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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Wheww!! What a day in the BB13 house!! It's been non-stop game talking, lies spreading, and fights..among other things like total confusion and chaos. If you have the live feeds, then turn'em on because there's been no end to all this madness and it doesn't seem like it's gonna stop anytime soon!

Currently on the live feeds...

6:22pm BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel was talking about how if they (Rach/Bren) don't use the POV, then Keith is gone. Brendon started to tell Rachel that she can't keep playing the game the way she has been (such as being mean to Porsche but then expecting to get her vote later on when they need it.)

Rachel: "Danielle said that if me and you go up, people are gonna vote me out."
Brendon: "Why'd she say that?"
Rachel: "I dunno...I guess because I won two competitions."
Brendon: "And your behavior doesn't help. So when you're acting like 'I'm the HOH! Blah blah blah..'

Rachel gets pissed at him mocking her.

Rachel: "DO NOT!!"
Brendon: "Well I'm sorry but that's what you come off as!"
Rachel: "Do you wanna fight with me?"
Brendon: "NO! I'm giving you golden advice on how to play this game...Don't be mad at me!"
Rachel: "GO AWAY!!!" *pushes Brendon away*

Brendon walks after Rachel to try to calm her down.

Brendon tells Rachel that he keeps telling her 1 thing, and she's not listening to him. (**She keeps talking game without him to other HG's.)

They go through minutes of bickering and making up.

Lawon comes up to the HOH & starts to (fake) cry as he talks to Brendon.

Lawon kept saying "I don't roll like that!", referring to Keith saying Lawon is a liar. Lawon tells Brendon and Rachel that he doesn't want them thinking his a liar. They say they don't. Minutes later, Lawon leaves.

Brendon and Rachel kiss and make up, and everything is once again good.

Meanwhile, outside...

It's time to exercise!
Jeff/Dani/Cassi/Adam/Kalia/Porsche are all working out.

Cassi is leading the workout crew.

7:48pm BBT:
The feeds are calm & quiet..for now.

(Maybe it's just a break in between all the chaos).

Okie dokie guys & gals, I'm gonna get outta here and continue to watch the feeds & chill out for the night. If you have SHO2, then don't forget that BB After Dark is coming on at 12am EST/9pm PT!! See y'all in the morning with The Overnighter, but until then, enjoy the live feeds!! :)

Stay tuned...
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