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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Overnighter: Evel Dick Leaves BB13 (UPDATED)

Good morning, BB fans. I'm barely awake & some of the HG's just now went to bed (Dani, Dom, and Cassi are still up and I just saw Adam go to the bathroom).

Last night when I logged off, Evel Dick was missing in action & Dani was getting really worried and mad at BB for not allowing her into the Diary Room to see what was going on with her father.

Dick was called into the Diary Room hours before the live feeds turned on and he never came back out. The news just came in minutes ago that Evel Dick has left Big Brother 13 for reasons unknown at this time.

At 1:03am BBT, Dani was called into the Diary Room and then the feeds were cut off until around 4:20am BBT. Minutes after the feeds came back on, Rachel mentioned that Dani has "The Golden Key", which meant that Evel Dick is gone. It appears that he left due to something going on outside the house, but this has not yet been confirmed. Dani was assured that it had nothing to do with her immediate family but that's all she was told.

This week, there still will be an eviction as planned. Keith and Porsche are the duo that's been nominated by Rachel (HOH).

I'll start The Overnighter in a couple of hours. (I woke up to break this news to everyone, running on only a few hours of sleep), so come back to find out what happened last night in the BB house.

Updated @ 7:55am BBT:
Okay, I'm having my morning coffee (oooo how I love thee!! lol) and sifting through last night's happenings. Since Flashback isn't working on the feeds yet (they'll be up later on today), I'm just gonna do a cliffnotes version with a few screencaps that I took before I went to bed.

The Overnighter Cliffnotes:
*Keith & Porsche are nominated for eviction, as confirmed by their missing keys on the wall.

*11:58pm BBT: Dani tried to go into the Diary Room to ask about her dad and they wouldn't let her in, so she went into the Storage Room and asked if they could give her any kind of info on what's going on. She was really upset.

*12:00am BBT: Getting no response from production, Dani gets even more worried & pissed off at production because they won't tell her what's going on with her father, but the cameras kept nodding 'no' to her when she'd ask to speak to someone from production, making her even that much more upset.

*12:06am BBT:
Outside Diary Room Door

Dani: "Umm didn't we sign something that says that we could talk to (production) any time we wanted to? This is retarded. Like, it's not even funny."

(Dani said, at this point, it's been 6 hours since Evel Dick was called into the Diary Room.)

*The houseguests don't really like Porsche that much (especially Dani), but everyone loves Jeff/Jordo (especially Dani & Rachel).

*Porsche is the target for eviction this week.

*1:00am BBT-4:20am BBT: Feeds were off after BB called Dani into the Diary Room (at 1am).

*4:25am BBT: Feeds come back on. Rachel confirmed that Evel Dick was gone by stating that Dani now has the Golden Key (exempting her from eviction for 4 weeks) & Brendon said he's "shocked" that Evel Dick had to leave.

*The house is divided: Newbies vs Returning Duos

*Dani is not happy that her father is gone and that she has the Golden Key, which prevents her from competing in any of the comps in the next 4 weeks. (Remember, the Golden Key gives her a 'free pass' to advance automatically to the Final 10.)

*The returning HG's made up an alliance name called "The Dream Crusher Alliance" (or DCA for short).

*Dominic and Cassi made a side alliance last night, saying "Me and you to the end".

*Rachel did a lot of complaining to Brendon last night, saying that they don't have a fighting chance at winning BB13 and that after BB is over, she's done with the reality tv stuff...she wants a normal life with Brendon as her husband and kids in the future.

*Around 5:30am BBT, the HG's talked about how there was drama from Keith (I'm guessing while the feeds were off). Keith apparently is upset because he thinks it's unfair to have the past BB houseguests VS them, the newbies.

*Porsche threw Keith under the bus last night in an attempt to have the HG's want to vote him out over her. She was saying how he's "crazy".

*Dani remained worried all night about what the reason could be for Dick leaving the game. She said that he'd never just leave the game because he loves it too much. She's worried that something is wrong, but production won't tell her anything except that her immediate family is okay.

*Jordan thinks they should get rid of Keith because he's cocky and said he'd throw the POV Comp.

*Cassi & Dom Alliance: Their plan is to go after the BB alumni and then when a couple of them are left, get them to go after the other newbies that are not in their alliance. Dom said he wants to be in the Final 4 with Jordo & Dani (& him and Cassi). They wanna get Jeff and Rachel out first.

...and that's it for The Overnighter.

The HG's kept flip-flopping on who to get out this week; Keith or Porsche. It's so early in the week and POV hasn't even been played yet, so anything is still possible at this point.

All HG's were in bed by 7am BBT (10am EST), so it'll be a little while before they wake up. In the meantime, I'm gonna put together the newest Cynic Article from Drew and I'll post it in a new post shortly!!

Stay tuned...
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