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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Evening in the BB House

Good evening, BB addicts! Watching tonights episode was bitter sweet for me. The sweet part was seeing Evel Dick in the house, the bitter part was knowing that he's not in the BB13 house anymore. :( I really hope for an All Stars next season and hope that CBS brings Evel Dick back for another shot in the game.

Moving on...

The live feeds have been pretty calm today since after the Veto Ceremony, which is a nice break from the chaos of the past few days.

Keith and Porsche are the nominees for eviction this week and earlier today, we learned that Rachel (the veto holder) did *not* change the nominations. As it stands right now, it looks as if Keith will be the one going home this week, but with 4 days left until Thursday's live eviction episode, anything is possible.

Also, Evel Dick tweeted that he's releasing his statement video "after the West Coast" episode of BB tonight, but his site ( is having tech problems at the moment. I'll keep you guys & gals updated on any changes.

Currently on the live feeds...

7:13pm BBT:

Adam told Jeff that the newbies are gonna go after him (Jeff) & Jordan if any of them win HOH because Rachel/Brendon kept them safe this week, so he (Adam) wants Jeff/Jordo/Brendon to win HOH.

Adam also told Jeff that he'll vote the way the vets want him to vote this week.

7:19pm BBT:

Dom is helping Dani do some chest presses. Dom said he was a trainer for 3 months but he hated it.

Dani is done & moves on to doing weight lifts by herself... Dom helps Rachel do some chest presses next.

Dom: "Whenever the sun goes down out here, I never wanna go back inside. I hate it when the sun is out."

All 4 feeds are on Rachel/Dom/Dani in the backyard working out. Dom is making fun of Rachel running..

Dom: "You run like you're on Baywatch!" (*LOL)
Rachel: "Just because I have big boobs..."

Rachel then shows off her cheerleading skills, per Dom's request:

7:40pm BBT:
HOH Room

Jordon told Rachel/Brendon about the convo Adam had with Jeff in the bathroom a little bit ago. Jeff told Jordo that Adam said he's gonna throw this weeks HOH to the vets and Jeff said maybe he can get Kalia to throw it too. Jeff also told Jordan that Adam said the newbies are gunning for Jordan because she already won $500,000.

Jordan: "I gotta win now! I gotta get past TWO WEEKS!"

Rachel says one of them (vets) will win HOH and then they (newbies) will have to turn on themselves.

Jordan: "MAN that pisses me off!! I just don't wanna be out the 2nd week!"

Jordan leaves and Rachel starts stressing out. She mentions how production doesn't have a Players Choice this season for POV Comps because they're playing as couples.

8:14pm BBT:
Other HG's are coming in & out as Dani takes a shower and talks to Dominic. They're having a cute little conversation. Dani is teasing him like a little brother by bringing up that he lives at home, as Dom says his (mom & dads) house is better than Dani's because it's a "5 minute bike ride to the beach".

Dani: "But don't you live with your mom?"
Dom: " mom and dad..but I'm moving out when I get outta here."

8:15pm BBT:
Candy Bedroom

Kalia and Lawon are talking about voting (or not voting) for Keith. Lawon is having a hard time trying to decide whether or not to "stick to his word" by promising Keith his vote, or to vote against Keith since Keith threw Lawon under the bus yesterday.

Kalia wants them to vote with the house (to get Keith out), otherwise after Keith leaves, they're gonna have targets on their backs by trying to keep Keith in the house.

8:28pm BBT:
Backyard Couch

Jeff told Brendon how he heard (from Adam) that Dominic is planning to go after Jeff and Jordan next week. He also thinks that Cassi is involved. Jordan thinks Lawon is involved as well. (**DING! DING! DING!)

8:41pm BBT:
Backyard Patio

Shelly was talking about how sweet BB8's Nick was to Dani, specifically when Nick gave Dani a "key to his heart" but it was really a key to his luggage.

Shelly: "It was so sweet!"
Dani: "Yea, it was sweet until I found out he used the same line on another girl before..."
Shelly: "Ohh!!"
Dani: "He's a nice guy, but..." (feeds go to fishies)

Rachel said that Nick also dated Kristen (I think from BB11?) but it didn't last long at all. Rachel said that Kristen said that Nick was controlling her life, anything she wanted to do he wouldn't let her, etc. Rachel also said that Kristen said Nick was mean to her and said that she was "stupid".

8:51pm BBT:
Pool Table

Jeff and Jordan are playing a game of pool together, as other HG's are having light chit-chat on the BY patio.

Jeff: "Hit that 4 ball in there. Or that ball.."
Jordan: "Oh!"

Jordan shoots, and misses.
Jeff: "You'll get it next time."

Stay tuned...
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