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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Overnighter

Good morning & Happy Tuesday to all you BB addicts out there!! :D We have a short 2 days before the HOH Endurance Comp, and with the house at war, it's gonna be one hell of an endurance comp on the live feeds & I can't wait!!!

Last night, Dani/Brendon/Rachel/Jeff/Jordan had their meeting in the HOH room, but it was pretty drama free. It was a fake meeting, for B/R/J/J to make Dani think that she's safe with them, and Dani had the same goal, but on Thursday, it's gonna be game on!! Jeff said yesterday that his only goal in the game right now is to win HOH and get Dani out of the house next week. Dani has the same goal with Jeff. Oooo the drama!! ;) hehe

Okay, let me go gather up the Overnighter, but while we wait, check out this amazing painting of Jeff & Jordan that was painted by BB9's Natalie!

**Everything posted below can viewed using the Flashback Feeds!

11:47pm BBT:
HOH Room

Brendon started off the convo by saying that they called the meeting because it seems like they're a dysfunctional family and the need to re-group as the Final 5. Since Dani is just acting like she's a part of the Final 5, and so is B/R/J/J, this convo is pretty pointless, so I'll skip to pretty much the only good part of the convo.

Dani was saying that she felt left out, "odd man out", of the Final 5.

Brendon: "If you felt that way, I'm truly sorry for that."
Dani: "You guys have each other to hang out with all day, and nobody cares. (B/R & J/J) But if I hang out with Dom, or Kalia, or Adam, everyone gets sketchy."
Jeff: "That's not entirely true, because Jordan hung out with Cassi and nobody got pissed. We shouldn't be sketchy of anybody if we're in the Final 5!"
Dani: "So I'm not allowed to hang out with you guys?"
Jeff: "No no no, but just let us know that you're with us!"

Jeff: "It got to a point where things were really, really I couldn't talk game with you at all!"

Dani: "It's awkward, I agree."
Jeff: "I mean, do you you want this Final 5? Or do you wanna try something else?"
Dani: "I told you when I first got up here, I'm in for it! Period! Absolutely."
Jeff: "Okay I'm just askin' because if you don't, I'm fine with whatever! I'm loyal to the Final 5, but if you're not, then give me a fighting chance."
Dani: "If it's come off in another way, I sincerely apologize and I don't want it to be awkward. I take full blame."

Brendon then goes on & on about how it's smarter to play as Final 5, trying to convince Dani that they're all together and (in so many words) saying that it wouldn't make sense for them to turn on each other..but the first chance they get, they most definitely will!

Dani also made it clear that she doesn't like Dom "like that" but that she wants to be friends with him outside the house, but it's not a showmance because she's been there, done that (with BB8's Nick), and she's never doing it again.

Dani/Rach almost verbally fought, but Jeff interjected.

Dani said that the newbies are scared of how good Dani plays in comps, even though they never saw her play this season, they know how good she was in BB8.
Rachel: "You told me that people are scared of me..."
Dani: "No, I said that people don't like you in this house and don't want to sit next to you in the Final 2."
Rachel: "That's not what you said."
Dani: "That's not? Rachel, that's exactly what I said, verbatim!"
Jeff: Okay, let's not fight here."

The meeting ends at 12:35am BBT.

Rachel: "I'm confused, what are we doing?"
Brendon: "We're doing exactly what we need to do."

12:49am BBT:
HOH Room

Rachel said that the meeting was pointless because Dani is obviously not gonna be with them (B/R/J/J).

Jordan: "Jeff goes, 'well, that didn't do anything.' Now we gotta worry about her."
Rachel: "Brendon told me to not be scared of Dani (in comps), but I told him that I know she's gonna bring it, and bring it hard!"

Jordan said that Jeff thinks the Golden Keys are, like Julie Chen said, 'A blessing and a curse', and that on Thursday night, there might be a twist that's a "curse" for the key holders.

2:06am BBT:
HOH Room

Jeff & Brendon talk about the meeting with Dani and how she was getting pissed but then would calm herself down. Brendon said that Rachel's been spending time with Porsche lately (taking naps together, working out together, etc) to make sure that they have her vote to get Dom out on Thursday. They then talk about votes & how they're pretty sure they have Shelly, and Porsche (plus Bren/Jeff/Jordan) to get Dom out this week.

Brendon said that the only way Danielle was Final 2 during BB8 was because she rode her Dad's coattails to the end. Jeff said that if he wins HOH this week, he's not sure how he's gonna put Dani up...backdoor, or a just straight up put her on the block.

Jeff: "She's gonna f**king put us up."
Brendon: "Oh yea."

They talk about how as soon as Dani left the meeting, she went to hang out with the newbies and has whisper-convos with them.

At 2:08am BBT, Rachel joins the boys in the HOH room. Rachel said that Kalia was crying downstairs about not having any friends in the house. Brendon's response to that was..

Brendon: "What is Kalia's defense in this game? To f'ing cry! Don't be suckered in!"
Rachel: "I'm not being suckered in! I don't wanna see people cry..."

Brendon: "Then let's send her home so she can cry there!"

Talk turns to how the newbies would have to get Shelly to vote for Dom to stay, otherwise it's 100% that Dom's going home because they have Porsche/Brendon/Jordan/Jeff and Rachel as the tie breaker.

They then talk about a possible twist with the Golden Key holders.

2:40am BBT:

Dani said she'd love to get away from the game for an hour..just to break away, because it's hard being in the house/game and have people watching them all the time.

Dani said she wishes there was a way for Adam to sink himself in the game, so that Dom would stay safe.

Dani: "Shelly will never vote for (Dom to stay)."

Dani asked Lawon who he'd put up if he won HOH, he said Brendon/Rachel.
Dani: "I don't understand how nobody will go after them, because they're not gonna go after themselves! All we need is 1 power shift. There's always a power shift every season, you just have to wait for it. If I was fan watching this show, I'd think this is the most boring season...Rachel, Joradan, Rachel (winning HOH's)."

Talk is about what they think a twist could be in the game. Dani thinks it'll be something that BB has never done before, like the Golden Keys.

Dani: "I think it'll be something brand new. A big game twist."

Dom joins Dani/Lawon, then Dani gets called into the Diary Room.

Dom tells Lawon he has a plan to save himself.

Dom: "I still have one last run in me." (smirking)

Lawon asked if it was something that Dani came up with, and Dom said no.
Dom: "This is all me. I'm just gonna talk, and clarify some things, clear the air..throw some people under the bus."
Lawon: "They still here?" (re: the person he wants to throw under the bus)
Dom: "Mm hmm! And they're over 40." (Shelly)

Lawon: "You know for sure that she said something about you?"
Dom: "Not about me! But I know for suuuuuure, that she's doing some crazy stuff."
Lawon: "Anything that has to do with me?"
Dom: "No."

Dom said that he plans to tell Brendon & Rachel about Shelly & reveal her alliance with Jeff & Jordan.

Dom then tells Lawon to go after Jeff/Jordan, not Brendon/Rachel & that everyone wants Jeff out, but that if got out Brendon, Rachel would be gunning for him hard.

Dom also said that he knows (via Dani) that Shelly/Kalia were the wonky votes to evict Keith Week 1.

Dani makes her way back out to the hammock and Dom tells him to not say anything to anybody. (Dom is trying to help Lawon's game before he leaves on Thursday).

And that's it for The Overnighter!! :D I gotta go to work for a couple of hours, but don't fret, I'll be back around 11:30am BBT when the house starts to wake up. Until then, feeds & I'll be back shortly!! :D

Stay tuned...
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