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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB fans! What a great episode tonight! How cute & funny were Jeff & Jordan? They had some really cute moments of those two tonight. Loved it! I also thought it was funny to see Porsche & Keith both throw the POV Comp and lie to each other about it & in front of each other in their Diary Room session. hehe

If you have the live feeds, then you've probably noticed them being a little wonky today..but don't fret! They're back up & working great again! :) And if you don't have the live feeds...well, whatcha waiting for?? You get 3 free days to check'em out and see what all of us on the blog get to see! Once you get'em, you'll never look at Big Brother in the same way!! So go grab your 3 day free trial and join all of us BB addicts & take your BB addiction to a whole new level! ;)

Currently on the live feeds...

6:53pm BBT:

The feeds have been on the 'We'll Be Right Back' screen since 6pm BBT.

7:00pm BBT:
Feeds are back!

Have Not's Room

Keith is talking about Porsche to Cassi. He said that "they" (Brendon/Rach) have 2 newbies on their side and he knows Porsche is one of them, but not sure of the 2nd one, though he suspects Kalia.

Keith: "I'm just tellin' you what I see!"

Keith is saying he is "almost positive" that Dom made a 1 week deal with Jeff/Jordan, but Shelly reminded Keith that he did make a 1 week deal with them...Dominic has stated that already to everyone, so it's not a secret.

Keith: "I don't want Dom to think I'm mad at him, 'cuz I'm not!"
Shelly: "I don't think he thinks you're mad at him."

Keith said that all Kalia does is sleep & eat. He also said that if he stays, he's gunning after Bren/Rachel for not saving him this week.

7:14pm BBT:
Adam enters the chat. He's talking about how they're on inside lockdown and he thinks it'll stay that way until tomorrows live eviction. Keith is telling Cassi/Shelly that they "gotta win it" (HOH) tomorrow and put the vets up on the block.

Dani joins the newbies.

Adam mentions something about getting alcohol in the house tonight and Dani said "No way! Not before competitions." She also said that tomorrow morning, BB will wake them up super early.

Feeds auto-switch to...

7:26pm BBT:

All of them are talking about the costs of apartments in different locations.

7:34pm BBT:
Steel & Wood Bedroom

Keith is telling Dani that he thinks he's going home and that the only vote he thinks he'll get (to stay) is gonna be from Shelly.

Dom comes in and him & Dani have 'big sister/little brother' banter and then Dom goes into the Have Not's room where Cassi is. Keith tells Dani that they (Dom/Cassi) are close and working together. Dani replied with a "Duh".


Dom & Cassi are in the Have Not's room talking. Dom thinks Keith is staying. Cassi is worried that her campaigning for Keith to stay might have hurt her game.

Indoor lockdown is over.

8:04pm BBT:
A look at all 4 feeds...

Jeff is working out on the ellipical, Dom/Keith are by the hot tub talking, the rest HG's are either on the BY couch or roaming around.

..and that's it for the night!! If you have Showtime, BB After Dark will be coming on shortly (12am EST/11pm Central), so make sure to catch that. Or just watch the live feeds on your computer! I'll be back in the morning with The Overnighter, so until then, g'dnight! :D

Stay tuned...
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