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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Afternoon in the BB House

Good afternoon, BB fans!! Today there has been FILLED with game talk in the BB house..non-stop!! If you have the Live Feeds, then you will definitely be busy today hearing all the different convos going on! And if you don't have the Live Feeds, then what are you waiting for?! It's only Day 2 of the feeds being on and already there's a ton of action!

Currently on the live feeds...

A look at the feeds:

Brendon/Cassi/Lawon are talking on the BY patio. Cassi told Brendon that Porsche is playing both sides of the house & that everyone wanted her out, but now it's switched to wanting Keith gone.

Meanwhile, Keith is talking to Dom in the Have Not's room. Keith told Dom that he heard from Adam that Dom/Cassi have a side alliance & that he heard that from Lawon & plans on calling him out.

Feeds go back to fishies for a few minutes.

12:58pm BBT:
Candy Room

Jordan said she's terrible at puzzles and similar comps. They both go over what comps they're good at.

**Everytime I take a screencap of HG's, they change rooms & there's different convos are all over the house (inside/outside) & going really fast, then the feeds keep going to fishies. Hard to keep up.

1:10pm BBT:
Have Not's Room

Keith told Porsche that he plans on calling Lawon out in front of the house. Porsche thinks its really bad idea and look at them (Porsche/Keith) as a bigger target.

1:18pm BBT:
Keith & Porsche are still talking/arguing'ish. Porsche called Keith out on his alliance with Dom & Cassi, Keith denied it. Porsche said she's not dumb. She keeps telling him to NOT call Lawon out in front of the house because she doesn't even know if the house would believe him anyways and just make bigger targets for both of them (Porsche/Keith). Porsche said to try to get Brendon/Rachel to put up a different duo..she mentioned Cassi/Shelly as a suggestion.

1:24pm BBT:
A look at the feeds...

Porsche just put on her bikini. (This pic is for the guy BB fans):

1:28pm BBT:

Lawon said he's voting against Porsche simply because he gave Keith "his word" despite Keith's blow-up the other night.

(**Might wanna wait and see if he calls you out first. lol)

1:31pm BBT:

Jeff & Jordan are talking game with Dominic. Dominic thinks the house is still divided (new vs old) and Jeff said that's not the case anymore and to be more observant. Jeff is pretty much giving Dom 'Big Brother: 101' lessons.

..and just because they're too cute...

2:11pm BBT:
BY Couch

This is a looong convo and a must-watch on the Flashback Feeds!!

*Keith, who has nothing to lose, agreed that him & Porsche wouldn't nominate or get rid of keep Rachel/Brendon & Jeff/Jordan for as long as they're playing as couples (which ends in a few weeks), if he (Keith) stays this week.

*Rachel said if he didn't keep his word, they (Brenchel & Jeff/Jordo & Dani) would come after them and they're the strongest players in the house, it wouldn't be smart to break the deal.

Rachel then told Keith they'd "talk later" in the HOH room.

2:25pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Rachel tells Jeff about the deal with Keith, but Jeff thinks he's just saying anything to stay because he doesn't have anything to lose. (**DING! DING! DING! lol)

This is also a long, detailed convo & worth the watch on Flashback Feeds.

By the end of the convo, Rachel seems to agree with Jeff and get Keith out this week like they planned. Jeff says to talk to everyone in the house and see what they're saying as well. They both agree that they need 1 of the newbies couples on their side, but agree that Cassi/Shelly would be the couple they all could trust.

2:40pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Keith is throwing Lawon and Kalia under the bus to Jeff. And guess what? They're listening to it all..

**Anybody else predicting a huge fight tonight on the feeds?? ;)

2:53pm BBT:

Jeff said that if the newbies wanted to, they could run the house (because they have the numbers) and all the oldies got is fear as a weapon, to get them to their side. Jeff brings up that Cassi & Shelly would be a good couple to get on their side.

They stop talking game and start having some super cute Jeff & Jordo time together. :)

2:57pm BBT:
Lounge Room

Lawon tells Adam that even though he KNOWS (since he just heard) Keith is throwing him under the bus, he still is keeping his word and not voting him out this week. Adam said he respects him for that.

3:36pm BBT:
BY Couch

All 3 of them are talking about how Keith is a "ticking time bomb". Lawon told the girls how him and Kalia heard Keith throwing them under the bus in the lounge room and how ticked off Kalia was & how she wanted to confront Keith.

Cassi: "Let her!"
Shelly: "I would! I'd light that fuse and walk away."

Lawon also told the girls about Keith's job: he's not a matchmaker (like he originally told everybody). He confessed that he's in Human Resources.

4:29pm BBT:
HOH Room

The whole gang is having a "he said/she said" convo, trying to figure who's lying to who & about what. Jeff said that Porsche is "retarded" (and appologized if her family is listening) but that she flip flops every 10 seconds. Everyone agreed on Porsche's flip flopping.

**Downstairs about 20 mins ago, Jeff told Cassi that the Dream Crusher Alliance (the vets) want them (Cassi/Shelly) to come to their side.

Rachel is still thinking about using the veto this week. Jeff wants Porsche outta the game. Dani thinks Keith would come after them (the vets).

Dani: "No matter what, they (the newbies) are gonna come after our side!"

Everyone is talking over each other about who they think should go this week.

4:40pm BBT:
Jeff is telling the others about his approach to Cassi and how she agreed that her & Shelly would work with the vets but act like they're not. Jeff said Cassi will keep her distance and hang out with the newbies and give the vets info on what's going on, but when it comes down to how they (vets) want them (Cassi/Shelly) to vote, they'll vote how they want.

Talk turns to about getting Dom out next week.

4:55pm BBT:
HOH Room
Dream Crusher Alliance

Jeff told Brendon to go up to Keith today and tell him to call Lawon out in front of everyone, and if he says no, then to tell Keith "Well then how can we trust you?"

They all agree to get Keith out this week. Rachel is still gonna tell HG's that she's "thinking" about using the veto, but Dani said by Rachel doing that, you'll get to hear/see the newbies continue to turn on each other.

5:01pm BBT:
Shelly enters.

Jeff told Shelly that they want her to join their alliance, but to have it be a secret alliance.

Shelly: "I'd be honored!"

Shelly & gang talk about Keith & Lawon and all the lies that's been stirred up recently.

5:38pm BBT:

And it's time to see who's lying about what. Keith & Lawon are playing the he said/he said game. Keith and Lawon are trying to pin lies on each other, each of them denying stuff.

Jeff joins in for a moment and then leaves.
Lawon keeps saying "I'm not playin' that kind of game." (referring to lying)

Keith: "Then how do I know this stuff?"
Lawon: "I dunno! I dunno.."

Rachel/Brendon are listening for the most part, letting the boys duke it out.

Rachel: "Who's the one who said that they'd gonna get rid of Jeff & Jordan?"

The boys both say they don't know and then start bickering again.

Lawon said he never told people about Keiths job in Human Resources. (**Uhh..not true.)

Kalia joins.

5:52pm BBT:
Lawon just got pissed and got up & left the conversation.

**If you have the live feeds, turn'em on!

Now Porsche enters the conversation.

Her and Keith are playing the he said/she said game, as Brendon and Rachel continue to listen.

Stay tuned...
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