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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday Nights Episode

Good evening BB fans & welcome to Sunday Night here on the blog! :D Tonight at 8pm EST/7pm Central, we will get to see the Nominations episode of Big Brother, where Rachel will nominate Dominic and Adam.

I will open up the Chat Room 30 mins prior to the show starting, so come on back and join in on the fun!!

Wanna know what happened this afternoon on the live feeds? Here's some cliffnotes!

Afternoon on the Feeds Cliffnotes:
*Dom is still the target.

*Brendon told Jeff to act like he's still cool with Dani (call her "best friend" like they used to, joke with her, etc) so that she doesn't suspect anything, even though she already does.

*Bren/Rach/Jeff have been trying to come up with a plan to have Dani THINK they still trust her (and still send Dom home), so that she will throw HOH or POV next week.

*Brendon told Jeff they will give Jordan very little info from now on because she keeps slipping up when talking to people. Jeff understood/agreed.

*Dani talked to Rach, again, about backdooring Jeff this week. Rachel just sat there and agreed the whole time, not saying much. Rach then went and told Brendon & Jeff what Dani said about still wanting to backdoor Jeff.

Okay guys & gals, see y'all in the chat room!! :D

Stay tuned...
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