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff: "You guys aren't mad are you?" (re: picking Kalia & Shelly to watch "Same Name" with them in the HOH room.)
Rachel said no but she was sad that she couldn't eat sushi that they got.

Rachel asked Jeff if him and Jordan are planning on gunning after them (B/R) and he said no & that it'd be stupid for the 4 of them to go after each other right now. He wants them (and Dani) to get to Final 5.

Rachel said she's been hearing that they are gunning for them, and Jeff said he's heard the same about them but he just brushes it off and sits back and plays the game.

Talk turns to about Dom. They all agree that they trust that he's with the 5 of them, and Brendon likes the strong hold that Dani has on him.

Brendon: "I told Dani that I don't wanna see her cry when it's time to cut Dominic."

Talk turns back to David Hasselhoff coming to the house & how they had to guess who the celeb was.

4:37pm BBT:
Jeff thinks there's gonna be a twist this Thursday. Jeff starts talking about Pandora's Box and how he got $3,000 when it was raining money out in the backyard. Brendon talked about his solo trip out of the house and how he thought Rachel would be there because BB told him to call out "Rachel! Rachel!" and how he looked pathetic, meanwhile Rachel was allowed back in the house and got into fights with everyone.

Brendon then talks about Pandora's Box with Britney and how Jessie made her workout for an hour.

4:45pm BBT:
Jeff and Brendon are talking about their BB seasons.

Jeff leaves and heads downstairs.
Brendon said that they (B/R/J/J) should stick together, even if they do have Kalia and Shelly on their side.

(**Sounds like Adam/Dom will be put up, with the goal of sending Adam home.)

4:52pm BBT:
Brendon goes downstairs to see if "Nominations Today" is on the living room tv. It is. He goes back upstairs to tell Rach, then goes back downstairs to let Rachel take a nap before noms start.

4:59pm BBT:
BB: Rachel, please go to the Diary Room.

(**Noms should be starting soon! I'll start the Evening post as soon as noms are over.)

Stay tuned...
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