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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Morning in the BB House

Good morning BB addicts! The HG's were woken up at around 10:10am BBT. I'm just gonna dive right on into the Morning house happenings.

Currently on the live feeds...

10:19am BBT:
Lounge Room

Keith is talking a mile a minute and stuttering constantly (**I hate hearing this guy talk lol I'm sure you live feed watchers would agree.)

Keith is throwing Lawon & Kalia under the bus..big time! Keith is basically telling Brendon to talk to Rachel about using the veto and saving him & Porsche and (in so many words) put up Lawon/Kalia.

Brendon: "Nothing is set in stone until you're walkin' out that door."

Brendon tells Keith that they'll talk again later. (**Sounds like it's gonna be a 'revolving HOH door' day. lol)

They hug & part ways.

10:36am BBT:
BY Patio

The 3 of them are having light chit-chat convos, non-game related. The current topic is movies.

The rest of the HG's are either sleeping or off-camera at the moment.

10:45am BBT:
Feeds switch to fishies for a couple of minutes because Brendon was telling a story about how he had to take his exfiance to small claims court to get the engagement ring back. He also said his ex broke up with him via email.

Feeds come back and it's Rachel/Shelly on the BY couch, talking.

Shelly is asking Rachel about her life and basically trying get in good with her. (**Don't be so obvious, Shel. Tone it down a notch.)

Rachel goes inside.
Now it's Brendon & Shelly on the BY couch, talking.

Shelly is working the same angle on Brendon that she just worked on Rachel..which is asking about Brendon's life (**which Brendon loves. If you remember last year, people got tired of him talking about his life and being an expert in every subject that HG's brought up. lol)

Rachel comes out and says she locked herself out of the HOH room. Brendon said to go get a key from production. When she goes back inside, Brendon says he always double checks the door but she doesn't. Shelly said that Brendon will bring out the logical side of Rachel in their relationship.

Shelly talks about how her hubby is a pool man and the jobs he does. Talk turns to having kids and Shelly said that kids are more expensive than you would think and to be prepared (financially) before having kids. Brendon asked how much 3 kids would cost per month, and Shelly said about $8k/month with a mortgage, bills, clothes, etc etc.

Rachel comes out & joins them. Shelly is giving them parenting advice (getting insurance, paying for daycare which is super expensive, etc.)

Rachel then leaves the BY couch & goes into the D.R. Keith is in the BY as well. He's working out on the elliptical.

BB: "Shelly, please go to the Diary Room."
Shelly goes into the D.R., as Brendon goes inside to get more coffee.

11:14am BBT:

Feeds 1 & 2=Keith working out.
Feeds 3 & 4=Adam/Shelly/Brendon in bathroom. Adam/Brendon are talking non-game stuff.

11:15am BBT:
Lawon & Dani enter bathroom, giggling and having a good time. Shelly is putting on makeup. Brendon & Adam left the bathroom. Porsche comes in.

Dominic now in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, on Cam 1, we get some cute cuddle time with Jeff & Jordo. :)

Jordan said she's gotta stop staying up so late because they sleep in late the next day.

**Prior to these screenshots, Porsche was in the bedroom telling Jeff/Jordan about the possibility of Brendon/Rachel putting up Lawon/Kalia.

11:24am BBT:
Storage Room

Keith is telling Adam about his convo with Brendon earlier and telling Adam that when he talks to Brendon/Rachel later on today, to get them to use the veto & get him to put up Lawon/Kalia. Adam said he can't stand Kalia.

11:34am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel asked Jordan if she told Porsche that she (Jordan) threw the comp. Jordan said no and that Porsche is sooo lying. Everyone agrees. Brendon tells all of them about his convo with Keith in the lounge room earlier.

Production breaks in over the loudspeaker..

BB Production:
"Hey guys, I'm gonna need everyone in the backyard ASAP! Please everyone, in the backyard ASAP."

(**Wonder what's going on?? Sounded urgent..)

Feeds go to fishies. Starting the afternoon post now!

Stay tuned...
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